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To Mask or not to Mask?

Health & Fitness

Posted by: nk_amara

16th Jul 2022 12:35am

Do you still wear a mask? Would you support the return of mask wearing mandates to stop the spread of Covid?

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  • 18th Nov 2023 12:13am

Yes as I’m immune compromised

  • 23rd Oct 2023 01:13pm

I'm a nurse, I'm wearing a mask at work, if I'm sick I wear a mask, but otherwise I'm not a fan of blanket mask wearing.
If we have a confirmed outbreak absolutely, but otherwise no

  • 9th Jun 2023 01:05pm

I always wear a mask when I go out as I only use public transport and work in customer service.
Other uses are to hide bad teeth, use as a sunscreen, stop pollution and smoke from being inhaled.

  • 12th Nov 2022 02:47pm

I still wear a mask whenever I go out. But I'd say 60% of people don't wear one.
Everyone should wear one I would support the return of mandates.

  • 18th Sep 2022 11:31am

I still wear a mask, even though I have been exempt from wearing one. I have to be careful not to get infected with Covid with my COPD. I don't trust others to follow the rules.

  • 14th Sep 2022 07:48pm

I still wear a mask in shopping centres and supermarkets especially. My GP'S surgery has a Wear a Mask sign on the entry door. I personally think masks should be mandatory in all indoor areas with large volumes of people.

  • 14th Sep 2022 03:45pm

I still wear a mask in areas where there are many people or if in enclosed spaces as even tho I have had Covid , my 89 year old Mum hasnt. There are positives to mask wearing as well, save on chewies for bad breath, if you forget to pluck your chin...pop on a mask. If you have a cold weather runny nose ....there again pop on a mask and no-one knows. :)

  • 1st Sep 2022 10:17am

I have no issue with mask mandates when we're in the midst of an outbreak - I think it helps protect the most vulnerable among us, and that's really important. That said, I think when our numbers are below a certain amount, then masks should just be recommend, not compulsory

  • 8th Aug 2022 06:16pm

I do wear a mask on public transport. I also would support the return of mask wearing especially for helping to keep elderly people safe and more vulnerable members of the community.

  • 27th Jul 2022 09:24pm

Mandates in QLD have changed and my understanding is if you've been around someone with Covid for x hours you need to wear a mask outside and test yourself. However, I don't think anyone should be forced to wear a mask. I say this for the following reasons (In no particular order):

1. Covid is everywhere, if you're going to get it you are going to get it. Masks or no mask it is just a matter of time.
2. Masks help stop the spread of Covid in limited cases. This is because people can take their masks off to eat and or drink etc. Meaning the main time they'd be spreading germs is when their mask is off. Likewise, people are always adjusting their masks therefore touching their faces more often then when they are not wearing a mask.
3. People should have common sense. If they feel unwell or feel Covid like symptoms, they should use common sense and test themselves every couple of days to make sure they don't have Covid. They should then wear a mask until they test negative on the first day and negative again in two days. If they test Positive they should use common sense to wear a mask until they test negative.
4. Likewise, if someone isn't feeling sick and doesn't have Covid but wants to wear a mask they should be allowed to make that decision on their own.

This said, Covid is something we have to live with. We can't just mandate wearing a mask for the rest of our lives as there is never going to be a Covid cure just another jab. Thus if everyone uses common sense when it comes to Covid and masks, then we should never need a mask mandate.

The only time, in my opinion, that action should be taken against someone is if the person has Covid and is intentionally trying to spread it. But the rest of us, now that Covid is something we have to live with in everyday life, shouldn't be punished as a result of the few individuals who may be trying to intentionally spread Covid.

  • 18th Jul 2022 02:33pm

I wear a mask on public transport

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