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keeping skin as healthy and clean as possible not that hard anymore

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Posted by: tash

27th Aug 2010 04:39pm

By using Clear and Clean foam everyday you can have healthy and soft as babies skin. This product is only used for your face and i use it everyday and it's been just over a month now that i have been using it and i tell you all the pimples that were on my chin have dissapeared and all the blackheads near my lips and nose have just wiped out totally and i leave home/ my bathroom feeling so refreshed after washing my face with Clean nad Clear foam and i now know that i am not wasting my time buying these products. They actually work, no joke! so please if you are having trouble with blackheads and keeping your facial skin clear and soft i suggest you use this product. Clear and clean foam can be found in Coles or Woolworths and also in your local Chemist.

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  • 24th Oct 2014 09:37pm

This is my all time favorite and the foam helps with my oily skin too

  • 1st Sep 2014 08:17pm

At the moment I use Aldi face products .... I find the scrub excellent .... I will try the foam cleanser and let you know the difference

  • 11th Jun 2014 02:04pm

Sounds great, I'll have to try it for myself

  • 11th May 2014 07:47pm

i will try it and get back to you when i get it for my wife

  • 4th Jul 2013 10:56pm

Exercise to get the blood circulating is always good for the skin. I find that if I go for a long time without exercise and eat stodgy foods, my skin looks terrible and no amount of product will work.

Thanks for the recommendation Tash. You sound quite young and maybe prone to breakouts from time to time?

  • 5th Jun 2013 05:02pm

I believe most of the products suit based on the skin type.

  • 23rd May 2013 10:07pm

definitely try next time.

  • 21st May 2013 05:26pm

I have used clean clear and many such market products.But since i have used clear skin by Avon,i have noticed lovely clean change on my skin and a clear youthful appearance.Has anyone used it before????

  • 12th May 2013 10:53am

I've tried all sorts of products from very expensive to the basic supermarket stuff and the best thing I found is the Cetaphil. Its light and doesn's irritate the skin. The more expensive products have too much chemicals in them and they reacted badly to my skin. I have oily skin and prone to break outs.

  • 3rd May 2013 07:54am

Ah i use this its so good

  • 28th Nov 2012 04:38pm

I recently discovered that Clearasil Ultra spot treatment cream works very effectively at preventing and clearing up break-outs.

  • 28th Nov 2012 12:32am

Haven't tried this yet but it sounds great

  • 18th Jan 2012 08:31am

woah. I think I need to try this. I have some issues with blackhead. thanks for sharing! Which product exactly though?

  • 12th Dec 2011 03:47pm

I have previously tried clean and clear products and find them quite drying on my skin. I prefer more natural products. At the moment i use Garnier cleanser was and Dove exfoliant. A good skin routine is very important. Everyone shoudl cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise.

  • 8th Dec 2011 01:24am


  • 29th Nov 2011 07:51am

yes, this product actually works.. my daughter is a teenager and had lots of pimples. she tried this and her skin is flawless eversince. we tried every acne poduct but so far this one wirks best.

  • 11th Nov 2011 10:40am

i dont know about the clea rand clean skin but the best option to have a healthy glowing skin is regular exercise and balanced diet with lots of water inluded in ur daily routine.

Sanju k
  • 1st Nov 2011 11:02am

clean and clear is really good. I t really work for me. I always use it before I go to bed.

  • 19th Oct 2011 11:06pm

One thing I feel I should add to this conversation is beauty does not only come from the outside. It also comes form within. I found whilst being injured & on strong medications that changed my diet habits I had one of the worst breakouts I have had since I was a teenager. Always start with a good diet green vegies,fruit..etc..etc & plenty of water...then you will work out wether you have problem skin or not!!

  • 4th Oct 2011 12:41pm

Clean n Clear is a good skincare line but not for my mature aged skin. Way too drying for me but my teenage daughter uses it. Although lately I've been preferring to look for natural/organic alternatives.

  • 17th Sep 2011 09:01pm

My sister tryed this and it worked really well for her so i have now bought it too! its a awesome product and the pimple on my face and the blackheads around my nose have vanished!

  • 29th Aug 2011 12:02pm

Seems I'm the only bloke replying here, but so be it.

Hot water and soap. The same soap you use everywhere else on your body. Don't worry about it drying your skin - let your skin produce oils to fix it or apply a moisturiser.

Give your skin a break from wearing makeup regularly and do some vigorous exercise to make yourself sweat (it flushes the organics out of your pores and the salt kills bacteria reducing infections)

Most of all, stop worrying about it.

jules 1
  • 24th Aug 2011 11:25am

yes I tend to agree with you on this one.!

  • 22nd Aug 2011 09:51pm

I find Sukin products natural and without chemicals. I have adopted them

  • 16th Aug 2011 02:23pm

I use clean and clear wipes every night and love them i wouldn't use anything else but they are a bit expencive.

  • 13th Aug 2011 04:02pm

I never like the cleansers from Clean and Clear - they dried out my skin too much. However, their moisturisers and face scrubs are great! I've been using their essentials moisturiser lately and I really like it - it's not heavy and is absorbed into my skin easily.

  • 12th Aug 2011 05:59pm

I love to use Clear and Clean. Cleared everything up. Just make sure your skin doesnt dry up by moisturizing.

  • 12th Aug 2011 09:47am

What is the actual name of the foam product? I really want to go try it now.

  • 3rd Aug 2011 01:55pm

It works for some people...
What might work wonders on some really doesn't benefit others.
If only skincare were as simple as one product!

  • 14th May 2013 06:36am

i agree. it took me many years and different products to find the right one for me. i currently use avene for acne - its fantastic cleared my skin right up!

  • 3rd Aug 2011 09:44am

clean n clear doesnt work on my blooming adolescent skin. :/ im trying out clearasil now.

  • 21st Feb 2011 06:22pm

I really liked clean and clear it worked really well

  • 21st Feb 2011 11:36am

I have tried the clean and clear kit myself and unfortunately I had a bad reaction to it. I must be one of the rare few who can't use this product.

  • 28th Mar 2012 04:33pm

I with you on that. I've tried this product as well and had a huge reaction. I've tried so many other products and have found that i have a reaction to anything that has a fragance in it. which is the majority of this! it sucks but unfortunately there is nothing i can do about it.

  • 20th Feb 2011 10:54am

I use the clean and clear pimple control kit. It has everything you need and works really well!

  • 11th Nov 2010 06:00pm

I use warm water and a flannel and no product to remove makeup. And baby-oil to remove waterproof mascara

  • 10th Nov 2010 09:32pm

i tried clean n clear, it is a nice product :)

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