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Covid. Damed if they do damed it they don't

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Posted by: freddy2112k

15th Mar 2022 03:18am

Has the government over reacted. Or is it a case of .. it's not that bad as they said ,haven't been that many deaths. Or is it a case of because of the way they reacted that stopped alot of people getting the first covid strain that might have been deverstating

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  • 8th Apr 2022 02:02pm

Honestly I think you hit the nail on the head with the title. We can only hypothesise how life would be if governments made different choices in response to the pandemic. But that is all it is, a hypothesis. Most, if not all critics, are reacting to the impact the restrictions have had on their own life. I think any policy regarding Covid would have impacted people and therefore it is a win-lose situation. Nevertheless, I think overreacting to a pandemic may be a better reaction than under-reacting.

  • 1st Apr 2022 02:53pm

COVID and deaths have been high and terrible in places like China, Italy, Brazil, USA and the UK during the first wave because people weren't vaccinated and jurisdictions like Brazil also didn't implement social measures to limit the spread of coronavirus. In light of the number of infections, long COVID and deaths that occurred around the world, the Australian government both Federal and State/Territory didn't overreact. Like you say, Australia was able to keep the first strain of COVID under control via a number of measures while vaccination rates increased, otherwise it would have been devastating.

Australia's experience with COVID is quite different to other countries. We had lockdowns and restrictions with no travel at the slightest hint of community spread, to control the virus spread to a slower pace. Australia's main defence other than closed borders internationally was vaccination. In essence our vaccination rates that proved to work against all new variants out ran the spread of the virus. As a country we have achieved very high vaccination rates of the vulnerable first, then older Australians, the 20 - 30 year olds and teenagers that are big spreaders and now children. The Federal government finally got their act together in getting supplies of vaccines and with the help of the States and Territories has successfully vaccinated the population.

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