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Midlife Crisis

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Posted by: Cali150

30th Aug 2023 10:55pm

Is anyone going through, or have gone through, midlife crisis? I'm in my 30s but I feel like I am experiencing it early.

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  • 12th Mar 2024 01:05pm

Yes it corresponds with changes in hormone levels for both women and men. And yes these changes can start happening as early as 30

  • 19th Feb 2024 03:51pm

I honestly felt this way when I was 30. For me I think it was due to having had children when I was young, and feeling like I had missed out on my 20s. People my own age were always at a different life stage to me. When I was home looking after a baby, they were off to uni or socialising, and finding who they wanted to be. And now these people had careers and were starting families and my family was already well established and we were past the baby years! But I still had no idea who I was. It felt a bit like I lost those years of self discovery to being a mother and that had become my entire personality. It was a very bizarre feeling. So I went through a period of grieving the loss of my younger self and made an effort to reclaim who it was that I wanted to be. It felt, and I'm sure looked, like a premature "midlife crisis". I think it was quite necessary for me at the time though, and it didn't last forever. I spoke to a counselor and cried and tried new things, and several years on I am feeling content and settled with who I am.

  • 7th Sep 2023 03:20pm

It sounds like situation stress and anxiety. Questioning where you are at and your expectation of where you should be at in life. We are in difficult times and people currently in their 20's and 30's have not been given a good deal - no part-time jobs when they were younger available, no jobs in their field of study when graduating, a high HECS debt to pay off, housing unaffordable, rents to high and no wage growth at all. So, reassess and know you are doing okay. I hope things get better soon with wages going up and better jobs and employment conditions. There has been too much stagnation because of the pandemic and now from people returning to Australia or migrating here and wanting housing, jobs. My daughter is in the same situation and we have to reassure her that she is doing okay in the circumstances faced by her generation.

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