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Posted by: Elizabeth 31231703

20th Mar 2022 02:43pm

Which party do you think will win the Australian Federal election and why?

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  • 23rd Apr 2022 08:10pm

I think Labor will steal defeat from the jaws of victory purely because Albanese is as useless as tits on a bull as an opposition leader. Unfortunately I think too many people will be swayed by ScoMo's cash splash in the past couple of weeks and the next few weeks, forgetting how many times he has broke election promises.

  • 13th Apr 2022 04:01pm

Who can tell. Even polls are getting it wrong these days. What I do know is that Aussies have become a pack of whingers and keeping the government to account has become running them down over everything.

  • 12th Apr 2022 04:37pm

I think this year is incredibly hard to call!
Usually I find that there's fairly even commentary with a general consensus - but this year, with COVID, after the bushfires and everything else that's happened, I suspect it's not quite as clear cut as it's previously been.
I'll certainly be interested to see who wins!

  • 8th Apr 2022 01:59pm

Even as a political science grad, I still struggle with this question. From the outside, it may look like Labor is taking a lead based on the "common" perception that ScoMo is widely disliked, mistrusted and overtly cloaked in white male privilege. However, it is important to note that this perception is mainly dominated in the younger, progressive crowd whose views are more likely to be displayed on social media sites for others to see them. Whilst I think the general atmosphere is that the Liberal/National coalition are "out of touch" it will be interesting to see whether this is just a belief amongst the progressive millennial/gen-Z crowd, or in fact, a nationwide feeling. Nevertheless, it is disappointing to see that it is, yet again, a race between two white male leaders.

  • 7th Apr 2022 11:41am

At the moment it's a very close run race, but it seems a lot of people are tipping Labour to pip the Lib/Nats, after ScoMo's bad personal ratings.

  • 1st Apr 2022 02:37pm

For my electorate I will vote Labor and I anticipate that Labor will win my Federal seat. My electorate vote doesn't decide which party will win the Australian Federal Election of 2022.

I anticipate many Australians don't trust Scott Morrison after all his slip ups and that this will influence their own divisional vote. I think the Federal Liberal Party and Federal National Party will lose key seats and that the Labor party will gain enough seats in The Lower House to form government in their own right with more independents in The Lower House and the Senate being a mixed bag.

  • 27th Mar 2022 08:17am

In basic electoral terms, I expect we will see the Labor party in power. However, I expect we'll also have a relatively large crossbench in the lower house, so it may be a minority government. The reason for this is that the Labor brand is still a bit on the nose in a number of key Liberal-held seats where independent candidates of high quality are running.

With the advent of digital targeted advertising, social media campaigns, and declining party affiliation, there is more scope for non-traditional representatives to gain momentum and success than in previous decades. This is, on my view, a win for the nation. A diversity of voices and a parliament that by necessity must be more collaborative and compromise-focused would better represent the interests and values of modern Australia.

The Senate will, I suspect, be a motley mix. I don't think Xeneophon has the legs to make it to parliament after his tilt in South Australia, but watch Tasmania closely- there could be a second Lambie-network candidate, and Eric Abetz is running a below the line campaign which could be disruptive to the other Liberal candidates. I have no idea how Clive Palmer's foray will play out, but there's huge disaffection in the electorate and currently his party and The Greens are the only ones trying to capitalise on it on a national level. In 2019 it led to Coalition victories across the board, but I also think the general public has less tolerance for Palmer's Trumpian verve than they did 3 years ago.

We're all so tired. I think if anything, Labor may get a bump in votes just from people who are fed up with the Coalition and want the chaos to stop, since Albo so carefully presents as the safe and boring option. Independents in the house and senate are flashy, and I still think a few of them will get elected in beachside suburbs and regional seats, but I think Western Sydney and the Melbourne outer suburbs will see strong returns for Labor. Everyone I speak to is just over it, and the coalition take the blame.

  • 26th Mar 2022 08:47am

I expect the Labor party will win. Most of us are sick of the Liberal Party leadership. So slow in responding to natural disasters we are facing as well as most of their political decisions are influenced by the Americans.

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