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To become a member of Caféstudy click on 'JOIN NOW' on our home page.
If you are having issues registering, please check all fields are filled in correctly. If you continue to have problems, please contact
Each time you complete a survey you will be rewarded between 2 to 50 points according to the length of the survey. Once you have accumulated 200 points, you can choose to redeem that for a $20 AUD by having funds electronically credited into your bank account or redeem for $20 into PayPal, or a $20 eGift card. For all members residing outside Australia you can redeem via PayPal once you have accumulated 200 points or more. Your AUD $ value will be converted into local currency via PayPal.
You must be aged 14 years and over, and be either an Australian, New Zealand or overseas resident in order to join up. Membership is free and we do ask you a few questions about your interests and lifestyle when you sign up.
There is no set time as some surveys are short and will only take a few minutes to complete, whilst others are longer and can take up to 30 minutes. You will be rewarded for each survey accordingly. You're not obliged to participate in any studies that you don't want to, or you simply don't have time for.
The number of invitations that you'll receive will vary. You'll only ever be sent studies in relation to stuff that fits your demographics.
Caféstudy studies relate to everything from consumer goods, entertainment, services to advertising concepts that help shape and develop the products and services of the future. You will never be sold anything through Caféstudy. All messages/studies conducted are related to market research.
You sure can. You are free to cancel your Caféstudy membership at any time by signing into the Login area and clicking 'Cancel Membership'.
At Caféstudy we will only use your email address and mobile number (if you have agreed to be notified by mobile) to communicate directly to you. We will not pass on your email address or mobile number on to any third party. Your answers are completely confidential. You won't be contacted or have anyone try to sell you anything as a result of completing any of our surveys. For more information on our 'Privacy Policy' please click here
Caféstudy abides by industry standards and guidelines as prescribed by the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS), the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and the world association of research professionals (ESOMAR). 

If you have any concerns regarding the use of your email address or personal details please contact us at