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JopKeeper & JobSeeker Ending

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Posted by: Ali21

25th Mar 2021 12:34pm

Government should extend the job seeker and keeper payment because Covid 19 is still lingering in the air, we are not 100% recovered further stopping this payment will definitely make the employment worse and lots of small businesses will shut down.

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  • 12th Apr 2021 05:11pm

I believe jobkeeper should be extended to certain sectors of the tourism industry especially in areas like Cairns where there is no international tourism

  • 30th Mar 2021 11:28pm

They should be monitored more as a lot of people are getting paid more than they were before the COVID hit. Many of those were only working 3 days and are now getting paid for a full week. Not a lot of smart thinking went into it I feel. Also many(note I said Many) people are simply not looking for jobs because they are on a good wicket, but they are still smoking, drinking and getting tattoos :(

  • 28th Mar 2021 11:09am

Agree, Australians need support during this critical period.

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