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how can I get fat?

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Posted by: pittsdoll0201

5th Apr 2013 03:19pm

I eat healthy food, eat at night and drink milk but my weight is still low. I drink vitamin too

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  • 4th Jun 2021 11:21am

Failure to gain weight can be caused by various diseases, including Celiac Disease which can show various symptoms including low iron levels. One of the main symptoms are various types of stomach (including bowel) discomfort. Some people also have intolerance to dairy products. Some have both.
The only way Celiac Disease can definitely be diagnosed is by colonoscopy during which they do biopsies and test them. You need to get a referral to a Gastronologist to get the procedure done. Blood tests can give false results. Left untreated Celiac Disease can cause Bowel Cancer. Celiac Disease is almost always genetic and many people don't know they actually have the condition.

  • 26th May 2021 12:04am

The strongest man in the world is on a vegan diet, they build muscle by exercise and eating enough calories. Eating junk food or high fat foods will put on internal fat and you could see illness in the future. Drinking milk is not healthy, it will not help you put on weight.
I am talking from experience, I am vegan and I was always under weight. It wasn't until I started to eat more fruit and raw salads that I started to gain weight, but eating nutritious foods and walking every day or bike riding or just working in the garden was enough. Read a book called "Thyroid Healing" by Anthony Williams, it explains that your thyroid can often be the problem for weight gain or loss and what you can do about it. Start eating lots of fruit every morning, a big salad for lunch and cut out dairy which can often just go straight through and not help at all for weight gain. It is about getting the right nutrition and using your body. Good luck!

  • 23rd Mar 2017 01:18pm

Lack of exercise will help you get fat

  • 4th Jun 2021 11:25am
Lack of exercise will help you get fat

Lack of exercise is no necessarily the problem. I know a guy who does very little exercise, eats a lot of healthy food containing good fats yet is under weight. He is even on a special medical research trial

  • 11th Jul 2015 12:13am

buy food you shouldnt buy some of the time take away food pastryto many icecreamshaving to much of abig meal what ihave just said would make you put on weight

  • 14th May 2015 11:17am

I have had this problem my whole life also, to the point that through school I was bullied for being skinny! As a middle aged woman I still find it difficult to put on weight however have found that I can put on a couple of kilos by eating a high protein, high carb diet. If I follow a sports type diet I can put on, and maintain, a few extra kilos. I try and avoid sugars and fats as this is not a healthy way to put on weight for anyone. Good luck!

  • 27th Apr 2014 12:11am

High protein, low impact exercise only

  • 6th Mar 2014 11:05pm

almost a year since this post, and 11 people took the time to reply, and you've not answered one.......looking for topics are ya.

Pretty insensitive, will all the people struggling with their weight, and you cant even take the time to reply.

Don't moderator's of this site check peoples topics????

  • 6th Mar 2014 10:47pm

you seriously taking the mick?
how come you have not replied to any comments?

  • 15th Feb 2014 08:22pm

O`k...Sounds like you have a high metabolism,meaning you will burn fat off very quickly!...Maybe it`s your age?..Body type?..Trust me i used to run a Health Food Shop!...I knew what people needed,so take my word for it when i say you will grow out of it eventually & that maybe is whats going to be needed o`k?...
So don`t be in such a hurry & all,your time to shine will come sooner than you think!...Sincerely Robert...WIGGS,...

  • 8th Feb 2014 07:28pm

Calculate your BMR first. This tells you how many calories you NEED to consume per day, just to stay alive. So if you are lying in bed all day, your BMR is the amount of calories you burn just lying there. Then with you BMR, add around 1500 calories onto that. I'm not going to lie, putting on weight is actually not as easy as people may think, but make sure you stay healthy. If you can't eat as much as you need to in order to gain weight, try foods that are nutrient dense, and also calories dense, like nuts, some meets, healthy oils like coconut oil and make sure you are eating 3 main meals with at least 2 snacks everyday. Once you have gained weight and want to maintain a healthy body weight, just reduce your calories and portion size a bit, and exercise a little more

  • 5th Feb 2014 01:40pm

clean bulking!! heaps of complex carbs like brown rice and wholegrain bread and try whey protein powder! should help also weight training

  • 16th Sep 2013 02:23pm

Eat slow realising high carb foods breads, pasta etc.. as well as minimal exercise this helps store the food longer without burning it. Protein shakes can
Help however need to be careful about just drinking it casually.

  • 1st Sep 2013 02:34pm

Eat thing with a lot of carbohydrates then do minimal activity. Carbohydrates have high levels of energy which the body uses and then burns off. If your eating these foods but not exercising it will be easy to put on weight. Foods like pasta and breads etc.

  • 30th Aug 2013 01:22pm

You may have a very fast metoblism and burn all the fat etc. that you eat. I have a relative that eats lots of healthy food, but junk food too when on late shifts, and is so skinny it's not funny. It shows more because he is tall (just over 6 ft. in the old measurement).
He has just found out he has Coelic Disease so has to cut out a lot of foods which would have put weight on him, so now he will be on a strict diet with none of those foods.
I also have a cousin who is even taller and skinny, but his is a genetic thing. His parents and grandparents were also tall but not as tall as he is. He has to "duck his head" to walk through a standard doorway. He works at a Garden Centre and is on the go all the time + he spends a lot of time caring for his frail Dad. He has had tests and has no medical problems.

  • 23rd Jul 2013 10:23am

do you want to get fat or gain weight ? there is a difference, if you want to get fat you just have to eat fatty foods and lots of meals with no exercise. if you want to gai weight and your not, your body is probably deficient and is not absorbing the right amount of the nutrients, so i would probably recommend taking some supplements. talk t a nutritionist or a really good PT.

  • 2nd Jul 2013 07:10pm

Oh to have your problem ...
but seriously I have a friend with the same problem and she goes to a food coach in association with a dietician and with the help of a balanced diet and protein shakes has managed to gain 5 kgs and keep it on.

  • 2nd Jul 2013 01:01pm

So you want to gain weight?

  • 6th Mar 2014 10:45pm
So you want to gain weight?

sorry Laura, I posted this on the wrong reply link...
sincere apologies
seriously I think she is struggling for topics

  • 6th Mar 2014 10:44pm
So you want to gain weight?

you seriously are taking the mick

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