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Facebook: The end of face-to-face socialising

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Posted by: Bob

18th Mar 2011 12:04pm

Social Networking sites are becoming the demise of generation Y... With self opinionated dribbles of information sprawled across for an average of 130 "friends" to see, if you can call them that!

I believe that social networking sites are detracting from both intellect and life experience. By hiding behind a 'wall' people are masking their true selves and creating a perceived self which best suits them.

For hours on end people post/upload and comment narcissistic wads of crap, "FML my bus was late :(" Ok so let me get this straight, people are starving all over the globe, yet over 6 million people are more interested in the fact your bus was late?

Society is losing touch with the real world and becoming so embezzled in the generational experience conducted in the cyber realm, or facebook. Perhaps attaching a copy of your facebook profile to your CV is the way to go.

But who needs a job when they have one already, posting, re-posting tweeting and uploading for hours can be very stressful and time consuming. So much so that some people claim they are addicted. More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) are shared each month on facebook.

So what's next? I asked this question on facebook but apparently the photos from last nights pub crawl were more important.

Have we lost touch with the real world?

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  • 2nd Apr 2013 12:54pm

Unfortunately I need Facebook to feel like I have friends left!!! Due to all of my friends being in the financial circumstances they are in and my own being borderline poverty, Facebook lets me see what is happening in their lives and families as they cannot afford to call me or do not have the time to visit. If you have a problem with people's content and language whilst using their OWN page then you need to do some security changes and perhaps instead of complaining about how they use their page and the system in their way, use your page and the system YOUR way and set it so you can only see the people you want to see, if this still brings up the content in question then maybe learn the system you are complaining about first and/or 'de-friend' the people in question.

  • 1st Oct 2012 02:16am

i actually find it quite disgusting that alot of people i know are just addicted to facebook.
i miss the old days when ppl would txt or call if not in person.
facebook has ruined so much.

  • 19th Apr 2012 12:03pm

call me old fashion i dont have facebook and i dont like it my daughter has it and the amount of times it has upset her is unreal it has made people loose the way we keep in touch with people i like the old fashion way pick up the phone and do it

  • 26th Mar 2012 03:05pm

Yes Facebook is good & bad.. and yes I'm on FB. That being said, I do not go on just to say I've been to the shop. Usally something abit more intresting. But it does worry me about bullying & where are the parent's in all this?? That's what get's me, why don't these kid's just unfriend or block the kid's that are saying all the crap on there. Or turn off your bloody computer!!!!!!! (or phone)!!!!

Johnny Gee
  • 8th Mar 2012 08:47pm

I am 64 years old, I went to Twitter one day and wondered what it was all about, You are quite right there is a lot of rubbish/crap/nonsence or whatever you wish to call it, it made no sense the things they said on Twitter, so I used the site differently, I thought I would give information about pop stars /entertainment stories, I got a notification on screen saying I was using the sight in a strange way, it obviously got someone's attention, I found Twitter boring doing short Tweets, so I then went to Facebook to try it again, this time I put in television pictures of the stars I was talking about, it looks quite good the montage of photos I am using to entertain and give interesting facts to people, I have 3 pages on Facebook, My Personal page / My Entertainment Karaoke page under Johnny Gee / and My Library of Interesting Film, Television & Music facts/ I gave purpose to My pages on Facebook, I believe Social Networking can be used for rediculus things, some in really bad taste, but like anything on this planet, anything can be used and work properly or misused with a negative approach and be a total disaster, if a Service like Facebook or Twitter where used in a proper way they could be very interesting for the people that view it on the other hand if used incorrectly it could make people believe it is anti social and they would never visit again, it all boils down to how it is used responsibly or foolishly, like You say it could bring on it's own demise, is this what the originator of these sites ever wanted I would say No, it had a purpose to display an extension of Yourself or to show your inner expressions, everyone does it different, You may agree with me or strongly disagree what I have said, but it is Your choice in the end that really counts, much like it is people's choices what they put on these Social Network Sites. Like them or hate them we are stuck with them, as We are all free to express our feelings in the way We like.

  • 2nd Mar 2012 12:50pm

I would have to agree, i don't totally dislike Facebook but to me it doesn't feel right in the fact its causing more damage to families than good. People spend more time on Facebook discussing their family than actually spending time with them.
The part that gets to me most is that you have 'friends' and family that otherwise wouldn't give you the time of day to pick up the phone and really want to know how you are. I do however agree that it is cheaper than calling these days but i would rather use my time spending it with the people that are actually going to care and look after me in life and for me to return the favor.

  • 22nd Jan 2012 06:09pm

Not a fan of FB. Won't use it.
I don't appreciate that they seem to change the privacy settings every few weeks & you have to put it back to what it was - when you find out it was done.

I have noticed a lot recently that some online magazines will only allow comments to be made IF you log in with FaceBook. So many companies now run contests that you can only enter via FaceBook - I can imagine some discrimination lawsuits coming for those efforts.

I also have family scattered globally, I think most do these days. Some still write REAL letters, some email & some bitch because I won't yield to FaceBook.

As for the ones I went to school with - I don't care if they can't find me. I've had nothing to do with them for over 20 years (last & only reunion).

The choice as I see it is: Real Life or FaceBook.
Life will always win.

  • 25th Mar 2012 03:30pm
Not a fan of FB. Won't use it.
I don't appreciate that they seem to change the privacy settings every few weeks & you have to put it back to what it was - when you find out it was...

Hi PGS! You got the right idea about FB. I have an account but only post on my 2 friends'(daughters) walls. I am very careful what I say - don't mention names and never share pics. I understand some people use FB as a cheap and quick way to keep in touch, but to me phone calls, emails and Skype are the way to go. I think society is loosing out because people (particularly the young) have no idea how to have a conversation. Humans need the personal contact with others. Use FB if you must but be aware of what you say and to whom. Pick up the phone and call the ones who need to "hear" from you.

Johnny Gee
  • 6th Jan 2012 08:14pm

I find that Facebook is a good way of getting your information and pictures across to many of Your Friends/Family, and in some cases help them with problems they may be experiencing in everyday life, it is a useful media, where you can be honest about thing and criticise things you agree or disagree with, it can of course be used for all the wrong reasons, which gives Facebook/Twitter a bad name, a Social Network for good or evil, it is up to you to decide.

  • 21st Nov 2011 02:58pm

When I moved from my home country I lost all contact with my former classmates and friends but then facebook came along and it was great to be able to find so many old friends and acquaintances on there and resume contact again. Facebook also helped me become closer to all my cousins and family members from all around the world that I haven't seen in years. It feels like we know each other better and are closer than ever before because we get to interact nearly every day and see how our lives are progressing even though we're miles apart. I would have missed out on seeing my nieces and nephews growing up and celebrating their many firsts if it wasn't for facebook. I'm going back to my home country soon to attend my cousin's wedding. It's been nearly 10 years since I've seen all my cousins and I might have felt so distant and nervous visiting them after so long but atleast facebook helped keep us in contact and grow closer so it would almost be like we haven't been apart for so long at all. So yeah instead of "losing touch with the real world" and destroying my socialising this newfangled technology actually helped me retain my connections with things that matter most to me in the real world and actually improve my relationships with my friends and family. And for that I'm forever grateful.

  • 17th Jun 2011 04:01pm

I use facebook, I find that it is a reasonably cheap way to stay in touch with some people, on the other hand, my son has let some people on his site, then quickly gotton rid of them because of the language they use, the language some young people use is absolutly appalling, they could not use a small sentance without swearing, absolutly foul some of them. But I must say as for myself I am quite happy this is a way to keep in touch without paying high telephone bills, and one coment I read was spot on you can see relatives ( grandchildren etc) easily and well.

  • 17th May 2011 03:17pm

Bob, for those of us who live in remote regional areas, Facebook is an excellent way to stay in touch with the day to day lives of our friends and family - I get to hear about the little things in my friends lives, which without Facebook I would never find out about, because I don't have time to ring every single one of my friends every day and ask them to detail what they've done that day. This way I feel like I'm still in touch with my friends, and can leave comments on what they've been doing, without being restricted to the rare opportunities when there is not complete chaos at my house to try and call them.

  • 15th May 2011 10:44pm

I do not believe that 'we' as a collective whole have lost touch with the real world through Facebook.

I am sure that just as everyone has different methods of interaction in 'real life' people have different methods of interacting through social media. I wish to present my experience with the social media tool Facebook.

I have recently moved away from my hometown for employment reasons. I have grown up in that region and all of the people forming my support base live in that region. Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with not only friends, but family. It has allowed them to interact with my new life visually through the uploading of photo's and videos, and provide those little supporting comments, that you simply can't get in real life without living with those people who know you so well. It has also allowed for planning of visits by friends, and has facilitated in keeping strong bonds with a large group of people that I may have lost touch with.

In moving it also allows new friends to become acquainted with you and accept you into their 'real' lives much faster. This is of particular importance to me considering the loss of such a large support base. To me social networks aren't a job as claimed in the by the facilitator of this discussion, but a fun activity that makes you feel close to home, connected with those who love you but most of all, supported in your endeavours even when you are so far from your support network.

If anything, I believe my experience with social networks has shown that they do not make one lose touch with the real world, but actually support the real world. How many others out there could say they live thousands of km's away from family and friends, but still feel the touch of their "Support" network.

  • 13th May 2011 06:35am

In some cases the outcome maybe the loss of face to face contact, but for myself and many others i know Facebook is the social link between myself and my best friend who moved to the US mid 2000, i get to see her family grow as photos of special occasions to everyday life can be uploaded and to see them i don't have to be online, but the next time i login to Facebook i will have a notice to tell me of any comments or additions.. it's fantastic!

  • 3rd May 2011 01:25pm

i enjoy use it for your own personal opinions..but beware of others feelings also..use the page dont abuse the game..

  • 19th Apr 2011 02:25pm

Facebook is great for sharing photos with extended family and keeping up to date with what all family are doing. It is easier than doing emails to everyone but some people post senseless s### - the world is not interested in what you are having for dinner.

While in hospital recently it was a good way of keeping family updated on my condition and progress without a multitude of phone calls. It is useful if you use it right; but a nuisance otherwise. I'm not interested in most of the games but enjoy some and certainly do not want 100 plus requests a day again. Just remember to set your privacy settings.

  • 19th Apr 2011 10:40am

I think it's good in some ways, especially for those who live away from their loved ones for some reason. I myself do live away from them and it is lovely to see their photos and what they're doing everyday, it feels like the distance between us has been closed.

  • 19th Apr 2011 09:17am

I tend to agree with you Bob. But then again that is what generation Y is all about. I have two in my family who spend hours posting, tweeting and playing games on their mobile phones.
On the other side of the coin though, it is an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends who are overseas.
Perhaps in years to come this will be the only contact we have with each other. Who knows?

  • 19th Apr 2011 06:40am

My children used to ring me ,now i have read facebook to hear from them its sad

  • 24th Mar 2016 03:47pm
My children used to ring me ,now i have read facebook to hear from them its sad

Know the feelin monna. Also many will post only on FB and get wild with you if you missed it. My answer is and always heres a fone use it. I can understand some things may need to be posted but important personal issues should still be shared via fone txt or email. Technology may try to take over everything but it will never replace good ol fashioned respect. Gone do it ol school pick up the fone call or txt u parents.

  • 18th Apr 2011 08:59pm

Bob, sadly it sounds like you are one of those people you criticized you have concentrated on your own pet gripe rather than the whole view. I have relatives all over the world and can get the latest info about family and friends at little cost & see photos of new arrivals almost instantly from the other side of the world. Facebook is what you personally make it as for the real world I have relatives in USA, Scotland, Ireland, India and northern Europe thats the reality of the 21st century without Facebook I couldn't afford daily contact with them.

  • 3rd Nov 2011 05:01pm
Bob, sadly it sounds like you are one of those people you criticized you have concentrated on your own pet gripe rather than the whole view. I have relatives all over the world and can get the...

Hi Rev.Wal, I too have family and friends spread around Australia and overseas and keep in contact through e-mail and video link. Skype is free, g-mail is free and both are private. Facebook is for all to see and I think what Bob suggested was that there is a lot of drivel posted on that medium. I have a Facebook account to keep an eye on one of my grandsons antics as kids these days have no idea how much trouble they can get themselves into. I play xbox games on line and sometimes I really wonder if some of these kids on line really know what they are on about.

Miss Prim
  • 18th Apr 2011 09:42pm
Bob, sadly it sounds like you are one of those people you criticized you have concentrated on your own pet gripe rather than the whole view. I have relatives all over the world and can get the...

Facebook is good for those who need to use it. Personally I don't need it as I email my friends and do lots of craft work so I am happy. I think it is a personal issue whether you use it or not. I tried but found the font size too small for me as i am short sighted so I am happy with just emails.

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