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Tax on cigarettes

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Posted by: yeehar

4th Dec 2020 05:37pm

Do you think it's fair how much government taxes cigarettes and smokers?

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  • 25th Nov 2021 09:52pm

I have a degree in health promotion, the reduction in smoking rates is one of Australia's best examples of preventative health. While it may seem harsh, taxation and other legislation such as plain packaging has attributed to the success of the make smoking history campaign. However, more needs to be done within communities especially low ses to prevent the onset of smoking.

  • 17th May 2021 03:32pm

No Government charges on cigaretttes are definitely Not proportionate to the products usage. Many people have quit over the years myself included. I would be upping prices /taxes alcohol consumption it is much more damaging and antisocial than having a cigarette. An inebriated person causes so much trouble, they do a lot of things they would normally not do... including smoking cigarettes as a friend of mine does. Alcohol is mind/behaviour altering, cigarettes are not. Putting prices up so far for a person with smoking addiction is totally unfair and downright Government greed. Government keeps alcohol cheap AND have medical/facilities to help IF the person choices to quit but nothing remotely similar for a smoker.

  • 30th Mar 2021 11:32pm

No, as it does not help those who are totally addicted, just lines the pollies pockets :(

  • 8th Feb 2021 11:41am

No it's taxing an addiction and needs better support. Obesity costs the Australian health care system billions in dollars by 2025 the expected costs is $22 billion. Would it be just to put a tax on food? Next we'll be paying $30 for a big mac.

  • 6th Feb 2021 11:57pm


  • 3rd Feb 2021 07:09pm

Apart from helping cover medical costs, the higher price is to encourage people to stop.

I would like to see the people who do rock fishing have to pay insurance to help cover the rescue costs. It could be included in the licence fee.

echo 01
  • 1st Feb 2021 07:00pm

If people who smoke have to pay high taxes to cover hospital treatment so should people who take illegal drugs charge them for there medical treatment. People who are hurt in accidents in cars who where breaking the law ie; Driving under the influence ,speeding and running red lights etc the should have to pay for there medical treatment and also for the people hurt because of there actions. The list could go on for ever and the health budget would be in surplus.

  • 19th Jan 2021 04:48pm

Yes it is fair based on the chronic health conditions like COPD, lung diseases, cancers, heart disease, diabetes and amputation, stroke many smokers will develop in later life and rely on the public health system, pbs and nds to pay for their care and rehabilitation.

Voxy Lady
  • 19th Jan 2021 04:39pm

It is absolutely not fair on how much smokers have to pay in tax on tobacco! Something needs to be done to stop this blatant rort!!

  • 19th Jan 2021 04:07pm

Absolutely. It's like they get to pre-pay for the additional trips to hospital caused by their choices.

  • 18th Jan 2021 07:29pm

No it is not fair at all. It is absolutely outrageous. The excise tax on tobacco as well as alcoholic beverages should be abolished. It was supposed to have been stopped when the GST was introduced.

  • 31st Dec 2020 08:10pm

The high taxes only invites criminal activity to smuggle and distribute illegal tobbaco products.

  • 21st Dec 2020 06:19pm

Simply, no! I have been a smoker but not for 20 years and it always surprises me that a they tax smoking so heavy and harass smokers and yet big polluters such as wineries & farmers etc are allowed to throw poison at us all year round. I guess that is because the Govt doesn't make anything from it :(

  • 20th Dec 2020 09:30pm

Tax on cigarettes and smoking is too high - a pack of smokes being approx $30 for a pack of 20 is insane.

  • 20th Dec 2020 08:26am

smokers are overwhelmingly low wage earners - increasing these taxes does nothing but increase crime rates and anti social behaviour as all i see are people asking for smokes everywhere i go and picking up used butts to make cigarettes out of them. dont give them a cigarette and you get abused or punched.
i am a smoker myself and i have seen these things happen - i struggle with the increases myself and its getting to the stage where getting taxed 200 a week for my habit doesnt really seem fair.
unfortunately those who dont smoke seem to justify these taxes as necessary to stop people smoking - it doesnt work that way.
its literally a cash grab by the govt as none of it goes back into health - its use to prop up their own economic weaknesses.

  • 17th Dec 2020 02:33pm

I do NOT think it is fair how much government taxes cigarettes' and smokers. I feel that it takes things from family's. Smoking is addiction and for some people it is very hard to stop. The stresses of Life can attribute to this, every one copes differently.
In the end Kids have to do without, possibly not having treats, going to the movies or even not having enough food to eat. I think that the tax rises on cigarettes should stop now making them more affordable for people with this addiction. Orp put something in place to help them to quit.
Obviously smokers are an easy target for revenue raising.

  • 17th Dec 2020 11:55am

I believe the government is charging very little taxes to those who smoke and strongly believe they should implement stronger laws regarding smokers and drinkers by increasing tobacco taxes

  • 18th Jan 2021 07:32pm
I believe the government is charging very little taxes to those who smoke and strongly believe they should implement stronger laws regarding smokers and drinkers by increasing tobacco taxes

What you believe is wrong.

  • 16th Dec 2020 01:31pm

Absolutely not, they are preying on those with addictions, ignorant tho think otherwise, the nmore people thaat quit the higher the taxes will get so as to keep the profit high for them

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