Nuclear Power


Posted by: June

16th Mar 2011 09:33pm

Has the recent Nuclear Reactor problem in Japan had an impact on your thoughts regarding Australia using it? I personally do not like the idea but would like to know the opinions of others.

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  • 18th Mar 2021 08:07pm

Japanese island lies in a quake-prone zone. Despite that, they have numerous Nuclear Power plants operating quite safely. The accident at Fukushima was a one-off unfortunate disaster. We supply Uranium to the rest of the world but despite being in a relatively safe terrestrial zone, our politicians are scared of having our own Nuclear Power plants? Why? It is high time we should make use of our own Uranium, both for power generation but also for our defense.

  • 19th Sep 2017 12:54am

Actually, Japan doesn't have a Nuclear Reactor problem & nor does China & a whole host of other countries who have had it for decades. Such countries have Energy Sovereignty, which is much more than we'll ever have if we keep the status quo. They also have high-speed rail criss-crossing their countries & are pushing hard for a world land bridge to trade huge quantities at very high speeds (6350km/h) over vast distances by rail. They also have cheap, advanced desalinators, medicines, etc, etc.... and what do we have??? We will remain the "poor white trash of Asia" so long as we adopt pathetic solar & wind power or other intermittents when the people demand more & more power 24/7 with greater interconnectivity & lower costs of living instead of Austerity, division, hatred, debt & endless wars. Any centralized energy source can be sabotaged, not just nuclear, which is precisely what happened in Japan's case & quite possibly every other case, as opposed to the rubbish the Authorities told us in the Owned Mass-Media.

  • 24th Mar 2017 04:37pm

i do not like it as just like coal power and gas it is not renewable and we would run out of uranium just like we will eventually of coal and gas as it takes a very long time to form these

  • 23rd Mar 2017 11:17am

Yes, not too keen on nuclear power.

  • 7th Mar 2017 09:27pm

Do you know the truth about what happened in Japan? Japan's reactors were built with the entire history of all recorded Tsunami's taken into account. THAT was NOT a naturally occurring Tsunami... it was much, much bigger. How many were killed Due to the Radiation at Chernobyl & Three Mile Island? Not sick & recovered, not killed by an explosion, etc... I attended those Open Democracy meetings discussing a Nuclear Waste Storage Facility in SA, which were hijacked by ill-informed "green" activists who did not know the facts & refused to hear anything factually & scientifically correct that contradicted their own feelings. Why not listen to Nuclear Scientists so you can form a balanced opinion?

  • 23rd Aug 2016 02:00pm

There is already enough damage to the Earth from all the Nuclear Bomb ( aprox 230) Tests that have been done to date, how much Nuclear crap is too much, has anyone investigated Global Warming from the damage Already done .
Nuclear has no future for the damage it has done, will do and then there is the waste , where do you dump Nuclear Waste without damaging the Earth in any way, shape or form ?
There are less damaging Fuels to use if the Gov., Scientists and Rocket Scientists would start thinking about the future of the World and Humanity not about their Financial prospects.

  • 22nd Jun 2016 09:28am

Nuclear is ideally suited for use in Australia. All the nuclear disasters that have occurred in the past were a result of poor planning/management. We all know the soviets cut many corners on maintenance of the Chernobyl reactors which led to that disaster and the Fukushima plant was also found to be behind on maintenance schedules and located in an area prone to severe earthquakes. Australia has a stable geology and vast amounts of space a distance from cities which would provide perfect locations for power plants of this type. Also greater accountability with maintenance would prevent problems in this area and I am sure the technology has improved greatly since those plants which were both built 30 years ago.

  • 16th May 2016 11:01pm

We should all be very worried about the current concept of South Australia becoming a Nuclear Dump. I live in the mid north of SA and we have been told that just a few hours north of us there will be a 'low level' Nuclear dump. We all know that once it is there they will bring in all the waste from overseas. We all need to get on board now and help stop this before we doom future generations to life of illness. There has never been a successful Nuclear dump or reactor that has not claimed lives and created many diseases. Madame Curie's equipment, clothes etc are still being contained to this day.....what does that say!!!! C'mon Aussies!!!

  • 12th Oct 2014 04:18pm

I do not like nuclear power as we have seen it is too dangerous.
As we have seen accidents do happen.

  • 4th Jul 2011 10:58am

I am happy that NZ is nuclear free and hope we stay that way. Nuclear power is too dangerous and destructive to our environment.

  • 4th Jul 2011 07:59pm

Thanks Nutalie, I am glad others feel the same way I do. I definately think the cons outweigh the pros as far as Nuclear Ower is concerned.

  • 16th Jun 2011 04:27pm

iam with you about nuklear i hate it to , i dont want it , rose

  • 16th Jun 2011 05:05pm

Thanks Rose, the thought of it makes me feel very uneasy and there are alternative powers to nuclear, such as Wind, Solar etc.,

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