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Posted by: pammam

2nd Oct 2022 12:22pm

After the passing of the well respected ,devoted Queen Elizabeth,is now the right time to re focus on having an Australian to represent us as our head of state?
We have an excellent Westminster system of parliament to govern us so no need to change that,
How about we link the representative to our Voice to Parliament ?
If someone of the status of Ash Barty a loved Indigenous person was to be the head?
She is perhaps too young at present but would not this heal the feelings of our First Nation people at the same time as we have a true Aussie to do all those ceremonial trappings without the power of a President like Donald Trump
The PM chooses the GG on his own so let the whole Parliament find a suitable head of State.
What do you think?

Comments 5

  • 6th Jul 2023 04:20pm

I'm content with the current system. If we went to a republic, why do we need a figurehead as head of state anyway? What's the point of a president if they're only for ceremony?

  • 22nd Nov 2022 08:03pm

Controversial as it may sound, I’m not sure that we are ever going to be able to ‘heal the feelings of our First Nation people’. Yes, we have outstanding First Nation people who would make wonderful leaders in the public forum but this is not a job for the faint-hearted . . . I don’t see or know that there is a long list of First Nation people- or others for that matter - wanting to take on the job either, so stressful the job would be. You would need a very thick skin.
I believe the Voice to Parliament may be a step in the right direction for our country but we are a hugely diverse and complex society now. Every cultural group wants recognition and that is great - but these wants need to be coupled with genuine willingness to move forward. Who are we really doing all this for? I’m tired of the guilt and blame game that has become the pill we are being forced to swallow in order to bring about change in this respect. There will be numerous individuals who no doubt believe they would be a great ‘Head of State’! God love’em! Change for the sake of it? Do we as Aussie’s feel so downtrodden by our existing Head of State that we MUST change it to show how mature and grown up we are?? Please!!

  • 22nd Nov 2022 08:08pm
Controversial as it may sound, I’m not sure that we are ever going to be able to ‘heal the feelings of our First Nation people’. Yes, we have outstanding First Nation people who would make...

When I say ‘move forward’, I mean move forward as a nation of people with shared values and vision.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 04:46pm

And a no to any link with the Voice To Parliament.

  • 22nd Nov 2022 04:44pm

I'm content with the current system. If we go to a Republic, why do we have to even have to have a ceremonial role for a President? Why not a republic with out one? Saving the long suffering taxpayer millions each year.

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