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Posted by: ahd

5th Mar 2012 02:58pm

I'm interested in trimming my body & build up fitness. Maybe someday even have some Abs!! What's the best exercise or sport to begin with??

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  • 6th Jun 2013 01:59pm

Good way to start would to plan out your daily meals and set times throughout the day you are going to have those meals as time consumption is also important for when you are training.
Maybe starting at 5 meals a day for a example my self i train 5 days a week in weigh training and martial arts.

This is my favourite breakfast i have every morning,
* 1 Cup oast
* 2 Cups water / plus half cup skim milk
* 1 teaspoon LSA seed mix
* 1 teaspoon Glucosamine
* 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
* 1 Banana
* Half cup mix berry's ( I use frozen )
* 1 teaspoon honey
* 1 egg + 3 egg whites ( you choice on how many eggs to use )
Blend it all together until smooth it is really good and keep you full for hours.

my snack i will have
* 100gm tin salmon
* 100gm cucumber chopped
* 50gm cottage cheese ( low fat )
Mix it all together with a bit of mustard, pepper or by it self (tasty :),and i orange ont the side.

my lunch
* Chicken breast
* Green beans ( or any green vegetables )
* Sweet potato

* 30 Almonds
* 1 Banana

Dinner same as lunch but with out the potatao and extra veges

this is just a idea of what i consume a day hope it can help :)

  • 2nd Jun 2013 03:44pm

you should stick with your diet and maybe drink protien shake and eat well.
you must work out heaps.

  • 31st May 2013 01:18pm

Cardio exercise would be a great starting point to trim off unnecessary weight, and then from there combine cardio work with weights to gain muscle to finally produce the abs you are after. You will have to maintain this regular exercise along with a well balanced diet, without it you won't see proper results.

  • 30th Apr 2013 10:21am

crunches, about 50 a day. sit ups and jogging will also help. trim down you're calories aswell.

  • 30th Mar 2013 08:30pm

seems we all have the same answer in relation to 70% of losing weight is what we eat and the rest is excerise. I run 6 kms 4 days a week and 10kms on sunday morning as i am getting ready for the city to surf.
I found cardio exercises in the form of running helped me build up fitness. Ialso have a personel trainer now who mixes cardio execises ,so like mentioned from other replies the body does get use dto the same routine.
i do more reps in light weights to tone up as well,and so far lost 25kgs

  • 30th Jan 2013 05:13pm

I would suggest you watch a program that was on sbs called the truth about exercise. Its based on the latest data and science. You may save yourself money and time as many people join gyms, exercise hard and get little to no change. The reasons are explained in the program. You may only need to do 3 mins a week.

Diet is 80% of losing weight. Over all depending on what you love to eat you can choose essentially two paths (I am simplyfying things) Either go high carb,low fat. Or High protein low carb. Again science points to the higher protein diets working better for most people as protein has the added benefit of reducing hunger. So as a side effect you eat less on a high protein diet.

What works best, will be what you can stick to as a lifestyle. The best exercise overall and least hard on joints long term is spin classes. You can build up slowly and it burns more calories than any other exercise. If you build up muscle you wont see it unless you loose fat. Dont be fooled you can spot loose. Thats a myth. The best exercises are anything that cross trains or that you love,because you will do them :) Sleep is vital. Stress hormones,form stress or lack of sleep prevent many people from losing weight. Walking is a great way to start any exercise regime but make sure if you intend to run to build up slowly and be aware it isnt great for joints in the long "run".

  • 31st Jan 2013 01:36pm
Thank you Di! That was very helpful advise! I do like walking and find jogging stressful on the joints! I will need to watch my diet more closely though! appreciate your advice!

Your most welcome. I worked in medicine and science. While I am retired I have spent years researching exercise and diet from a scientific perspective. The amount of poor/wrong information that abounds is shocking. Personally, while I am female(so that make a difference) I would do a 3 day meat fast to begin,followed by atkins,or the csiro diet. They are quite similar. I would walk,spin and swim. Or pick what you can and like and increase frequency and difficulty. As your male you can also increase muscle mass (in theory) quite easily. This will increase calories burnt even when sitting or asleep. You may want to consider a set of body fat scales. This will tell you if you are gaining muscle/loosing,gaining internal fat/loosing. Make sure you are well hydrated when you step onto the scales,they mis read when dehydrated. You can also use a tape measure. Not a bad idea as you may see a weight gain,but get thinner. This is because muscle wieghs more than fat.

Lastly buddy up with someone if you can and also if you can keep a food diary on you computer. People who do both have greater success. Also watch the sbs show! Quite an eye opener :) btw if you have any health issues,dont do the meat fast.

  • 31st Jan 2013 11:31am
I would suggest you watch a program that was on sbs called the truth about exercise. Its based on the latest data and science. You may save yourself money and time as many people join gyms,...

Thank you Di! That was very helpful advise! I do like walking and find jogging stressful on the joints! I will need to watch my diet more closely though! appreciate your advice!

  • 30th Aug 2012 10:15am

Firstly you need to understand that all means of 'achieving' any kinds of fitness goal comes 75+ % from your DIET.

There's a lot of needless types of training that people will pass off as an 'amazing' way to train.

The very LONG story short however is calorie intake vs calorie demand (and of course in saying that the calories to be clean). You want to eat healthy calories and not exceed perhaps 1500 ish but then again I cant judge that not knowing height/weight. And a lot of cardio (jogging, skipping, boxing, ab work)

Alex S
  • 1st Aug 2012 12:52pm

I'm a confessed gym junkie. I do weights 3 times a week as a priority, short bursts of interval training 5 or 6 times a week, longer sustained training (usually running or cycling) a couple of times a week & yoga at least once a week. A good personal trainer is your best bet for getting the most out of your workout but there are some out there who range from bad to ok. Don't stick with a trainer that doesn't motivate you. I wouldn't even stay with a trainer that only gives me a good workout once or twice a week - I want my trainer to actively monitor my performance & help me reach PBs almost every session. Get recommendations from friends/acquaintances if you're looking for a trainer. If you can't afford a trainer then look for a gym that has a diverse timetable so you don't plateau. Even better if your gym has a boot camp program. Good luck!

  • 14th May 2012 09:18am

start lifting weights and build muscle, your body uses more kilojoules/calories for energy to build and maintain muscle. plus a healthy diet is at least 70% of all results. so i would suggest talking with a personal trainer to get the basics

  • 23rd Apr 2012 12:19pm

Hey there, firstly the best way to reduce excess body fat is to reduce your caloric intake, especially with abs- to show off you full abdo 6pack you need a body faty percentage 14-15%, which is hard to put into perspective but athletes sit around around 5-10%. Spot reduction, ie ab work should reduce fat in that area, doesn't work. Therefore: interval training mod-high intensity ex for longer periods (30+) mins is the best fat burning tool for you. Remember to mix up you ex's as well- your body is very adaptable and will become accustomed to the same routine. Work into it as well- you will feel sore the first 7-10 days but that should start to subside, and try not to overtrain. There are many aspects here obviously ;-) but hope this helps and if you would like any more advice please ask

  • 21st Apr 2012 10:03am

Definitely jogging in my opinion, I started jogging and then got faster so moved onto running. Interval training is very effective, I'm not very good at explaining it though so best look it up online. I noticed a significant difference in the development of muscle on my stomach and my legs. It makes you feel great too. I did about 40min four times a week.

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