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Financial aid to Ukraine

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Posted by: pammam

1st Aug 2022 01:03pm

As sorry as I feel for this poor country ,should Australia be providing military weapons like our Bushmaster tanks to help them?
Should we be concentrating on countries in the South pacific and giving them more practical,productive aid like education and medical skills and vaccinations,
I feel Europe and Nato should be the ones helping their close neighbours and we should be minding our own back yard,
What do you think?

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  • 12th Sep 2022 07:26pm

I'm actually quite surprised at how they knew we had such a unique vehicle in the first place then thought they could just ask for them & knew we'd be pressured to just hand them over.

I'm fine with giving out overseas aid to develop poor countries or help out in a crisis. We've always been an outward-looking and forward-thinking country. However, we used to do this when we were self-funded using the publicly owned Old Commonwealth Bank (not with borrowed money like now. We donated in abundance wherever & whenever there was a need (not 'on conditions', like we do now).

I feel that, once we become a Republic, we can adopt a Monroe Doctrine to abstain from all wars. Nobody in Australia, especially the majority, profit from war. Parliament already has tabled a bill to make Bank@Post a fully-fledged public bank. I have high hopes for solving all our financial crises independent of the financial condition of the rest of the world.

One needs to question in this case, why we should be throwing money and weapons into the Most Corrupt Country in all of Europe? I'm surprised we don't have an incentivized program to adopt refugees. Europe is in a financial crisis (more specifically, a debt crisis + currency crisis + inflation crisis), an energy crisis and people all over Europe are dying off in larger numbers than ever before. We should be helping, but not in the same way as the USA and we still need to get our own house in order.

  • 28th Aug 2022 02:30pm

I feel like Aus is giving away way too much money to every country that cries for help. Our people and country need to look after ourselves first we have our own issues and need to stop wasting money on overseas

  • 3rd Sep 2022 09:04pm
I feel like Aus is giving away way too much money to every country that cries for help. Our people and country need to look after ourselves first we have our own issues and need to stop wasting...

I agree with you 100%. It's nice to help other countries (Such as Ukraine) when and where we can. It's also nice to help our allies and those that will help us in return. However, when our army is lacking (If we got attacked we'd be stuffed), we shouldn't be giving out military aid. Like why are we giving out Military weapons when we don't have enough to defend our own country if we were attacked tomorrow?

Also, as we have sold all our assets to overseas and hardly make/produce/manufacture anything in Australia and have to import it... we shouldn't be giving out free anything.

Furthermore, the way the Australian economy is going it doesn't look very stable for the near future or long future. So, I think that Australia should be making sure itself as a country should be stable for years to come before helping out other countries.

Therefore, IMO, Australia needs to stop just handing out money it doesn't have as though it grows on trees and look after it's own country first which is slowly but surely struggling more and more everyday.

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