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$250 boost for Cost of living pressure

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Posted by: Elizabeth 31231703

30th Apr 2022 06:57pm

What is your opinion about the recent one-off $250 boost given by the Morrison government to Australians to relieve the cost of living pressure ? Do you think is enough and is it in the right direction?

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  • 15th May 2022 02:29pm

It's a drop in the ocean, and is a bold attempt to bribe low income Australians with a paltry one-off incentive that will make no difference to them over time. Furthermore, I earn a VERY good wage, but got it because my child has a disability and so I get the Carer's Payment, and qualify for this incentive, which I DON'T need. I would much rather see Centrelink payments lifted to at least just above the poverty line - do we really want to end up like the U.S. - a rich country that cares nothing for it's poor?

  • 9th May 2022 09:13pm

It is a step in the right direction but it isn't sustainable. I say that it's not sustainable as the government can't afford to keep handing money out like it grows on trees and a sum this small won't in the long term help with anything. For example, given the increased cost of living since Covid, the economy and wars etc... $250 would be flat out paying a weeks rent and a tank of fuel in this time.

Also, factoring in that only those on certain Centrelink payments got the $250... it can't be classed as an economy stimulating payment. In my opinion, if the idea was to stimulate the economy... it should have went to everyone who earned under x $ per year as people on minimum wage can't even afford to live in these hard times, little own those on Centrelink.

Thus, in my opinion, they should have looked at wage increases, Centrelink payment increases etc to give everyone a little bit more each pay so that in the long term we can survive.

Lastly, with the upcoming election... this $250 was no more than a way to try to make the current government look good and look as though they care and are willing to help. It's nothing more than a ploy to try to convince people who don't follow politics and are on Centrelink etc to think ooh this government gave me $250 I'll vote for them and maybe I'll get more etc.

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