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Covid QR Check In

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Posted by: pammam

3rd Jun 2021 04:49pm

The QR check in will be compulsory soon and people and the stores can be fined if they do not use it,

However older people can find this difficult as many just use a mobile phone to make and receive calls,
I would like something like the Coles flybys card or Woolworths Rewards which is simper to use,
Do you agree?

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  • 12th Oct 2021 12:30am

No I say dont bother with this crap and walk straight in as it is illegal and they can face a 65k fine and 5 years in jail!

  • 2nd Jul 2021 01:56pm

There is no possible way they can do away with the paper-based one - my phone REFUSES to work with the app (no matter what I try), and I personally know at least four people who do not even own a mobile phone, let alone a smartphone capable of running the app!

  • 27th Jun 2021 08:52pm

The WA government claimed that the data gathered by their application would only be used by the Health department for contact-tracing.

We now find that the police have asked the courts seven times for access to the records (granted twice) - NOT for contact-tracing but for investigative purposes.

The government now claims that they need to tighten up the legislation.

Um - rubbish. The federal data protection legislation should be sufficient to protect the data from being misused. Confidence in pollies, police, courts and the app itself impacted somewhat negatively. Certainly, I now "log in" by simply taking a photo of the QR code, which seems to the unobservant to be a check-in. I used to be conscientious about using the app - but I'll not be lied to, and have the liars and abusers cover up with more claims.

Then we have the constant appeals from the police for "dash-cam" footage. Why then do the police claim "insufficient evidence" when foreign athletes are captured on CCTV stealing from a store?

Seems we have a standard that's variable with convenience here.

Trust level zero in each case. Unfortunate, since most police are trustworthy, do a difficult job with little thanks or recognition from the public. All let down by those who want to play politics.

  • 27th Jun 2021 07:49pm

In QLD ever since Covid started the check in was compulsory. However, it wasn't always by QR code, we had to hand write our name on a piece of paper and put it in a box at most places. This was not monitored and most people could have written anything. I love the idea of the QR code app made by the government which in QLD is mandatory in all hospitality places and very soon every business. The one downside is elderly people without smartphones.

Elderly people without smartphones will not be able to scan the QR code and therefore not check in. This is a major flaw in the system. However, according to QLD Health an elderly person can ask a staff member to check them in. As stated, "If patrons do not have access to the Check In Qld app, businesses must use the business profile mode of the Check In Qld app to check them in." This makes it easy and simple for elderly people to check in successfully when they do not have a smart phone.

However, this is the case with the QR scanning check in app in QLD... I do like your idea of a check in card as a backup method to checking in. Although, I disagree with it being a new card. This could easily be implemented as a future addition to our ID card such as our driver's license or proof of age card etc. This could work by adding an encrypted QR code (Encryption that only the government or department that processes check in information can decrypt) to our existing ID card at the time of issuing the card which contains our details. Then each business/store/shop you visit when you go to pay could scan the QR code which would automatically send your scanned information along with businesses/stores/shops name/location of where your QR code was scanned and time to wherever it was required to go.

This would also be more secure than using your phone to scan in the sense that the shop would know if you have scanned in or not.

So yes, I agree we should be able to use our smart phones but should have an encrypted QR code attached to our ID so that people who don't have a functioning smart phone can still check in.

  • 24th Jun 2021 04:27pm

Yes, i think a card is a good idea. being an older person i find downloading apps hard that's why i avoid them. I am a member of a leagues club and when you enter the club you swipe your membership card to sign in, showing when you went into the venue - how easy is that. So come on governments make it easier for older people.

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