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Health & Fitness

Posted by: Izzie

8th Feb 2023 06:40pm

It seems a lot of us do not get enough sleep. I wonder how those who don't get enough sleep deal with it. Do individuals make concerted efforts, such as going to bed earlier at night, or not using devices to help improve the amount of time?
Lack of sleep may come not only through less hours in bed, but for a range of other reasons, such as a partner snoring, not able to drop off to sleep, or waking too early and not able to get back to sleep.
How do you deal with this issue, or if it isn't a problem for you, why do you think you are generally able to get a good night's sleep?

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  • 16th May 2023 01:20pm

As I have hormone issues that interrupt my sleep through waking I am getting less sleep these days. I do go to bed earlier the next night. I don't limit screen time. If I am really tired the next day and can get away with it, I will do less and relax more and choose not to drive. I eat healthy and drink water to ensure a headache doesn't develop due to lack of sleep. I don't have a nap or anything. Going on a walk before dinner tires me out more and then I sleep well the next night.

Avocado Green
  • 3rd May 2023 04:35pm

Lack of sleep is definitely an issue - something I see constantly speaking to people in my day to day job! vI think a lot of people put sleep on low priority as you need to work, then unwind, look after kids, do chores... It's hard to take time away from the other activities you need to fit in your day. It's very unfortunate because there are lots of studies that show sleep deprivation increases risk of numerous chronic diseases, obesity, stress levels and overall life expectancy!!
To get a good nights' sleep it needs to be prioritised. Routine is important. Investing in a good bed. It may mean sleeping separately to your partner, or having them look into their snoring (sleep apnoea or drinking too much alcohol?). Checking in on stress levels is important as stress can definitely keep you awake and disrupt sleep quality.

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