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Posted by: Elizabeth 31231703

10th Jul 2022 10:04pm

WORKFORCE AUSTRALIA has replaced JOBACTIVE for Centrelink Jobseekers and they have to achieve 100 points in order to keep their payment. Do you think this target is achievable or ridiculously difficult?

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  • 16th Nov 2023 05:07pm

what they should do is ask employers to give a one day work experience trial to people on centre link, and pay them for that one days work over a period of four weeks, and after that period if the employer is happy to employ the jobseeker and the jobseeker is happy to be employed, that great the jobseeker is back in the workforce, and if not they just go on another Job experience and that just continues until they become employed.

  • 27th Jul 2022 08:57pm

I can only go off of my limited knowledge from what I have read as I have never been on this new system. I have only ever utilised the old system. However, from my understanding I think this is achievable and definitely a better incentivised based system. I say this because 100 points is no different to what the majority of people had to already achieve per month.

To break it down, the average person before the point based system had to make a Job Plan outlining their monthly requirements. Then they had to attend a Job Access appointments, search for 20 jobs a month and attend all interviews. This would change slightly if you were studying etc. Now similarly the same happens under the point system. You would create a Job Plan with a Job Access provider which would assess how many points you need to get a month based on your situation. However, this time, instead of having to solely attend appointments, complete job searches or study to meet your requirements you can now do a slew of other beneficial tasks that you would normally be doing anyway as part of the non-point system when job searching. The only difference is now you'll be rewarded for the taks you were already doing.

The new tasks you are rewarded points for under the point system is not only job searching but tasks like getting work related licences and qualifications, attending interviews, getting drivers licences etc. So let's say you need to meet the full 100 points. One month you could apply for 20 jobs and earn 100 points. The next month you could have gotten interviews for 4 out of the 20 jobs you applied for last month and get 25 points an interview. Then you could be told in the interview you need x licences to be hired. Then you could spend a month getting those licences and earn points getting them. This unlike the old system rewards you for doing everything you were already doing on the old system. However, with the old system you only got rewarded if you did 20 jobs a month regardless if you got licences and or attended an interview etc.

Therefore, under the new point based system, it is definitely a lot easier to get 100 points and meet your requirements. I also think if the Job Plan is still assessed on a per person basis and the number of points is determined on what is reasonable per person then the point based system is definitely easier, more rewarding and makes you feel like what you are doing is beneficial.

All this said though, if you don't like the point based system you don't have to change anything from the old system. Just keep applying for 20 jobs a month. Rinse and repeat until hired. No-one is forcing you to change what you are already doing, except now if you do want tickets, get interviews etc you can get them/go to them and not have to apply for 20 jobs a month.

  • 16th Jul 2022 06:26pm

I will let you know lol
But 100 points isnt all people, mine is set at 85, my home life was taken into account, outside factors
On job search , even at 100 points its still works out to 20 a month @ 5 points each, then interviews, study, work and volunteer hours, also have points attached.

This is based on my first meeting, so very limited experience atm, future may be different

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