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Has the pandemic made you rethink your career and/or values in life? (Have your say & win!)

Has the pandemic made you rethink your career and/or values in life? Recent data suggests that Australia is facing 'The Great Resignation' with "40% [of respondents] said they were going to look...

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What are your favourite sustainable brands?

What sustainable brands do you know?

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Turn Back Time

So often we say, "If only I knew then what I know now". If you could go back to a time in your past, when would you choose and why?

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Help Caféstudy members by responding to their questions, or ask your own in Café Chat, and you will get the chance of earning extra rewards. Caféstudy will match these and donate equally to our two chosen Australian charities.


Australian Marine Conservation Society are an independent charity, staffed by a committed group of scientists, educators and passionate advocates who have defended Australia’s oceans for over 50 years.

Reach Out

ReachOut is the most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents in Australia. Their trusted self-help information, peer-support program and referral tools save lives by helping young people be well and stay well. The information they offer parents makes it easier for them to help their teenagers, too.