Post - covid scenerio - - reply to email from cafe study

I’ll become much more considerate towards homeless people and donate my clothes after my first use for one year starting on Mother’s Day.

As a new thing to adopt, I’ll refrain from shaking hands, instead, follow safer style of folding hands during unlimited future interactions with people.

I’ll stop arranging Parties at my home and attending Parties outside my home for six months to come.

My mind has calmed to an unimaginable extent compared to the past and is in equilibrium for longer times.

As for “post-covid” resolutions, I’ll follow much more hygienic pattern of life in my home as well as out-of-home and remain a model for my relatives and friends.



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Posted by: tuyet_tran
Posted: 9th May 2020

tuyet_tran says: Sounds like this household as well. Luckily I can still work so its made isolation a little more bareable but I dont get to spend as much quality time with the kids. Being a single mother is tough but it is what it is and the kids are still happy when they get dropped off at grandparents house to hang out for the day. As im still working hygiene has been ramped up considerable as I dont want to bring any sort of sickness homes to my babies or parents. Reply


Posted by: funnysag
Posted: 9th May 2020

funnysag says: Post covid: my changes will be to embrace fully a plant based diet. I was already on the way but have now stopped eating cheese. I will not take my friends or family for granted and will take the time to have gratitude for the good health that I have.
I will continue on doing social distancing as I don't really like crowded areas and keep up my hygiene practises that were already inlace before covid, except now I make my own hand sanitizer & will carry it in the car.
Also I will try create my own business so I can be secure financially in the future if we have another pandemic. Reply


Posted by: Goofus
Posted: 11th May 2020

Goofus says: I have voluntarily put myself in home detention for the last 6 weeks as I am in the vulnerable age group. I must admit I have enjoyed it as I live on a few acres with some of my adult children and my animals. I will be very careful when I venture out (going to see the doctor for a flu injection this week). I will make my health the first priority, especially ensure getting enough vitamin D. I don't want to live my life being afraid of catching the virus, or similar, and missing out on the good things so am determined to take sensible precautions and try to bring everything back to normal, as far as possible, when the restrictions are lifted. Going on my age I am on the twilight side of the hill so I need to make the most of every moment. Reply

Cafestudy Admin

Posted by: Cafestudy Admin
Posted: 11th May 2020

Cafestudy Admin says: Hi swamy, thanks for your response to our topic! It will be very interesting to see when it will become socially acceptable again to greet by shaking hands Reply


Posted by: sheza54
Posted: 11th May 2020

sheza54 says: My post covid resolutions will be first of all be grateful to the lord that I’m still here, my shopping days and hours changed so the shops aren’t so crowded, less travelling on the trains, and buses. And until the coronavirus has gone altogether, staying close to home and enjoying Mother Nature close to home, and shop locally so that supports our local communities. My winter jumpers are going to the homeless in the city. Reply


Posted by: fishy
Posted: 11th May 2020

fishy says: I am going to relish being back in an office environment, seeing my work colleagues. I am also looking forward to being able to go for a drive and find interesting places to take photos Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 11th May 2020

annie says: I think i will be more aware of getting out of shops as quickly as i can.I think that when our local club finally opens i will be attending and having a meal there and trying to help support it again.I am very happy that schools are going back even if for 1 day a week as home schooling our 5 year old grand daughter has been quite challenging and stressful.she would rather be outside playing than doing school work


Posted by: tina
Posted: 11th May 2020

tina says: My post covid resolution is to be more determined to work towards my goals. I will be more vigilant about hygine especially when I am attending food venues. I no longer will feel afraid to refuse to accept food if I see any unhygenic practices at the venue. This cricis has not greatly changed my life it given me time to reflect and I am looking forward to the summer. Reply


Posted by: Skylark
Posted: 11th May 2020

Skylark says: I'd already started using hand sanitiser to a small extent, but I expect I'll use it more in the future. What really started me on using it was an international trip & cruise 2 years ago. The cruise especially raised my awareness of using it.
Once it's over, I'm longing to get back to watching motorsport ( not that farce called $upercars) We were looking forward to a cracker season in SE Qld, and it's been snatched from us- for all the right reasons. And I'm still hopeful that the Bathurst 1000 will go ahead. It's much less about the race than catching up with the lads & ladettes I see only once a year. To be honest, we've been very lucky with minimal disruption. Reply

David W

Posted by: David W
Posted: 11th May 2020

David W says: I will certainly come out of it more aware of what I am touching while conducting my life. I find myself finding ways to do things like lift buttons with elbow or pulling a sleeve past my finger. I always just looked at the cleaning wipes at the supermarket trollies now I use them and will keep doing so. I have always appreciated my personal space not being encroached so I will go into the future with everybody else respecting this! Finally I will try and ensure to have a financial reserve, I had been made redundant prior to covid, I spent my redundancy on a car and caravan to travel and work, was doing so when covid broke out. On returning home with no income I found I did not qualify for any Jobseeker due to my redundancy payment! Thankfully we were ahead in the mortgage and are using this to live on. Reply


Posted by: iannotpretty
Posted: 11th May 2020

iannotpretty says: Post COVID which won't be for quite awhile I will continue not shaking hands which is nothing new for me as I didn't do this before pre-COVID. However I will definitely have a pack of hand wipes in the glovebox of my car as well as hand sanitizer in the middle console like now. i'll start going to the shopping centres early in the morning to avoid crowds. I will get back to be able to drive my new Seltos as I am only driving about 9 kilometres a week as compared to 350 kilometres. I can't wait for those restrictions to be lifted so I can get into driving I really miss it.


Posted by: Angieg
Posted: 12th May 2020

Angieg says: I'll be avoiding large gatherings of people, even if the restrictions are lifted. Using hand sanitiser when out and about plus frequent washing of hands will be the norm. Clothing will be bought at op shops and decent unworn goods will be donated. Now, more than ever, I want to support Australian businesses so will be checking every product to see if it's been made in our great country. Am looking forward to being able to go out for a meal, watch a movie at the cinema and window shop ... whenever that will be. Probably the most important thing though will be to enjoy the simple things in life and not anything for granted. Reply

jules 1

Posted by: jules 1
Posted: 12th May 2020

jules 1 says: I do feel more concerned with the future, obviously to be more careful when I am in and around the public, so will use sanitiser a lot more. I'll prob use gloves when I shop now.
This Covid-19 has made me appreciate time more, and do more with my life. I want to exercise every day for 45 mins, which will help with my health, as I have cancer, so I'm sure the exercising every day will help me mentally a lot more.
I want to see more of my family, my Grandchildren and feel at peace not having this virus around me again. Reply


Posted by: Captured
Posted: 13th May 2020

Captured says: It sounds like you have everything sorted out in your household Swamy. You say "... and donate my clothes after my first use for one year starting on Mother’s Day."
I can't help but wonder WHY? Why do you feel the need to only wear clothes once and then donate them? I for one, could not afford to do anything like this for my family, not even for myself. You must either have lots of clothes to start with, be given clothes on a very regular basis or enjoy op-shopping (buying second hand clothes from thrift stores/charities, etc).
I am very interested to know more about why you have decided to only wear each item of clothing once.

Clothing related, i have personally chosen to buy a few comfortable basic new items (pants, jumper/jacket and long sleeve tee) to top up my current wardrobe and plan to wear what i have until they need to be turned into rags for cleaning and use in the garage. This way i can save more money to spend on the family/food/bills in the coming months and years. Reply


Posted by: Chezweb
Posted: 15th May 2020

Chezweb says: After the chaos of covid 19 I will be going out to a local restaurant with family/friends to help boost them back to life. I will also travel within Australia to help them rather then go overseas. I know its more expensive but I feel we need to help our own economy before we start helping other countries. What ever I can do to help fellow Australians I will do. Reply


Posted by: scottprobst
Posted: 15th May 2020

scottprobst says: Probably I'll have even less patience for politicians and others who are contributing to inequity in health care and wealth all around the world. Reply

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