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Do you have private health insurance? Why or why not?

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Posted by: TaylorCS

9th Aug 2021 04:55pm

Do you have private health insurance? Why or why not?

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  • 8th Oct 2021 03:14pm

Yes, I have private health insurance. Why? For the same reason most people buy any insurance, to protect themselves in the invent of some calamity, that will place them in hospital and in need to extensive/expensive treatment and care.

  • 5th Oct 2021 07:45pm

Cannot possibly afford it. With a 42% age loading (increasing every year by 2%, and in place for ten years if we ever had the money to take it out), pre-existing conditions loading and the extortionate co-pay, it would bankrupt us. The cheapest quote for the coverage we would need was just over $10k a year, and add the fact that GP visits are not covered, 90% of my $1200/month medication is not covered, mental health had barely any coverage, and the annual limits in almost everything would be used by us within a couple of months, and the gap payments for everything else - it simply isn't possible. I have significant surgery required - and I cannot get it in the public system and cannot afford it in the private system - so I am stuck with it.

  • 5th Oct 2021 06:42pm

I don't agree with the comment below about people who can't save and the interest rates for online saving accounts are miniscule. My husband needs ongoing medical care, including hospital admissions and his specialist doesn't work in public hospitals. He went through the public system to start with and what they proposed in the way of surgery and treatment was substandard. A day trip to a private hospital costs a bomb. In my case I had a broken bone and appreciated having my own room in a rehab hospital. We also use our dental and go other ancillary providers. Just 2 pairs of glasses a year is a substantial claim. PHI is expensive but it's there if/when you need it.

  • 27th Sep 2021 06:52pm

Had it for many years but dropped out about 8 years ago. We do have ambulance cover only through NIB. We have underlying health issues and have called an ambulance twice last year. If uninsured the cost is incredibly high - around $400 a trip. The ambulance cover has been worth it and the annual premium is very reasonable. I wish funds would allow you to pick and choose what you would like cover for instead of having to take a 'plan' which has so many things you don't need cover for.

  • 24th Sep 2021 11:19pm

No way it's poor value it's only good for people who can't save
Put the money into an online saver instead of into a health insurance company and you'll be laughing
I work in a hospital and any urgent procedures get dealt with immediately at no cost anyway

  • 23rd Sep 2021 12:28pm

yes you just never know when you may need it

  • 23rd Sep 2021 08:06am

Young people rarely get value. Older people can't afford it. No-one should pay a gap/excess. Lifetime loading makes joining later even more difficult and pointless.

  • 22nd Sep 2021 05:00pm

no as I am on a pension

  • 22nd Sep 2021 03:43pm

Stopped paying it at about 19 years of age after i got my wisdom teeth out. No value for myself at the time and then later with family got just as good care with less hassle for payment as a public patient - kids had many health issues requiring hospital visits, operations. I have often considered take it up, but my problem is the excess charges, and still needing to pay extra when doctors charge more. Like house insurance i don't mind the excess, pick a level that suits your risk, but when you pay thousands of dollars and are still out of pocket - eg braces, why have it at all. It needs to cover you 100% for what you pay for the policy.

  • 22nd Sep 2021 03:32pm

Have always had it for peace of mind, probably behind now but got my moneys worth when i had 2 back operations and lots of tests and treatments before menieres disease was given.

  • 22nd Sep 2021 12:49pm

Yes. To get around the Medicare levy surcharge.
And also because I have too much money and want to pay for something ill probably never need

  • 21st Sep 2021 10:45am

Yes .... peace of mind!

  • 19th Sep 2021 08:53am

i do not have private health insuance as it is far too expensive to afford

  • 18th Sep 2021 09:06pm

Mine is, but it is a not for profit organisation. I get more
out of it every year than I pay into it so it is definitely worth it for me. Some of the for
profit schemes seem a bit shonky to me though..

  • 17th Sep 2021 05:11pm

Just ancillary which has been fantastic paying me back for all my dental work done lately

  • 17th Sep 2021 02:27pm

No I don’t. Too expensive

  • 17th Sep 2021 01:19pm

Yes! I'm a Type 1 Diabetic and only have it to claim an insulin pump every four years. I'm with Medibank Private and they are great.

  • 16th Sep 2021 05:34pm

I do, my family has a lot of high medical costs so it's financially better for us.

  • 16th Sep 2021 11:27am

Yes,I do personally but even I think half of the things on my current private insurance cover are not relevant for me.
I just there was the option to pick and choose what specific things I want and don't want covered by private health insurance.

  • 16th Sep 2021 07:21am

I don't have health insurance as it is ridiculously priced. I am looking at getting it to avoid paying the levy at tax time.

  • 15th Sep 2021 03:12pm

I don't have private healthy insurance as I have found it to be too expensive and can't afford it.

  • 14th Sep 2021 07:58pm

I do not have private health insurance because I can not afford it

  • 14th Sep 2021 04:37pm

Yes, we have private health insurance. In the public system it can take too long to book (what they consider a non-urgent operation.) i.e. Hip replacement.

  • 14th Sep 2021 02:49pm

No. I've retired now and happy with the public system. Did not have it for decades prior to retirement. have saved 10's of thousands on health costs. Health insurance has become far too expensive and complicated.

  • 14th Sep 2021 12:54pm

Yes! my wife and I have private health insurance with GMHBA, and I would not insure with any other. Their service is great, and they are always there to provide any help you may need.

  • 14th Sep 2021 10:36am

medibank was my frice-one i have, i had a heart-stroke thay paid all my freeds,

  • 13th Sep 2021 11:01pm

I do not have private health insurance. It is too expensive and we cannot afford it. have had to rely on the public health system. I only have ambulance cover.

  • 13th Sep 2021 10:22pm

No point to it ... I've retired and happy with the public system

  • 13th Sep 2021 12:44pm

Yes I have private health insurance, as I am on a pension I can barely afford it and have to sacrifice things to have it but o keep it for purely peace of mind that hopefully I’ll never have to wait long periods on a waiting list if I ever need surgery.

  • 12th Sep 2021 07:34pm

no, unfortunately it’s not worth the money if you don’t need it regularly

  • 10th Sep 2021 10:20pm

No - cannot afford and rarely visit a GP

  • 9th Sep 2021 08:26pm

No I don’t I can’t afford it

  • 9th Sep 2021 03:57pm

We have gold hospital insurance with no surcharge for day surgery. Peace of mind that access is much quicker than public hospitals which are overfull

  • 9th Sep 2021 11:10am

Unless you use the extras services regularly, private health insurance is simply not financially worth it

  • 9th Sep 2021 04:05am

We use to have private health insurance, but had to cancel as the premiums got too expensive!

  • 8th Sep 2021 09:22pm

yes we do

  • 8th Sep 2021 02:49pm

Have always had Private Health Cover but do believe that top cover is out of reach now for many people. The Fund I am currently with is a not for profit one and has a policy of not charging an excess for day surgery. This has been a benefit in the past few years as I have had a range of medical issues where day surgery was involved. Also even at the height of the pandemic in 2020 had no trouble having day surgery in a private hospital without delay. Possibly, as the membership of the funds across the board shrinks, the annual fees increase exponentially but not sure if that is the only reason for yearly fee increases of the funds.

  • 11th Sep 2021 11:25pm
Hi there, may I ask, who is your provider?


  • 9th Sep 2021 03:59pm
Have always had Private Health Cover but do believe that top cover is out of reach now for many people. The Fund I am currently with is a not for profit one and has a policy of not charging an...

agree completely. We only have hospital and no extras

  • 9th Sep 2021 04:06am
Have always had Private Health Cover but do believe that top cover is out of reach now for many people. The Fund I am currently with is a not for profit one and has a policy of not charging an...

Hi there, may I ask, who is your provider?

  • 9th Sep 2021 04:06am
Have always had Private Health Cover but do believe that top cover is out of reach now for many people. The Fund I am currently with is a not for profit one and has a policy of not charging an...

Hi there, may I ask, who is your provider?

  • 8th Sep 2021 02:19pm

I think it is good to have private health insurance if at all affordable as it lessens the burden on public hospitals

  • 8th Sep 2021 11:55am

I did when I was younger and had my family, now am older and cannot afford it anymore. What can you do. Even if you do have private health insurance you still have to pay an excess which I think is really wrong, I only used it three times in all the years I had insurance.

  • 7th Sep 2021 10:58am

Not currently as I have recently gone back to study full time/casual employment and cannot afford it. I have previously had both basic (ambulance and hospital) cover, and full cover. I am likely to get basic cover again before the end of the year due to current health uncertainty within the community, and will recommence full cover when I am full time employed

  • 7th Sep 2021 08:36am

No do not see the benefit as public health system is efficient and sufficient to my needs. Private health is only beneficial sometimes and those times are few and far between.

  • 7th Sep 2021 01:25am

dont have private insurance as wqe cannot afford it

  • 6th Sep 2021 09:33pm

no because i'm on a pension

  • 6th Sep 2021 08:51pm

Because at my age I can’t afford to have it and can’t afford to not have it !

  • 6th Sep 2021 07:57pm

No, who can afford it? I rather spend my money on preventative measures, keeping healthy. I have not been to a doctor for over 10 years and then it was a waste of time because they could not help me with my digestive issues, which I ended up curing myself.

  • 6th Sep 2021 05:27pm

No, too expensive. Hard to justify expense. Big investment and low return

  • 6th Sep 2021 11:56am

I have extras cover and at the moment I am really pleased I have it. My teeth need fixing (broke one recently) which involves getting extractions and a plate (expensive!!!) and I need new glasses. So glad I have it.

  • 5th Sep 2021 05:02pm

I get free PHI under my partners work but we rarely use it. I wouldn't have it if I had to pay for it.

  • 5th Sep 2021 03:01pm

no because it is too expensive

  • 5th Sep 2021 08:07am

I don't, and never have had private health insurance.
I am a pretty healthy person, as is my husband, and neither of us use the extras cover, me because with twin 4yr olds, I don't have time, him, because he married a massage therapist.
One of our children wears glasses, but paying for new glasses for them is still less than the premiums for private health cover.
Not to mention the fact that we live in regional NSW, and don't have a lot of Drs to choose from, so the perk of being able to choose your Dr or specialist isn't a draw card, as out here, you pretty much just get the Dr on-call if you have an emergency.
True, we pay the whole price to see a GP, (and just get the Medicare rebate), but again, pretty healthy here, so it's not often we need to worry about that, and again, the total cost of medical and extras per year is still far less than the premiums of private health care.
I had several complications whilst pregnant, during and after the birth of my twins, and was very well looked after at three different public hospitals.
I have surgery coming up, for an epigastric hernia and I am on a 12month wait list, but, if my issue was to become worse, I could just front up to emergency, they would call my surgeon, and my surgery would be completed within a couple of days, and I would be kept comfortable at the hospital. All of this was/would be/is going to be paid for by Medicare, which I dutifully pay back with my taxes every year.
We just keep money set aside for health related costs, and it has worked well for us.

  • 4th Sep 2021 02:54pm

Yes. When I migrated to this country I was informed that the public hospital system was under resourced and unable to meet community needs. While I have doubts about the truth of this statement, I have maintained private health because it allows me to have discretionary procedures on request.

  • 4th Sep 2021 02:54pm

Yes. When I migrated to this country I was informed that the public hospital system was under resourced and unable to meet community needs. While I have doubts about the truth of this statement, I have maintained private health because it allows me to have discretionary procedures on request.

  • 4th Sep 2021 02:41pm

Yes, becausr the public health systm, though it is essential to national well being and does some good work, can become over burdened and it takes too long sometimes to get elective surgery such as hip replacements. Also, private health cover extends to things like physiotherapy, optometry and ancilliary services not covered by public health.

  • 4th Sep 2021 12:25pm

Às I don't have very much money I can't afford health insurancr.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 11:30pm


  • 3rd Sep 2021 10:04pm

I have private health insurance because it’s for my own peace of mind

  • 3rd Sep 2021 10:00pm

Look at the United States. Thats why I dont have private health insurance.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 09:05pm

no I do not have private health cover, as a full-time student I cannot afford the high cost, and when an emergency all is covered under the public system.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 08:31pm

Yes I have private health insurance and I have not been happy paying it for years but early this year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I have never been so happy to have private health insurance as I was able even during a lockdown to get into hospital in a few weeks to have an operation. Without private health insurance I would have had to wait months.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 03:49pm

No. It's a rip off. It's far more cost effective to self insure.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 03:27pm

Yes, Having private insurance does in the long run improve your savings if you're having a lot of physio/dental and specialist appointments. Even in emergencies if you have full cover just might save you a bit getting discounts on extras which aren't covered by bulk bill or normal insurance. I would say the best thing about it is loyalty programs which improve your benefits overtime.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 01:02pm

No. All the family and friends I have that have had private health insurance have said that it is not worth it and in some cases (like pregnancy) they end up paying more.

  • 3rd Sep 2021 11:23am

Yes! as I have health problems, and need to see my own doctors, or specialists. We have full benefits, and it gives us peace of mind, and less problems selecting our own doctors or hospital.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 10:31pm

We have private Health Insurance. Even though it is getting very expensive, it still gives me peace of mind.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 09:18pm

Only extras, full cover is far to expensive.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 08:57pm

I used to have Health Insurance for my whole family. But they kept on increasing the premium so much that it became unaffordable and also simultaneously reducing the benefits? So I had to cancel it.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 07:10pm

We used to. But these days it has got so pricy. We have. Stopped. When my partner Wasim the military. We had it. And when the kids were growing up. But now we are. Pensioners. Myself on disability. And partner aged. It is more then. We can manage. Our dental. Is subsidised and affordable. And. The gp bulk bills. Anything else we will deal with it ad it happens. ,for what you pay. And the rebate it's easier to save what you would pay for health cover. If we keep. Trying to get help from vet affairs eventually we will have a Win and then. We will get good care. I decided. I was better off paying more home and contents with no excess was a better option.
It's our biggest asset. ,Our kids have all left home.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 07:05pm

Used to have private health insurance for many years. After my husband lost his job, we could not afford it so we gave it up. In saying that, the good thing with private health insurance is you get any surgery done quickly, the bad part is that a lot of doctors charge over the scheduled fee so you could be thousands of dollars out of pocket. In the public health system and so far have not had a problem when seeing a specialist and had the procedure done in a short amount of time without paying any money

  • 2nd Sep 2021 06:45pm

Yes, have had for a long time as back in the day it was compulsory for most people. We are now in our 60's and don't want to take the risk of cancelling now when we possibly will need it.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 05:48pm

I use the public services as private health insurance is to expensive and kepps on going up

  • 2nd Sep 2021 05:07pm

No as I am fully on the bulk billing with my GP, other services and Public Hospitals.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 04:19pm

We have gold hospital cover as day surgery is fully covered. Seem to use day surgery far more often than being admitted to hospital so we decided not to have extra cover as we do not use it very much and put the money towards the gold level of cover

  • 2nd Sep 2021 04:04pm

not now. wasn't worth the trouble.
Had it many years ago as a young fella. It was the only insurance type that could change the cover period if they increased the prices through the year - even if it was paid in one hit.

Forward to 2012, Mrs needed a retina op. Had to be in the funds 2 years before they would 'cover' it.
2 years cover roughly 3500
Operation about 5000
Cover 1500

that has us paying 7k for a 5k op.

  • 2nd Sep 2021 03:49pm

We have health insurance would not be without it,you insure your house and car so why would you not insure yourself. It is hard living on the pension but we have just a very basic one for emgencies

  • 2nd Sep 2021 01:08pm

No I do not have health insurance. I am now aged 70 and cannot afford the fees due to living on only the aged pension

  • 28th Aug 2021 09:34pm

I have had health insurance forever. I was on my parents, then I had singles after uni and when I married have been on my husband's as a family for the past 27 years. I am currently on silver hospital and ancillary but I've never been one for using my health insurance really. I only get new prescription reading glasses every 3 - 4 years. I have the free influenza vaccination with my health fund every May along with my husband and he gets glasses and dental care more often than me.

It is there in case we need it in the future, but we don't get the use or value from having it. Being over 30 years old we wouldn't want to have to pay the medicare surcharge yearly in tax for not having private health insurance.

  • 28th Aug 2021 08:52pm

No I do not have Private Health Insurance. I could not afford the exhorbitant charges and fees

  • 26th Aug 2021 04:14am

I have had private health insurance all my life. I am sooo glad I do as nineteen years ago my youngest son was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumour. He was 21! I was told he had three months max to live. I went to the best surgeon I could find and within a week he was in hospital for brain surgery. He recovered and survived for seventeen years ! Why, because he had accessibility to the best there is and didn’t have to wait in a queue which would have been the case if he had been in the public system. He ended up having four brain operations, every type of chemo, radiotherapy and finally several packets (each one had FOUR TABLETS) ..THEY COST $26,000 per packet! THEY WERE NOT CLAIMABLE ANYWHERE!
I am now without him, however having private health gave me an extra SEVENTEEN YEARS WITH HIM! ...HE WAS MY HERO! ..he didn’t ever give up, travelled to over 100 countries, studied for three different uni degrees, graduating from each one with honours, renovated two apartments totally on His own! He kept going when he became paralysed in one arm, completing the last item needing to be done! WOULD YOU BELIEVE A PARQUET FLOOR!
He also started his own web design company which was incredibly successfully! ...COULD HE HAVE ACHIEVED ANY OF THE ABOVE IF I DIDN’T HAVE PRIVATE HEALTH? - THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE...NO! He definitely would have passed away before he had even had his first appointment!

  • 2nd Sep 2021 04:23pm
I have had private health insurance all my life. I am sooo glad I do as nineteen years ago my youngest son was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumour. He was 21! I was told he had three months max...

Congratulations on ensuring your son had all the care that he needed

  • 25th Aug 2021 11:03pm

Yes, only ancillary cover and mostly for dental.

  • 25th Aug 2021 10:23pm

Yes, only ancillary cover and mostly for dental.

  • 25th Aug 2021 02:56pm

I had it when I had a young family and my wife used it extensively. After 30+ years I think I had used it for hospitals for less than 2 weeks so when it kept getting extortionate fee rises I left it.
Have been hospitalised twice since I stopped the health insurance and my care was excellent and the hospital even paid to get me home.
Can't justify the cost of membership and I have no doubt the fund is well in front in the contributions vs costs equation.

  • 22nd Aug 2021 02:02pm

I would like to have private health insurance but I cannot afford it at the moment, I can barely afford living expenses.

  • 16th Aug 2021 11:11am

Yes. I've had people tell me that I'm mad and it's wasted money. Well in my case that is the furthest thing from the truth. about 10 years ago I went to bed fell asleep and then the next morning I woke up a building disc in my neck. Long story short, 8 weeks later I required spinal fusion. We ended up out of pocket about $1500. If we didn't have health insurance, we would of been out of pocket about $30k. Now I don't know who has a spare 30k laying around but we didn't. To me it's worth every cent that we pay.

  • 15th Aug 2021 02:03pm

Glad to have it when the family was young and I had a husband but now as a pensioner do not have it but have had
no complaints as I have been so well looked after,
We are blessed to live in OZ,

  • 15th Aug 2021 10:01am

Yes, I have private health insurance and I feel it is a good investment in my later years. When something serious does go wrong, there are more options for treatment quickly.

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