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Posted by: Elizabeth 31231703

11th Jan 2023 11:20pm

Should tertiary education be made free for all Australians?

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  • 18th Jun 2023 08:23pm

Definitely! Or at leats further funding should be dedicated to ensuring that students are not graduating with enormous debts. I think it is particularly necessary given that not only are more students undertaking undergraduate study, but postgraduate study is becoming much more of a necessity in many industries. Due to the limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) in postgraduate study, many students may not be able to afford a further qualification required in their field of work. The result is that only those who can afford those degrees out of pocket get to stay in certain lines of work, whilst the rest are precluded from upskilling and/or pursuing meaningful work that ultimately contributes to the country's GDP.

  • 16th May 2023 01:07pm

No. Australia can't afford that. We also can't have everyone wanting the higher status jobs as we need people to do and be happy undertaking more menial tasks. Many high school graduates start uni and drop out because it is too hard for them. We do a disservice to our children by telling them they can be and do anything, because in reality they can't when they don't have the capability. Advice and support need to be realistic.

  • 23rd Jan 2023 02:41pm

Yes it should be. It is very discouraging for people who have the ability to study at university end up having a very large HECS debt when graduating. We need the brightest people at university.

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