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Ukraine war

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Posted by: beljayne

28th Feb 2022 05:49pm

What is everyone's opinion on war in Ukraine?

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  • 15th May 2022 02:30pm

An absolute tragedy. No question that Russia, as the aggressor, is in the wrong here, and should cease and desist immediately, but the Russian people have no say, and most do not have access to accurate information about what's happening anyway.

  • 12th Apr 2022 04:41pm

Putin, and many Russians, have always claimed that the Ukraine was never independent and has always been a part of Russia.
Of course, it's complete nonsense, they just don't want to admit that they're not the all powerful force they're always presented themselves as.
The atrocities they're committing clearly prove they're completely in the wrong, as if the invasion itself didn't show that strongly enough!

  • 1st Apr 2022 03:05pm

Vladimir Putin is an Imperialist who believes in Empire. With this thinking he views anyone with the same ethno-religious community as needing to be unified to restore the Russian Empire. Putin wants to reunite Ukraine with Russia and is willing to do that forcefully by stripping Ukraine of its sovereignty. Vladimir Putin the dictator who made himself President of Russia for Life does not have a right to invade or occupy Ukraine as stated under modern international law. I mean after making yourself President for Life and being an Imperialist your objective is to gain territory. Who knows, if left to continue he may claim himself Tsar. Russian troops need to leave Ukraine and restore the status quo to International borders and relations so we have an end to geo-political warfare.

  • 26th Mar 2022 08:51am

War is bad no matter what. The world need some peace these days.

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