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Health & Fitness

Posted by: TEB

10th Feb 2022 12:15pm

What do you do to avoid the negative emotions that are bought on by the threat of COVID-19?

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  • 6th Apr 2022 01:39am

I concentrate on reading/listening or researching covid from the most trusted source "health experts" Being vaccinated if you can do so safely puts my mind at ease. If I catch covid the positive way of thinking is to realize that my symptoms will be far easier to deal with than if I wasn't vaccinated. I also advocate the positive side of vaccination as I am more likely to just suffer bearable symptoms than the risk of death from not being vaccinated. I also hold on to the positive thoughts that in time covid won't be something we are petrified of because every day researchers are looking at ways for us to live safely and continue to try and come up with a way of either rlimating it or reducing the severity of it.

  • 18th Mar 2022 11:31pm

I find journaling quite helpful. It allows me to get what I’m feeling out of my head, which can help it stop weighing on my mind. Exercise can also be helpful. Exercise releases endorphins and hormones that can lift your mood. Getting out for a walk can also help take your mind off what is concerning you. Being outdoors is also great for your mood. Wishing you the best :)

  • 20th Feb 2022 06:36pm

For the worry and concern I have sometimes toward a family member getting COVID-19 and being ill, I let them know that I love them every day and take one day at a time. I reiterate with them that we are triple vaccinated, have a COVID kit and along with our mask wearing, handwashing, sanitising, social distancing measures and staying home more we can't do much else. We can only play our part in staying away from work if we feel unwell, get tested and then quarantine to stop community spread.
Other people may find music, meditating, talking or some form of hobby helpful as well as connecting with people on zoom etc.

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