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What are some ways you try and stay active, even with a busy schedule?

Health & Fitness

Posted by: Aditya32380595

14th Nov 2022 01:13pm

Wanted to get other's thoughts on how to balance a busy lifestyle with staying healthy!

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  • 8th Jun 2023 07:35am

I run after work and in the weekends. No earphones or music - just me and thinking time.

  • 28th Feb 2023 09:45pm

walk whenever you can

  • 20th Feb 2023 09:47pm

walk whenever you can, integrate exercises into your work, making you job an exercise routine.

  • 20th Feb 2023 05:27pm

Combine family time and fitness together. Family game of tennis, soccer, basketball.

  • 10th Feb 2023 01:29pm

There are several ways to stay active with a busy schedule, such as embracing the run commute, keeping workout clothes handy at all times, running errands, scheduling workouts like other appointments, starting the week off right on Sunday, creating a five to 10-minute morning workout routine, giving yourself mini “exercise snacks”, making social activities active ones and blocking out non-negotiable time for exercise in your daily schedule.

  • 8th Feb 2023 08:39pm

I love to walk the dogs whether it be in the morning or after dinner.

  • 8th Feb 2023 10:39am

Okay. I try to stay active whenever I get maybe 30 minutes in between crazy life. I am a mum of an extremely busy household, 3 special needs children and a husband which is also ASD. Slowly life gets harder and you stop thinking about yourself. Up to December 2021, I managed to gain 30 kgs and get upto 92 kgs with asthma and emphasymia.

I took control on 1st January 2022, I decided that whatever my life was, I could do better. I spent $50 on an exercise bike from Facebook Marketplace and went on a low carb diet. I tried to ride my bike every day for at least 30 minutes are more. Even if it was after dinner at night, that's what I would do. I eventually also started doing Aerobics, or my version of it hehehehe, at home when the kids were at school when I had a chance.

Just over one year later, I am now 69 kilograms, I can walk, run and breath like you wouldn't believe. I started with small changes to stay active even with an extremely hectic life and it works. I feel better than I have in over 7 years.

You have to consciously think about it every day, I told myself that each day counted, what you do today counts regardless even if you gets 20 minutes in, it counts.

Avocado Green
  • 7th Feb 2023 10:30pm

I find I need to prioritise exercise classes into my routine or the exercise does not happen!!

  • 7th Feb 2023 01:23pm

Push ups
Skipping with a rope

  • 2nd Feb 2023 09:33am

As I'm getting older I find it harder to motivate myself to exercise for exercise sake.
I do little things like park further away from shop entrances and walk to the entrance, my knees make it hard to go upstairs but I always try to go down stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Andrew 31639627
  • 31st Jan 2023 12:40pm

We manage our diet so that we eat 3 balanced meals a day that are easy to prepare. I exercise every morning 45 minutes on the treadmill and 45 on the bike every night. We also drink lots of water throughout the day. We don't have a car, so I try and walk everywhere usually about 30km walking a week on top of my exercise. Need to do this as I approach 60.

  • 17th Jan 2023 08:03pm

Consider environmentally friendly / sustainable products and services
Look for/buy from trusted and reputable brand or companies
Seek out locations that offer in store services or experiences over and above traditional shopping
Spend more time with family/household members
Look for brands/ companies that give back / support the community
Rethink my spending habits and look for quality products (vs fast and disposable goods)
Spend more time on hobbies and creative pursuits
Lead a slower pace of life
Better look after my emotional well-being
Exercise caution / take less risks
Seek out products or services that are locally produced
Actively look after my physical health / build my immunity

  • 17th Jan 2023 08:01pm

I love gardening and everything about being outside, gardening works wonders for my physical health and it also helps to improve my mental well-being.When you garden you make things grow and the satisfaction from accomplishing those things can cheer me up as gardening acts like therapy when I’m upset or just need to chill out from a stressful day. Preparing a beautiful meal with my own homegrown vegetables and fruit gives me an amazing sense of achievement.
‘I love to garden because it helps keep me grounded.
There’s something about digging in the dirt and growing living plants that helps to settle my soul and helps me feel alive inside.

  • 17th Jan 2023 08:00pm

Nowadays I am spend more time with family members and enjoy preparing wonderful family home made meals for the ones I love. I go out of my way to prepare meals that create a sense of connection with the people I care about..
I'm spending more time on exercise,hobbies and creative pursuits , and better looking after my emotional and physical well-being
In these covid riddled times I'm exercising caution and take less risks and actively looking after my physical health, building my immunity

  • 11th Jan 2023 06:47pm

In my busy life, I park a distance from the office, this is close parking available. Thanks to my Apple Watch , getting up and moving around is a great reminder. The usual balance diet, I have increased my water consumption and lowered my coffee/tea intake. Seems to be a positive move in my case. Shedding 6kg without trying since mid dec22

  • 10th Jan 2023 09:58pm

I schedule the following - Flying a light aircraft with the Pearce Flying Club. Playing Scrabble. Writing articles for the De Havilland Moth Club, the RAAFA WA Airmail magazine and the AAFC Branch Newsletter. Volunteering at the RAAFA WA Aviation Heritage Museum as an Aircraft and Museum Guide. Gym sessions under the DVA Heart Health Programme. Additionally help two disabled friends with homework and outings!

  • 10th Jan 2023 08:17pm

I get up about half an hour earlier, so I can go for a brisk walk before work

  • 10th Jan 2023 12:05am

I have a very busy schedule so I am not always capable of going to gym or walk in the park. But I realised that I do listen to music almost every day, so what I do is actually I dance to the music. Such a wonderful way of staying active.

  • 9th Jan 2023 07:44pm

I have a very busy schedule so I am not always capable of going to gym or walk in the park. But I realised that I do listen to music almost every day, so what I do is actually I dance to the music. Such a wonderful way of staying active.

  • 18th Dec 2022 07:21am

This is 100% my biggest work life challenge.
I am really looking forward to reading all the responses.
My best strategies when I know I won't fit exercise in are parking in the furthest car park and walking the longer routes to places.
I dream about exercising in my sleep, does that count 🤣?

  • 11th Dec 2022 08:23pm

Life can be a lot of waiting around so instead of surfing social media why not do pelvic floor exercises. No one knows you are doing them plus it will improve your posture at the same time.

  • 8th Dec 2022 10:17pm

I always take some time to myself and my personal care to slow the pace down. I plan meals and shop to a menu which means it is easy to them get on with cooking of an evening as I am organised. We walk twice a week after work, 2km a time after dinner and on weekends are very busy in our garden together. We either go outside to do things in the garden early in the morning or later in the afternoon as to avoid the heat and high sun exposure.

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