Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone?


Posted by: akol

22nd Oct 2010 05:30pm

Do you find travelling alone a daunting experience? Or do you prefer the freedom of being independant and free to explore at your own pace?
Is it better to travel with a partner? Family? Friends?

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  • 26th Oct 2019 09:02am

It really depends - there are different types of holidays.
Travelling alone is so awesome for people who don't need to be around other people all the time and introverts.
It is great that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and can explore places at your speed, without having to compromise or argue about budgets or things to see. Even if you want to stay in your hotel room with a book and order room service, you can do that!
But for different holidays, you can have a romantic getaway if you have a partner (as long as you don't fight); and then there are family holidays where the big group is gathered to share the adventures, and relax together but also split up when you want to.

  • 23rd Oct 2019 05:48am

Alone is preferred. Mrs usually wants to come with me though.
So we compromise.
A holiday apart (hers is usually 6 - 12 weeks, mine 1 - 2) & a short one together.

  • 16th Nov 2018 06:57pm

I think these two kind of travelling have huge differences,and you can enjoy in both of them in two different phases and earning much experience ,
Yes travelling alone for the first time is so daunting but it will be interesting in second and third....
Travelling with friends and family is lovely and learn how to match and adjust with others and haveing fun in busy places with many people

  • 20th Jan 2018 12:34am

With someone

  • 26th Jun 2017 11:17am

I like to travel with my family because when I am spending time with my family I feel good with all freedom.

  • 21st Feb 2017 02:04pm

Both has it's advantages and disadvantages, but for me I prefer to travel alone as I can set my own plans and do things my way. Particularly when travelling to a new place I am able to absorb the culture and people better than if I was with someone. Travelling alone also means you are more likely to meet other people, whether they be locals or fellow travellers.

  • 8th Feb 2017 10:32pm

Tough one. I like sharing places and experiences with my wife and also with my friends. On the other hand travelling alone means less compromises, doing exactly what I want, when I want to. Bottom line is that a mix of solo, and with others works for me.
An example, we went caravaning with another couple, each couple had their own car and van, but our friends struggled to get on the road by 10.00 each day, then needed/wanted to pull up for lunch and then afternoon tea. We prefer to leave earlier (not 4.00!) and get to our destination, then relax. It drove us nuts, sitting around while they leisurely made breakfast, washed up and slowly,slowly,got going. We ended up going our separate ways. And we're still friends.

  • 12th Oct 2016 03:34pm

It depends. I would prefer to travel with my family. I hardly travel with my friends. I do sometimes find it a bit convenience to travel with friends as we may have different priority and interest.

  • 28th Jul 2016 12:14pm

I've found that travelling alone can provide many more opportunities to meet new people, especially in backpacker/hostel situations where you're kind of forced to make new friends, which is great - getting a new perspective of the place you're in, travel tips etc. Then again, being with a friend or friends is always comforting but can get frustrating when opinions on what to do clash. When it comes down to it, I guess it all depends on the person you'd be travelling with and your personalities!

  • 15th Nov 2016 10:28pm

I so agree! When traveling in hostels, I actually prefer traveling alone, as I'm forced to interact and meet new people. If I'm traveling with friends and staying in hostels, I tend to stay in our little social bubble and don't branch out to make new friends. For this reason, I often stay in air bnb's when I travel with friends. There are definitely pro's and con's to both and I've had amazing solo trips, as well as fantastic holidays with friends!

  • 18th Jul 2016 02:45pm

It's nicer to travel with another, because there will be someone to look back at these memories with. But, this person must be a person you are fully comfortable with to avoid conflicts from disagreements during the journey.

  • 30th May 2014 05:48pm

With family and friends.

  • 29th May 2014 07:51pm

Travelling with others can be HELL if they're not on the same wavelength! But I'd prefer to travel with someone compatible - it's great to share the experience with someone like-minded!

  • 25th May 2014 05:29pm

I feel quite scared really. Ive always traveled with my partner and would be terrified to be in a foreign country with out him. Plus I love to share all my happy times together.

  • 22nd May 2014 12:23pm

better to travel with friends you never know who you bump into

  • 18th May 2014 05:12am

I prefer travelling with my partner because we travel the same and I love sharing my experiences with him, but travelling by yourself is nice once in a while (I've had to learn how to travel on my own).

Sil sil
  • 16th May 2014 10:34pm

Ive travelled a fair bit & i would say, best travel buddy is your sibling or best friend. Just one, the one you get on with the most! Partner can be ok, with family or large groups became a disaster & now with kids NO WAY. hahahah my kids are 2 & 4 & long flights like to South America were challenging & honestly not worth it, jet lag, tummy upsets etc, not fun.

I say go with one other person who is in the same boat financially, adventure level & emotionally (either your both single or not) makes the holiday a lot easier!

  • 4th Apr 2014 07:45pm

I think it's better to travel with family because you get to share your experiences with other people.

  • 29th Mar 2014 07:49pm

its always better to have someone there with you but sometimes you just have to enjoy life by yourself

  • 26th Mar 2014 03:03pm

I prererto travel with others. Recently travelled with a group of 8 (including my wife) on a short cruise. Most enjoyable!

  • 26th Mar 2014 03:01pm

I prererto travel with others. Recently travelled with a group of 8 (including my wife) on a short cruise. Most enjoyable!

  • 25th Mar 2014 10:47pm

It really depends where you go. ask around and see if people your own age find a area or country safe. I have gone to a few places and find I love the freedom to do what I want to do

  • 7th Mar 2014 07:17am

definitely with some one, at least one other person. Things are simplified when travelling with family, you can call them out on their wrong doings. If done with friends and partners it can make for a difficult holiday. Obviously, some alone time in necessary though.

  • 4th Mar 2014 11:09am

I like travelling alone. I have found that you meet a lot more people, you're able to do exactly what you want and often discover yourself a bit more. I recommend that you don't travel for too long by yourself though because it can get lonely after a while.

  • 5th Feb 2014 08:17pm

i recomend all because you can have as much fun as you want with all of the above

  • 31st Jan 2014 04:24pm

I travel on my own as I think it makes me more independent,but then meet up with family friends when I get to the destination

  • 30th Jan 2014 05:56pm

Travelling with family can be a hectic nightmare, keeping everyone close and moving around; especially on overseas trips. Personally I much prefer with someone special who you can be yourself around comfortably like a partner, you can completely relax and enjoy the company of being with each other

  • 30th Jan 2014 11:48am

Personally I'd love you just go on a holiday alone but I think at the end of the day I'd be too lonely and scared of something going wrong. It would be good to have the freedom or doing things on your own and not having anyone complain about doing something you want to do but also wouldn't it be better to experience things with others. People you love and want to share things together. I would definitely feel better going with a partner - actually going on a cruise in march with my partner and I couldn't be more excited!

  • 29th Jan 2014 11:08pm

Travelling on your own means you don't have to answer to anybody else and can take as much time doing whatever you want but it can also be very lonely when you have nobody else to share your experiences and talk about them with.

  • 18th Nov 2013 12:58pm

I travel alone every year & I enjoy it. Gives me the freedom to see & do what I want & stay at different locations for exactly how long I want. It also gives me the chance to meet & make new friends who share my interests.

I would not mind going on a trip with family or friends. I am sure I would love that. But not all the time. Once in a way is fine.
My next trip is scheduled around the December holidays. I love everything about traveling, even the flying & the airports.

  • 29th Sep 2013 08:12pm

I much prefer to travel with my husband or with others. It's more fun sharing experiences with someone else.

  • 29th Sep 2013 10:48am

Am a LONE traveler, I find that 1 has MORE time 2 explore--by 1ns.,selfe,eH??

  • 25th Sep 2013 11:35am

Traveling with a best friend would be nicer for teenage girls, i would say. As they share the same interest on things and places and it is nicer to enjoy it together.

  • 12th Aug 2013 12:32pm

more likely to someone

  • 14th Oct 2012 12:33pm

I prefer to travel with my husband or one of my girlfriends

  • 11th Oct 2012 12:36pm

ID personally love to travel with a friend simply because its an experience in my life id love others to have.

  • 11th Oct 2012 12:34pm

i feel its better to be with some friends as it is safer and can be more fun but must be with rely good friends not just people you no

  • 10th Oct 2012 05:13pm

With someone. Have travelled alone and it was okay. But you find yourself longing for familiarity. Especially when seeing other tourists in groups of friends laughing and chatting.
Contiki is probably the kind of thing you'd have no qualms travelling alone though.

  • 2nd Oct 2012 06:17pm

to me depends where you travel to.
if its a weekend trip to a sunny place best to go with your girls, more fun and sunbaking and drinks by the pool..
if your going for awhile i would prefer to take my partner i dont think i could go alone i get abit scared ... :(

  • 20th Sep 2012 08:19pm

Alone always good. If married with a child like myself then with them is definitely with them. But I will never travel with friend againaagain after a bad experience.

  • 29th Jul 2012 02:33pm

There are both positive and negative aspects to travelling alone. The positives would be that one doesn't have to keep an eye on one's companion or worry when they make a dash to the loo seconds before the departure announcements. One is free to bumble around and get lost in foreign airports without having to put up with the potential pained expressions and rolling eyes of a travel companion.
The negatives of traveling alone are that if one misses a departure announcement, a travel companion might hear it and be able to prod you into action - unless you happen to be the one on the loo.

  • 21st Jun 2012 09:41pm

I travel with my husband. I doubt I would enjoy travelling with a large group of people as I like to be able to make my mind up as I go where to go and what to do. I understand the benefits of travelling in numbers if something goes wrong but my personal preference is not to be controlled or feel responsible for other peoples holiday enjoyment.

  • 17th Jun 2012 12:10pm


  • 15th Jun 2012 04:46pm

I would always want to travel with someone or my Husband, as if anything happened you would feel safe and also have company during the day to enjoy your holiday.

  • 12th Jun 2012 04:42pm

I prefer to travel with my partner.

I'm travelling next month with a friend that I haven't seen for 20 years - we're spending two weeks together in another country - and I'm just hoping that it all goes smoothly.

I'm too chicken to travel alone, as a female.

  • 2nd May 2012 10:58pm

It is always much nicer travelling with someone. My husband and I still enjoy each other's company after 30 years of marriage and there's no one else I'd rather travel with than him. Our adult children do occasionally join us (the more the merrier).

  • 1st May 2012 08:10pm

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  • 26th Apr 2012 08:58pm

I prefer to travel with my Partner or with Family and friends its breaks the boredom of travelling alone.

  • 24th Apr 2012 10:46pm

How the hell do we get points and with someone

  • 22nd Apr 2012 08:56am

I've always travelled alone, to some off-the-beaten-track places often. Easy decisions as to turn left, or turn right.

But now as a pensioner I missed being able to share a sunrise (much beter than sunsets), a great meal, a good glass of red wine, a magnificent vista, a tropical valley, a wondrous waterfall, a tropical thunderstorm, a white sandy beach, ....... I could go on, but I won't

I'm going outside now to pack up the caravan again - I wish!!!!!

  • 18th Apr 2012 10:11am

When I was single (between marriages) I travelled overseas quite a bit, both for work and pleasure. It gave me the greatest possible flexibility because I didn't have to consider anyone else's interests or feelings and I really enjoyed it that way. But these days my wife and I travel a lot - all for pleasure - and only rarely do either of us do a solo trip. And now I find there's something nice about the shared memories, photos, videos, etc., which in truth have no meaning to anybody else.

Travel to a country where you don't speak the language can be tricky, and guided tours are good in this situation. Phones with map and language translation capabilities are good, too. And overseas travel ensures that when you get back home you have a better understanding of just what a great place Australia really is!

  • 8th Apr 2012 10:25pm

with someone its more fun

  • 6th Mar 2012 01:41am

I prefer travelling with someone especially if they share the same interests that I do, it keeps the whole trip fun and interesting.

  • 21st Feb 2012 01:05am

I enjoy travelling on my own so long as I have a safe place to stay and can ring home and talk about what I've done. I also like to travel with my husband. We get on really well. We mostly do everything together but if one of us wants to do something on our own because the other one's not interested that's fine. Just because you go on a holiday together doesn't mean you have to do everything together.

  • 20th Feb 2012 02:17pm

I have also travelled alone but it is nicer to have a friend with you. My gripe is if I travel alone everything is twin share. You either have to share a room with a stranger or pay for 2.

  • 16th Feb 2012 10:12pm

I find it better to travel with friends or family, having someone there to share the experience with, whom you can recall memories with in the future.

  • 24th Nov 2011 08:57am

Diffidently alone no hassles, just you and the surroundings of freedom with no-one to answer too just the service of enjoyment in your own space of mind.

  • 23rd Nov 2011 10:52am

I enjoy travelling with my Wife, although I have done a good bit on my own before I met my wife. We really enjoy each others company particularly on a cruise.

  • 21st Feb 2012 01:07am
I enjoy travelling with my Wife, although I have done a good bit on my own before I met my wife. We really enjoy each others company particularly on a cruise.

I've been thinking it would be nice to go on a cruise but they are so expensive ...

  • 22nd Nov 2011 10:03am

I always thought I wouldn't like travelling alone until I had to go to Canada for work! I was pretty stressed about it, but loved the experience and would now highly recommend it! Great being able to do whatever you want to do (even not quite the same with a spouse no matter how close you are) and you also tend to meet more people when alone - I found people approached me more than they do when I'm in a couple and I made quite a few friends who I am still in touch with. Great to stay at a hostel when you are alone as loads of other people are travelling alone too.

  • 16th Sep 2011 11:46am

I would - and do - only travel on my own. Groups? Disaster! Friends? Stops you meeting other people and are often too critical.

  • 8th Jul 2011 03:25pm

I travelled round the world on my own for 12mths, it was great. Get up, sleep whatever you want and meet heaps of new people, loved it.

  • 4th Jul 2011 10:25am

I prefer to travel with someone I am close to, but circumstances have forced me to travel alone quite a lot. Once through the queues and paperwork involved I usually enjoy the experience.

  • 15th Jun 2011 08:36pm

Doesn't bother me either way.

Mrs is going home (Thailand) for 2 months soon, so I will have 3 weeks 'peaceful holiday' here before going to the Philippines & China alone, then meet her at home.

Been to many places alone, rarely had a problem.

  • 26th May 2011 06:09pm

Alone - I can do what I want, when I want! None of my family nor friends share my interest in archaeology so it is easier to travel alone!

  • 16th May 2011 11:50pm

I rather travel with another person than on my own especially being a woman when travelling overseas. It`s so much nicer to enjoy the trip and share the memories. I get on well with my Mum so we have done some interstate trips and always do things we both like such as sightseeing, shopping and eating out. I have been overseas in the past with some girl friends but mostly we have joined organised tour groups. It was good to have a tour guide who could speak the language and understand the ways and where we could go for shopping and sightseeing.

  • 6th May 2011 01:05pm

  • 6th May 2011 01:03pm

When travelling with folk I always make sure I have time to do my own thing

  • 3rd May 2011 04:51pm

I've never had to travel alone and would much rather have a companion with me, to share everything with. I'd rather travel with my partner, than family or friends because with the others, there are too many people involved, with too many different ideas.

  • 22nd Apr 2011 08:37pm

I use to travel with my friends when I was not married.I travelled with my friends to few concerts in Sydney,Melbourne. But I hate the experience of travelling on my own.It's not so much of fun and freedom that you think it is.Actually, travelling alone is quite a daunting experience for me.Joy lies in sharing the trip with someone.It is always pleasantfor me to travel anywhere in the world,with my family and friends.I have been overseas so many times with my wife and it was quite a plesaurable experience for me.

On one occassion, we went to Singapore and then to India and we stayed in a cottage on the foothills of the Great Himalayans.We had pure spicy Indian food and trekked a bit tothe nearby villages there,met the locals and it was so much more pleasant and enjoyable experience with my wife.

Now that we live in Australia,every weekend, me and my wife and sometimes few friends go for camping and fishing.And believe me,its no fun going for camping and fishing without your friends and family.When it is really cold,me and my wife snuggle up to each other and when we are with our friends, we all light up some fire and sing songs along the fireplace,have coffee/tea together and that makes me feel so warm.The warmth of family and friends.It is such a heavenly experience to spend time with your loved ones :)

  • 20th Apr 2011 09:37pm

I have done both. It depends who is travelling with me.Some people r fun to travel with others r a nightmare.

  • 19th Apr 2011 06:32am

I would prefer to travel alone but if you would like to share your travelling adventure holiday with someone that take a friend, or find a travelling companion.

  • 2nd Apr 2011 12:24am

I prefer company when travelling although I have not ruled out going solo one day! I like travelling with family members, we share common interests and its a good time for some family bonding!

  • 16th Mar 2011 10:40pm

I prefer to travel with family and friends, I find that talking about holidays years later are always better if you can talk and laugh about your holiday with someone that was with you, everyone else has that boared glazed look in there eyes.

  • 13th Mar 2011 09:16pm

  • 13th Mar 2011 02:46pm

I drove trucks for 25 years including interstate, and I can tell you I love nothing better than travelling with my beautiful wife of 45 years.
Now that I am retired we are together all the time. Sure beats being on your own

  • 13th Mar 2011 07:26am

As a photographer I enjoy travelling alone (or with just my partner) self drive, preferably motorhome, so I can stop whenever I like - every 100 metres on a recent trip to a scenic area in NZ! - and explore places that catch my fancy.

  • 4th Mar 2011 09:38am

I always travelm overseas alone, because I always decide to travel with short notice. I went to USA alone and it was awesome, I didnt hav eto worry about anyone and planned everything as i went.

  • 9th Feb 2011 09:02am

i prefer to travel with my family. its more fun and i feel more secure.

  • 3rd Feb 2011 02:31pm

I have always travelled alone and love the freedom to do whatever I want (including a fling if the mood takes me!). However now I am partnered I have to remember to organise my travel with my partner in mind! He came with me on my last trip and I was a bit nervous as we don't live together and I wasn't sure how we'd do. But in fact it was lovely, though I probably could have done with a couple of days to myself in there. It helps that we have very similar interests, so he was happy to go to theatre eight times in a week like me (what else is New York for!)

  • 1st Feb 2011 02:05pm

Traveling with a friend/partner is always best but if you do it for a job -it happens as part of your work.
Go with a group of people if you don't like being alone.

  • 29th Jan 2011 09:46pm

I used to travel overseas with a friend years ago and it was nice to have someone to talk to on the long 13 hour flights etc and to sightsee with, though much of the time he was on business during the day while I went sightseeing! In the last 20 years I have travelled everywhere alone. The long journeys do get a bit boring but I enjoy the freedom to do what I like and when. I can decide each day as it comes, can eat when I like, visit things I like to see rather than having to think for 2 people etc.

  • 29th Jan 2011 09:44pm

I used to travel overseas with a friend years ago and it was nice to have someone to talk to on the long 13 hour flights etc and to have meals with

  • 25th Jan 2011 08:34am

I just love to travel, it is great to travel with someone but I don't mind travelling solo. I love to have new experiences with my husband or with a few girlfriends, but not all together.

  • 18th Dec 2010 02:02pm

I would only ever travel alone as you meet more people. I've travelled twice with someone else but have not enjoyed it at all!! Have travelled alone and worked overseas for many yearsI & would highly recommend going alone. Unfortunately my dog does not allow me to travel overseas any more so I have to find dog-friendly accommodation in Australia and recommend the NSW South Coast!

  • 17th Dec 2010 08:35pm

My wife and I usually go together and that's how I prefer it. We have been away with a good friends couple, but found that after a few days you need your own space. There's no need to go overseas, this country has lots to offer.

  • 14th Dec 2010 06:08pm

I prefer to travel with others where possible. Not because I am frightened of travelling alone, or because I don't enjoy it, but simply because I love to get the perspective of others. Part of the joy of travelling, for me, is to see something for myself, and to see it through the eyes of others. This can put such a different and interesting spin on something.

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:58pm

I definitely prefer to travel with someone, preferably my husband. Travelling overseas alone would be scary, but have travelled alone domestically with family to meet me at the other end - that was ok.

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:51pm

i like to travel with family preferrably and do things at our own pace

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:42pm

i prefer to travel with someone. i find it better to be able to do something i enjoy with family as we always have lots of fun when we are together

  • 30th Nov 2010 07:59am

I actually prefer to travel alone - though it is nice to have company from time to time. My ex was a pain to travel with - he did not like walking and preferred to test the restaurants and bars, while I would want to walk and explore and take photos. I hate dining alone. I'm going to try travelling with a friend next year, but I like to have my own sleeping space and room, as I am a light sleeper. I have travelled to the UK, Ireland, US, China and South Korea on my own - the latter two places I have been an English teacher there for several semesters.

  • 30th Nov 2010 06:53am

Love to travel with my partner. Contemplating a cruise with him and a couple of friends. Sharing things is part of the pleasure.

  • 29th Nov 2010 02:00pm

My Wife and I went to Europe 2 years ago for 5 weeks with a couple from Perth we had a great time, but since we have been back in 2009 & have just got back 3 weeks ago and we feel going with others takes away part of your holiday and we tend to do more and see more when the 2 of us are the only ones

  • 27th Nov 2010 11:58am

I've done both, and they both have advantages. At the end of the day it's nice to have someone to share the experience with. I find I meet a lot of interesting people and end up in very different places when I travel alone.When I have other people to consider I'm not so adventurous. Travelling alone is definately more daunting but can lead to an unexpected adventure.
They are both good.

  • 24th Nov 2010 07:00am

I often travel alone, though I have been on tours. Trouble with them is that I may want to see something that is not included, or we do not stay long enough.. That is why I tend to travel alone. Would be nice to have companions sometimes, but I am quite used to my own company, and manage quite well.

Beetle Bailey
  • 26th Jul 2013 06:49pm
I often travel alone, though I have been on tours. Trouble with them is that I may want to see something that is not included, or we do not stay long enough.. That is why I tend to travel alone....

Yes. i agree with everything you say. In all my Travels, It has always been, just ME.. I enjoy being by myself, I can go & do whatever I want. No pressure but also, been on a Guided Tour & have enjoyed the company that goes with it. Either way, I'm happy but actually having someone with me 24/7, I have yet to experience.

  • 23rd Nov 2010 07:49pm

I'm the happiest travelling alone...well with my dog only and going bush. I don't like conducted tours or tour groups although travelling with good friends is okay occasionally.

  • 19th Nov 2010 01:18am

as a family oriented gal,travelling together is a must-however,some occasions have called for leaving the family home,and thats okay too.

  • 18th Nov 2010 08:55am

ooh good question, it depends, I have travelled to over 35 countries alone mainly as most other people just want a beach and a resort and I like to see the country as it really is, so the other 7-8 with my family.... funny we are all so different, but I would have liked to share things with someone like the sun coming up over Mt Everest or chillies drying on a desert nomads land ect ect but some are not so willing to go out their comfort zone and some are just home buddies so I suppose I should be lucky that my journeys were not ruined with loud mouthed tacky people eating chips.... ha ha ha they world is just phenominal.

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:50pm
ooh good question, it depends, I have travelled to over 35 countries alone mainly as most other people just want a beach and a resort and I like to see the country as it really is, so the other 7-8...

i have travelled to thailand twice once with my husband on organised tours and we enjoyed it second time was with more fsmily members and stayed wth family member over there and it was enormous fun we just did our own thing

  • 17th Nov 2010 05:23pm

I like to travel with close friends or family. It also depends on where we are going. Eg. if the aim of the trip was exploring, and adrenaline stuff, then i like to go w/ close friends, but if its more relaxing, enjoying the scenery type, then i like going w/ parents.

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:47pm
I like to travel with close friends or family. It also depends on where we are going. Eg. if the aim of the trip was exploring, and adrenaline stuff, then i like to go w/ close friends, but if its...

i go camping with my family a couple of times a year and it is always with family i can entertain the grandchildren while the parents have a little time to them selves

  • 17th Nov 2010 11:31am

I have travelled twice by myself, but I was on an organised tour, so there were people to talk to everyday. It was a bit lonely sometimes as others were couples/friends. Travelling with others can be nice, sharing the experience and also helping to pay costs.

  • 4th Sep 2013 03:18pm
i think group tours are good cost wise and am considering going on some in the near future

Not only are they good cost wise but you can just enjoy the scenery, not miss out because you have to watch where you are driving, also for other vehicles on the road. In a coach you are "sitting up much higher" too so you see things you would otherwise miss. Even a professional truck driver (now retired) driving a car has pointed that out. Also tour operators are often allowed to take groups into places that otherwise you not allowed to enter to to see.
If you calculate your costs for fuel and resulting car maintenance (including the possibility of having to replace a tyre/tyres which we experienced - we damaged 2 on a dirt road which had some sharp stones just under the surface) One went down immediately and the other had a very slow leak or we would have been stranded until somebody stopped which people are reluctant to do due to assaults etc. They know the good spots for meals during the day when travelling, satisfactory accomodation, etc.
One good tip, if you are travelling by car with/without a caravan and want to stop for a meal, the truckies seem to know the cafes, restruants etc. that have reasonably healthy meals and good prices too. If there are any trucks there you can be sure the food is good. Word soon gets around about the good and bad food places. Travelling with a relative one day we stopped at a cafe at a service station and there was 2 trucks parked there, and 2 also left as we arrived there. Within 10 minutes there was another 6 trucks arrived, some from both directions. I know of one place in country SA that was heavily patronised by the truckies - the owner even built a park out the back for them as there was complaints about them all parking along the side of the road. It changed hands, the food quality deteriorated and the truckies hardly use it. They go to another one further up the road, and if they are heading interstate they park at the kerb on a service road and walk across the highway where they could have stayed on the side that they were driving on. I won't name the town for legal reasons otherwise I would.

  • 12th Aug 2013 12:32pm
i think group tours are good cost wise and am considering going on some in the near future

yes I agree with u

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:45pm
I have travelled twice by myself, but I was on an organised tour, so there were people to talk to everyday. It was a bit lonely sometimes as others were couples/friends. Travelling with others can...

i think group tours are good cost wise and am considering going on some in the near future

  • 1st Nov 2010 10:32pm

travelling with family is the best

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:43pm
travelling with family is the best

i agree with you that family is best

  • 24th Oct 2010 05:17pm

always nicer having someone traveling with you, but have traveled alone and enjoyed it.

  • 23rd May 2014 10:06pm
always nicer having someone traveling with you, but have traveled alone and enjoyed it.

Travel with the family is always an exciting activities which brings the family together

  • 16th Sep 2011 11:47am
Like you I have always enjoyed travelling alone as you can go to any destination at your leisure and stay as long as you like.When travelling in Africa in the 70's I went on my own and hitched...

Couldn't agree more!

  • 10th Dec 2010 09:58am
always nicer having someone traveling with you, but have traveled alone and enjoyed it.

Like you I have always enjoyed travelling alone as you can go to any destination at your leisure and stay as long as you like.When travelling in Africa in the 70's I went on my own and hitched meeting the locals with them showing me the sights.Friends of mine went overland and bitched and whinged from Capetown to London so who do you think had the better time!


  • 30th Nov 2010 03:26pm
i dont enjoy travelling alone, but occassionally i like to be on my own for a short time

Im the same, much prefer someone with me, much more enjoyable.

  • 30th Nov 2010 01:43pm
always nicer having someone traveling with you, but have traveled alone and enjoyed it.

i dont enjoy travelling alone, but occassionally i like to be on my own for a short time

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