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Posted by: whatalam

11th Jul 2015 07:31pm

What are good exercise to do to lose more weigh? Your tips or opinions on this is required.

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  • 20th Aug 2021 08:53pm

walikng, weights, like 30 mins of full on weights and yoga. You will get a rocking body. Or just walking and yoga. Yoga is the best for body and brain. xo

  • 10th Nov 2019 01:14am

i personally try to do a combination of 100 push ups each day, i break it into 10-20 per session.

  • 24th Sep 2019 03:41pm

Try eating less as a type of resistance training
5 reps of feeling hungry per day

  • 21st Sep 2019 06:01am

Walking, jogging, cycling or performing any type of exercise at a moderate intensity will burn the greatest proportion of fat. Moderate intensity would be at around 65% of your age-estimated maximal heart rate, so 220 - age = ? and then take 65% of that. For a 30 year old that would be, 220 - 30 = 190 x 65% = 124 beats per minute.

Star training with weights. Building muscle boosts metabolism so that you will burn more calories.

  • 15th Sep 2019 08:31am

for me its cardio exercise several times a week - fast walking, running, gym class - get to get the heart rate up - I don't diet but maintain my weight by moving for at least 40 minutes a day.

  • 9th Apr 2019 02:38pm

Depending on which weight loss program you are specifically looking at, the best approach & solution is to have a healthy meal plan with a regular exercise session. Most importantly is fitness as your calories can be burnt by adapting to a regular routine. With nutrition, aim to consume more vegetables and fruit or even join a weight loss plan such as Lite n easy.

  • 17th Jun 2018 08:29am

If you are looking to increase fitness, strength and overall health - Exercise is the answer. However, when looking for weight loss, exercise is only supplementary to a change in diet. If you consider that it takes a 5km jog to burn off one chocolate chip cookie, than you can better understand why it is not intuitive to assume you can not pay attention to diet and expect to lose weight through exercise. I suggest downloading an app that helps you enter in yourfood consumed and keeps track of how much of each macro nutrient you are consuming (protein, carbs, etc) so that you can learn to educate yourself on nutrition. Find a good meal plan or calorie calculator and be consistent. You will see results just by dieting, however exercise will increase your calorie deficit and allow youto eat slightly more food. It is also essential for health and well being. So if you arent exercising, youll definitely feel better abd it will tone and definr your body shapr as your refine your diet to lose fat. it is very simple - calories in < calories out is the only way to lose fat.

  • 23rd Mar 2017 01:15pm

I just walk or cycle about 25 minutes per day

  • 6th Sep 2016 07:28pm

cardio - burns fat and calories i run / walk and therefore eat pretty much what ever i want and stay the same weight

  • 5th Aug 2016 03:34pm

I think the key to losing weight is balance. Eating a well rounded diet which includes moderate serving sizes and meeting your nutritional needs is key. Basically anything which comes out of a packet at the supermarket won't really be that good for your body - try substituting it with something home made instead. I wouldn't recommend following any specific diet, a lot of them will be focused on eliminating or avoiding foods which are in fact good for you. Everything is good for you in moderation, even that sneaky little bit of chocolate! As for exercise, a balance between intense workout i.e. personal training session, body attack class etc. and more gentle exercise i.e. walking or yoga is essential. From my experience the intense exercise is probably what is going to change the physical appearance of your body the most but the more gentle exercises will help you avoid injury and will be very good for your mental health.

  • 22nd Jul 2016 09:46pm

As a PT. Managing your diet and eating less saturated fat and food in general will help loose fat. Exercise should be performed most days of the week for a minimum total of 150 minutes

  • 9th Jun 2016 12:21pm

Long steady runs - the weight will fall off you!

  • 30th Jun 2018 08:49pm
Long steady runs - the weight will fall off you!

Agreed! Running a couple of times a week has helped me loose weight recently

  • 15th Sep 2015 04:23pm

Before attempting an exercise regime, if you haven't already, contact a doctor for a medical check, or if that is too difficult, check with your pharmacist for a B.P., and heart rate check and seek his/her advise as to any dangers caused by excess physical activity. If that's OK work out a regular schedule each day, starting with a light work-out for probably 30 minutes working up to what you can handle, pushing yourself
all the time. Choose exercises that your comfortable with, but try to do a little extra all the time, Please seek professional advise, this is often free ie your Pharmacist etc

  • 22nd Aug 2015 07:29pm

It depends entirely on what part of the body you wish to target. Cardio workouts are used for the quickest results, however it is also important to note that you should undertake toning exercises once you have begun to lose weight

  • 31st May 2016 11:43am
Long steady runs - the weight will fall off you!

Losing weight is all about calories in v.s calories out. Move more than you eat.
Alot of people have trouble losing weight when only doing cardio. They end up seeing it as justification to eat more because "they need the fuel". This is true upto a certain point. Lifting weights is also beneficial. Consult a medical professional or at least an exercise physiologist before stating a new programme. If you want to engage a personal trainer, be careful as some of them are not well trained. If you dont want a trainer, look up how to do compund lifts(squats, bench press, deadlift) properly.

  • 12th Jul 2015 09:48am

Drink plenty of water, be sure to start each day with breakfast and eat regular healthy meals. For daily exercise to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight try Wing Chun Kung Fu. 100 punches in Horse stance and 30 low heal kicks each leg and the weight will peel away in 10days. Your cardio rate will improve quickly. Be sure to start slow then accelerate in bursts with your punching

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