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How's your gut health?

Health & Fitness

Posted by: Avocado Green

6th Apr 2022 12:11am

How common are gut symptoms like bloating, gas, bowel habits you don't love, nausea, cramping,etc.?
I feel like I hear everyone talking about their gut these days.

Any ideas on why?
And what do you do to improve these symptoms? Or do you just ignore them?

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  • 14th Jul 2022 12:58pm

I think 'gut health' has basically become a nonsense diet term at this point.
For people who have actual gut disorders, of course treatment is important. And generally, if you find yourself having particular gut symptoms, trying to sort out why isn't a bad idea. I can't eat heaps of raw onion, it gives me a tummy ache - but that doesn't mean that I have an unhealthy gut, it just means my body doesn't process that much raw onion well!

All too often, I see people quoting 'gut health', and then using a bunch of facts around inflammation that aren't actually accurate, and almost every time tie into diet culture. It feels like people use their gut health as an excuse to get away with disordered eating an awful lot of the time.

If you're really concerned about your gut health, eat some yoghurt or drink some yakult every day, and have some oats to ensure you've got plenty of fibre.
Be concerned about any claim that encourages you to significantly reduce or cut out specific food groups, as generally your body needs all of them. Fat interacts with carbs, which interact with protein, which interact with fibre. You need at least a little bit of all of them!
As a final note, 'inflammatory' conditions are those where your bodies immune system is attacking itself, and includes things like gout and athritis. People don't have an inflammatory condition unless it's been diagnosed by a doctor! I hear claims about inflammatory foods all the time, and it's nonsense. It only affects you if you already have an inflammatory condition!

Vanessa 32284508
  • 5th Jun 2022 10:50pm

Bloating from gluton- no gluton diet =
No bloating ­čĹî­čĆ╝

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