At this worrying time I am afraid of loneliness, I’m only 2 1/2 hours from my two adult children but they have their own worries and families to take care of plus they both have mortgages and it’s a worrying time for them. I have my phone and my iPad which is my link to family & friends but I’m not venturing out as I’m in the high care categories when it comes to the Coronavirus , I do have contact with my children but please if your Mum,Dad,Aunty, or for that matter anyone you know lives on their own pick up the phone and call them just for a chat , please never say you don’t have the time. We’ll all get through this awful time but we must be thoughtful, caring people, sure family first but smile at strangers too it makes everyone feel a little lighter. Reply

    Last reply: 1st Apr 2020 / 2 replies / Post by Jodiddleo

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Posted by: scottprobst
Posted: 24th Mar 2020

scottprobst says: they are good sentiments. I've been chatting and messaging with my own adult daughter in the last few days. Reply

angry mum

Posted by: angry mum
Posted: 1st Apr 2020

angry mum says: Positive thoughts to you. Dad is 86 years old and lives alone without any sort of technology so I make sure I contact him on a daily basis. He is finding it very hard as well. Tough times ahead for everyone unfortunately. Stay strong. Reply

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