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Posted by: gosling

15th Feb 2011 08:00pm

How we are bombarded with insurance ads on television

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  • 3rd Apr 2012 09:51pm

Funny you mention this I was only thinking about it the other day. I was thinking, the people in the ads are saying how happy they are with their funeral insurance but how will you know that the funeral insurance is good when you are still here... Sorry i don't mean to be crude. Also I find it a massive reminder of my own mortality when I see all these life insurance, funeral plan and will kit ads on days when I have a late start at work. I guess I am still quite young but it scares me sometimes because I think one day I will be seriously considering these ads.

  • 18th Mar 2012 07:36pm

omg im sick of the adds every damn add is a insurance or something like that i hate it too many of them makes me not watch the tv any more !

  • 19th Jan 2012 06:59am

Personally I don't take any notice of Insurance ads on the telly. I believe that if people want Insurance for anything they will go out and seek it. More than anything these ads are just annoying and I can't understand why anyone would actually pay attention to them.

  • 18th Jan 2012 08:29am

True. All I see on television these days are tons of insurance ads! I think half of the show time on television is booked by those company. Not to mention that most of them have similar style on giving out the message, it always involve emotional aspect of life.

  • 22nd Jul 2011 11:27am

yeh anything to make money and leave as broke

  • 22nd Jul 2011 09:48am

There is a saying about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. The so-called 'free to air' TV stations might be renamed 'commercials on air', as ads are slowing overtaking the advertised programs. I've become so disappointed - and frustrated - with this commercial saturation, that I've abandoned the commercial stations. Joined an excellent DVD group from which I can rent, and enjoy, the great British dramas currently being shown. I'm no longer in danger of getting RSI from using the remote button. Life's good with Quickflix!

  • 21st Jul 2011 10:07pm

I think they are frightened they are going out of business. Now we have compulsary super deathe insurance, which seems to be the favourite is not required

  • 8th Jul 2011 04:37pm

Sadly, insurance is a necessary evil - just like politicians. Always in your face when you don't need them, but when you do it's worse than looking for a needle in a haystack - without a metal detector.

Most of the AAMI ads were OK the first few tims, now they are just as boring as the others. The only raeal way to 'win' with funeral insurance - if you can call it winning - is to die within the first 20 years of the policy. After hat, you may have well just used one of the high-interest online acounts.

  • 17th Jun 2011 03:39pm

Most of the time we watch the ABC on TV simply because of all the rotten ads. However when we watch the commercial channels it is maddening. This is a good opportunity to go to the bathroom, to make coffee or whatever. If I don't do one of these things then I pick up a book which I keep handy and read until the ads are over. Sometimes I work on an extraordinarily complicated necklace that I am currently making. I hate all ads, not just insurance ads.

  • 16th May 2011 09:23pm

Hate those funeral insurance ones that make you feel like you might die tomorrow. Promote anxiety, play on people's fears

  • 15th May 2011 03:58pm

I find these Ad so incredibly boreing and annoying, the same Ad over and over. Funeral Insurance nearly send me insane and cannot reach for the remote fast enough. Will not watch a programme that is supported by these Ad's and I am not alone.

  • 9th May 2011 12:41pm

they are all ripped off, their good and nice when convincing you to get the insurance but once you want to claim it takes you forever and sometimes denied...

  • 9th May 2011 11:53am

I don't like the way most insurance aids use fear as motivation. Fair enough we need to face realities, but manipulating fear has ethical problems for me. As others have said, you really have to give insurance a lot of time and check fine print carefully.

  • 9th May 2011 11:17am

After the recent flooding and cyclone Yasi some insurance companies - AAMI especially - have reneged on paying the insurees anything. Neighbours with identical water damage were assessed differently, although they had the exact same water damage to their property and belongings. Also times are getting tougher and people are thinking twice about the level of insurance cover - all forms - they take out, which causes insurance companies head aches. Thus the insurance companies advertise more to try attract, and keep, customers.

  • 30th Apr 2011 06:13pm

I think that it is great that insurance companies are bringing awareness to the different policies that they provide. However, some of the ads are so boring it is an incentive NOT to take insurance with them. Just think how dull the paper work will be if they cannot make a decent ad that the company is PAYING to bore us!

It is sooo important to have a decent insurance broker, even if it is your bank or one insurance company. You can check if they have customer complaints through consumer affairs. Some companies are 'known' for not paying out or having a policy to refuse to pay our a policy until a consumer appeals their decision several times over.

I would personally rather deal with a company that will honor the rare request to pay out when it is genuine.

  • 20th Apr 2011 11:45am

Insurance is always something that people put off. I lost everything in a house fire and did not have Contents Insurance. Oh I wish I had, then I would have been able to have a head start. Instead I had to make do. I now have Contents Insurance and am so glad I did, because then my garage was robbed, two days after I moved in. Yes insurance ads can be annoying, however, they do have their worth.

  • 30th Apr 2011 12:48am
Insurance is always something that people put off. I lost everything in a house fire and did not have Contents Insurance. Oh I wish I had, then I would have been able to have a head start. ...

Hope things have been sorted out and you are back to normal.

Health, contents, house and car insurance are an absolute pain but they are all so necessary. It is a bit of a worry how so many people do not have comprehensive insurance nowadays and expect damaged cars to magically get mended.

  • 19th Apr 2011 10:01pm

dont pay much attention to it really it is one ludicruous ads.

  • 1st Apr 2011 11:41pm

Insurance ads don't bother me at all, some are very amusing! It does make me wonder for most of them how successful they are. I would image they would be quite popular these days especially with the past few natural disasters that we have encountered like the floods in qld, hailstorm in wa etc..

  • 25th Mar 2011 10:17pm

Yes, it does prompt doing a bit of homework. Choice magazine or comparative websites can be of some assistance. I find the AAMI ads amusing.

  • 18th Mar 2011 12:15pm

Insurance advertising is ridiculous. Basically if you want insurance you need to take a whole lot of time out of your day in order to sit and read policy after policy to see i it is right for you. Sales people will only ever tell you the incentives and the parts of coverage that don't have an asterisk or fail to mention the asterisk.
The insurance companies advertise and scream buy me buy my policy just as the others do. It is pretty much as choosing who you are going to vote for. You need to think very carefully.

  • 18th Mar 2011 12:14am

I think you can be over insured and when chosing insurance be sure of what you are actually insured for. TV ads are confusing and quite often don't really explain the "hidden' details. With insurance I dont think you always get what you paid for.

  • 17th Mar 2011 10:26am

It must be very confusing to people who are trying to make up their minds as often a number of different companies have ads within the same time frame of a program or series of programs. For example one company advertised funeral insuranc eplans, now others do also. Each trying to outdo the others with varying incentives.

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