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Posted by: jules4758

8th May 2024 10:12am

The range of alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits have expanded quite a lot over the last few years.

Has anyone made the switch? If so, what are your favourites?

Are you impressed by the taste and quality, or do you find the non-alcoholic versions still lacking compared to the real thing?

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  • 10th Jun 2024 10:14pm

My favourite if l choose to drink it again is non alcoholic Heineken
I love ❤️ the taste

Ellie 30656027
  • 10th Jun 2024 09:44pm

I think the wines are nice. I think the6 are refreshing. Would rather drink them than alcoholic wine since I don’t like wine anyway.

  • 10th Jun 2024 06:22pm

Non Yuzu chamomile is great but so expensive!

  • 9th Jun 2024 08:02pm

In my opinion, non-free beer in a good idea to replace alcoholic drink in certain level, but not completely. For me. , I love both, which one to choose is based on whether I have immediately car driving

  • 7th Jun 2024 10:49pm

I have never drunk alcohol. I don't see the point of drinking non-alcoholic versions either. I'm not looking to fit in.

  • 7th Jun 2024 10:24pm

I like the alcoholic drinks, especially moscato and beer, but I get hives if I drink too much, and I can always taste the alcohol which is unpleasant for me. I found out that I'm sensitive to excess alcohol, so I can only drink in little amounts. When I discovered non-alcoholic versions of my favourite drinks, I was so happy I got to enjoy my favourite drinks without worrying about breaking out in hives from drinking too much, and there's no unpleasant taste of alcohol.

  • 5th Jun 2024 10:00pm

I’m OBSESSED with non alcoholic versions. My favourite would have to be Maggie Beer’s Sparkling Ruby Cabernet. I originally made the switch for health reasons and haven’t looked back. The fun part is when I’m out for dinner and get the bar tender on duty to create a mocktail just for me or my go to is a non alcoholic Gordon’s gin and tonic. for me it’s not about feeling like I’m drinking alcohol but more drinking something tastier than water or OJ or a soft drink with my meals when I’m out.

  • 5th Jun 2024 12:47pm

Don't see the point, either I'm having a drink or I'm not!!
If I'm out and not having an alcoholic beverage then it's water or soft drink, if I want something that tastes like alcohol then I want alcohol content

  • 5th Jun 2024 12:19am

I love Heineken Zero beer, but I haven't found a decent zero wine that I like yet. I also find the price of non-alcoholic wines (which aren't that much less than alcoholic ones) leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

  • 1st Jun 2024 10:36pm

I jusr dont see the point of non alcoholic versions.

  • 1st Jun 2024 05:11pm

If at home, I'd rather a soda than alcohol free versions. When out and about, the price is quite high for being alcohol free that I'd rather pay to get actual alcohol

  • 31st May 2024 06:41pm

I only want non-alcoholic drinks that were never meant to be alcoholic. I don’t like 0% beers, wines or spirits. I prefer to have soda water over those.

  • 31st May 2024 10:32am

I have tried a good selection of them, there is some really decent tasting ones and some I won’t touch again, Carton zero is the worst I have tried, but my fridge is regularly stocked with James squires, great northern, four pines and Mornington peninsular beers.

Lyres have some amazing non alc spirits, their American malt is my favorite, but I also have the two different sugar canes and the coffee liqueur varieties too.

  • 30th May 2024 11:17am

I'ts a grear idea for those that don't want to drink alcohol, but still feel they are part of the crowd.

  • 29th May 2024 09:10pm

I have been drinking non alcoholic wine, cocktails and champagne for over 2 years now.
I like Tempus two Pinot Grigio zero, Geisen white and rose and many others.
I miss the relaxed feeling of having a drink but not the hangover or guilt that I should have drunk less 😉 As a bonus I lost around 10 kilos 😍

  • 5th Jun 2024 12:21am
I have been drinking non alcoholic wine, cocktails and champagne for over 2 years now.
I like Tempus two Pinot Grigio zero, Geisen white and rose and many others.
I miss the relaxed...

Thanks for the tips! I'll try these!

  • 28th May 2024 05:26pm

Never tasted it!

  • 28th May 2024 04:46pm

Have tried a couple of the wines they're ok but can be a little bland compared to alcoholic wines. But still give them an occasional attempt

  • 28th May 2024 04:46pm

No !!! However it has been brought to my attention that Alcohol is being added to drinks such as Solo, Iced Tea and some juices

  • 28th May 2024 04:29pm

I do not drink alcohol of any kind, so, do not see the point of drinking a non-alcoholic version of something I do not like. I am sure they have their place for some people, however, I don't care if other people notice that I do not indulge. Just not interested.

  • 28th May 2024 03:56pm

This is something I'm seriously looking into. I used to like a half wine and soda with my evening meal then in ear;;y 2022 I got COVID. Since then no longer can I drink alcohol but I still can't drink tap water either. Got to be aerated before I can keep it down. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can tolerate these.

  • 28th May 2024 04:54pm
This is something I'm seriously looking into. I used to like a half wine and soda with my evening meal then in ear;;y 2022 I got COVID. Since then no longer can I drink alcohol but I still...

I wonder if a soda stream would be an option for you.
Buying drinks all the time is an expensive choice to have to make. I don't know if there is anything you can add to tap water It may be the chorline in our tap water that you react to.

  • 28th May 2024 02:45pm

I’ve been drinking non alcoholic beer for over a year and a half. Most are over priced and some are just watery. The best so far is Carlton Zero. I also drink the non alcoholic bubbles from Coles, which is quite nice.
Unfortunately I don’t think they can keep up with demand at the moment either and I have never been able to buy a carton of Calton Zero with my on-line Coles order.
So all in all good job so far but still a long way to go.

  • 28th May 2024 04:49pm
I’ve been drinking non alcoholic beer for over a year and a half. Most are over priced and some are just watery. The best so far is Carlton Zero. I also drink the non alcoholic bubbles from Coles,...

You probably have to buy your Carlton Zero via (Coles) Liquorland

  • 28th May 2024 02:04pm

I have liver disease NAFLD, but since being diagnosed I have craved a drink or 2. I drink non alcohol Bombay gin, available from Woolworths. At $35 a bottle it isn't cheap. The taste is the same as the full strength one, and satisfies my need and taste. It make me feel included at parties.

  • 28th May 2024 01:48am

To date, I have yet to try the alcohol-free wines, spirits or beers.

To be honest, these days, I drink wine and sometimes spirits only with a meal, not only for the taste of the drink but for the little buzz I get from the alcohol. You know, that relaxed feeling that alcohol provides. I don't drink to excess because I've grown to hate the hangover that follows and I simply don't drink at all if I'm driving.

I've just not been curious enough to give these variants a try. Sorry, I can't help you.

  • 27th May 2024 10:00pm

I drink neither, I stay away from processed drinks, most are unhealthy for you. I will have some coconut water and pomegrante juice sometimes, other than that it is celery juice, filtered water and herbal tea. Gave up caffeine years ago too. Feel better for it.

  • 27th May 2024 02:04pm

I love my couple of glasses of red of an evening and probably won't change that unless I have to. I have tried the non-alcohol wines and to me they taste life soft drink, unfortunately there in nothing like the real thing when it comes to a good wine. As I like a wine with a good rich flavour there seems to be no substitute.

  • 27th May 2024 01:47pm

Well i mainly drink Zero beer if i want one. But many years being on the road as a Courier for 13 years and then a Taxi Driver for 9 years i really not missed alcohol at all.

  • 27th May 2024 01:19pm

Have tried the Altina non alcoholic cans. I especially like the rose. Doesn’t taste like wine but has its own pleasant taste. All other non alcoholic wines have been grapey and awful. Non alcoholic beers tend to be better and good on a hot day. As I have had to cut down on alcohol for health reasons and dislike most soft drinks, I am keen to find suitable alternatives.

  • 27th May 2024 11:33am

I am glad that these non alcohol options are available for people who are trying to either reduce or eliminate the alcohol in their lives. there are lots of valid social and health reasons for doing so . . . or maybe they just want to do a month off the booze, or they need to drive that night, and they still want to enjoy the taste of a beer or plonk.

Personally I enjoy drinking beer/wine etc for the alcohol content and taste but have given the non-alc variants a go . . .
I have tried most of the alcohol free beverages and I must say that I quite like the non-alcoholic variants, especially some of the beers.
. . be they craft or main stream, almost all that I have tried were quite enjoyable and quaffable and I think some of them taste just as good as a regular beer to my palate.
I'd really like for more of these options to be made available in bars, pubs, bistros, restaurants and cafes and lately it's good to see more of the more progressive places stocking these beverage types.
I have noticed that some venues will happily charge just as much for a non alcoholic beverage as an alcoholic one.
That for me it is ridiculous and annoying and seems a bit short sighted for mine as I'm sure there is some pent up demand there given the fact so many people are either cutting down or have to drive.
Surely many of the brew companies are saving a fair bit by way of less or no govt alcohol taxes on 0% alcoholic products and making unreasonably inflated profits in many cases.
Then again on second thought I suppose maybe these non alcoholic breweries/winemakers beers may take the same amount of effort and expense to brew non-alc as alcoholic ones? Maybe due to lower production volumes, they may even cost more to brew at times.
All in all I don't think many people realise how good some non alcoholic beverages have gotten taste-wise.

  • 27th May 2024 10:56am

I have not switched to alcohol free wines or spirits. We cellar our wines so want longevity created by alcohol and natural sugars. I refuse to drink alcoholic soft drink. To my mind, it is appealing to children and young teens and encourages early use of alcohol.

  • 27th May 2024 10:44am

have to say have only tried a few products in this range being wine.Not really a substitute for real stuff.It was downright awful.To me not even a close taste at all.Wont buy again.

  • 27th May 2024 10:18am

I don't really see the point of non-alcoholic beer, wine, spirits etc. Seems a little like decaffeinated coffee - missing the point of that particular drink.

If I wanted to drink alcohol, then I would have beer, wine, or spirits. If I don't want to drink alcohol, I'll drink something else: coffee (with caffeine), tea, fruit juice, water, etc.

  • 27th May 2024 10:00am

Just because some drinks are alcohol free doesn't always mean they are healthier in terms of nutritional values. A lot of drinks with no alcohol are packed with nasty additives to help make them taste better, plus the high sugar. Non-alcoholic wine tastes like wine in a lot of ways. Some have a good balance of acidity, while others are fruit enhaced drinks. I personally did have a taste of an alcohol free wine and i can state that they get pretty close to a “real” wine. Tastes good, feels good to your palate and you know you can indulge a bit more of it, not feeling guilty.

  • 27th May 2024 09:34am

Had the non-alcoholic wine at xmas time way before I was married then whenI married first time we had the non alcohlic for people who did not drink it was good but not had in a long time so not sure if any good now

  • 26th May 2024 05:03pm

It appears that non-alcholic beers & wines taste similar to the real thing, however do we know of the products & methods used to remove or prevent the development of alcohol in any ? Can we be sure that none of these could be harmful ? In any case these products should be cheaper than the original item.

  • 25th May 2024 08:38pm

i am with mazzab2003 , think it would be close to a life and death on drs orders for me to sort of really think about these mass produced drinks . i do make my own family recipe ginger beer for a bit of a break from my regular lime cordial

  • 24th May 2024 09:57pm

I have never tried these and probably never will. I prefer REAL food and drink, not pretend stuff.

  • 24th May 2024 02:47pm

It seems to be a great approach and added quality to the drinks market

  • 24th May 2024 12:39pm

Well we already have people consuming pretend meat, pretend milk, pretend chocolate, cakes, biscuits and bread made with ingredients with strange sounding names, drinking soft drinks to look like the originals and all having to be so heavily and scientifically processed to make them digestible and resembling the genuine thing so why not let them pretend they are drinking alcohol? It's their choice. However, I am sick of going to social occasions where the poor caterers have to cater for around a dozen different genuine and fad diets, while we are forced to listen to so many people whose sole topic of conversation is what they eat or drink and who believe their purpose in life is to force their diets, the state of their chakras and bowels, their latest wellness guru who makes them so mindful of the cosmos, on me and everyone else who loves a big juicy, real steak and a glass of real red wine.

  • 24th May 2024 12:03pm

I haven't tried any yet, I usually stick to my low carb beers and Lemon, Lime & Bitters, I enjoy.

  • 24th May 2024 11:01am

If I want an alcoholic drink, I want alcohol, if I just want to quench my thirst with a soft drink, I would not spend the amount they want for non alcoholic drinks, I would prefer just to have a glass of cold water or a lemonaide etc.

Sil sil
  • 24th May 2024 07:37am

To be honest it doesn't interest me. If I don't want to drink alcohol I buy a juice or soft drink. The price of non alcoholic is no less so I'm guessing the benefits are only for health reasons?

  • 23rd May 2024 04:18pm

If I want the taste of an alcoholic beverage, I'll drink the real thing.
Offering the no alcohol version is tempting for persons underage to get a taste of what they expect when they're of age. Do we really need to increase the risk they might want to transition earlier if they like it?

  • 23rd May 2024 02:04pm

The variety of alcohol-free options has indeed grown significantly. Many people have made the switch, whether for health reasons, designated driving, or simply to enjoy a non-alcoholic alternative. Some popular choices include Heineken 0.0, Seedlip for non-alcoholic spirits, and Ariel Vineyards for wine. Taste and quality have improved greatly, but some still find the non-alcoholic versions lacking compared to the real thing, especially for complex flavors like aged spirits or fine wines. It often comes down to personal preference and the specific brand's craftsmanship.

  • 23rd May 2024 01:56pm

I switched and as a result I lost weight and my skin looks clearer/healthier. I've tried all sorts from beers, to red and white wines, including bubbly rose and bubbly white, also a gin and cocktail style. I don't think there was anything I was really unhappy with and would drink them all.

  • 22nd May 2024 08:25pm

i haven't switched yet, but am planning to soon.

  • 21st May 2024 09:55am

Yes i have tried Heineken alcohol free beer and it was exactly the same taste and overall i enjoyed it and had no hangover

  • 16th May 2024 10:52am

I have made the switch for some items but when it comes to like international beers, i would stay away from it. Though im happy to give the spirits more of a chance and it shows some great things are in the making for what's happening.

  • 15th May 2024 08:07am

I have a friend who has made the switch to non alcoholic beer. He says that it tastes just the same and is enjoying the health benefits. I am yet to be swayed, but I am noticing that my alcohol intake is causing a few problems with digestion these days. Maybe it’s time to sample what’s on offer, although I am nowhere near ready to give up my premium red wine intake. Watch this space….

  • 14th May 2024 03:04pm

I like the taste of the non-alcoholic drinks. There

  • 14th May 2024 03:05pm
I like the taste of the non-alcoholic drinks. There

There are plenty of great tasting non-alcoholic drinks that I enjoy. I don't drink much alcohol anyway.

  • 14th May 2024 09:02am

The main reason I drink alcohol is for the alcohol content! I have tried non-alcoholic beverages but I haven't made the switch nor do I intend to. If I was a designated driver, I would opt for soft drinks instead.

  • 13th May 2024 07:38pm

For background, I don't drink alcohol so I cannot comment on making "the switch" but I have tried alcohol free beer and wine before. It's something I only have on rare occasions and even though I cannot compare it to the ones with alcohol I find that they are tasty. I find that the non alcoholic beer is crisp, refreshing and slightly bitter but overall pretty good. It's great to drink on a hot day and tastes great with a slice of pizza or a burger. The non alcoholic wine is also pretty nice. I haven't tried as many non alcoholic wine as I have non alcoholic beer but overall the ones I have tried have a nice taste, no bad aftertaste and goes well with food.

  • 13th May 2024 04:50pm

Many people have indeed made the switch to alcohol-free beers, wines, and spirits, especially as the variety and quality have improved significantly in recent years. Some favorites among those who have made the switch include brands like Heineken 0.0, Seedlip for non-alcoholic spirits, and Ariel for non-alcoholic wines.

The taste and quality of these alcohol-free alternatives have come a long way, with many people impressed by how closely they resemble the real thing. However, taste preferences vary, and while some find the non-alcoholic versions to be excellent substitutes, others may still find them lacking compared to their alcoholic counterparts. It often depends on personal taste and expectations.

  • 13th May 2024 11:25am

most non alcoholic wines are not great, but the sparking ones are probably better than most. The hazy heaps normals are my favourite non alcoholic beer, but overall the non alcoholic ranges are not as good as the real thing. Some canned non alch. cocktails are not bad but so expensive for what? surely the tax on alcohol is what make the full version so pricey

  • 11th May 2024 02:57pm

I’ve tried a ‘zero’ Chardonnay recently, as the alcoholic wines make me go very rosy in the face. Taste was okay but not anything special to write about. However, I loved feeling ‘normal’ afterwards. I also enjoyed socialising with my husband whilst ‘having a drink’.

  • 9th May 2024 12:46pm

I think that non-alcoholic drinks have come a long way! Years ago, all the options I've tried were just too sweet, or tasted like anything but wine or beer. But this year I've been drinking non-alcoholic beers and actually enjoy a couple of brands. The taste and the design of the can make you feel like you're having a beer, just without the alcohol effect.

  • 9th May 2024 11:10am

I've tried non-alcoholic wine but it wasn't very nice. If I'm not drinking I'd rather save the calories and money and stick to sparkling water or coke no sugar etc.

  • 9th May 2024 10:36am

I think mid-strength beers are as far as i'll go. I personally don't see the point of having a drink that tastes alcoholic but doesn't have alcohol... I would probably prefer to save money and buy soft drink.

  • 9th May 2024 10:32am

I drink some of the beers and they are actually ok. Also tried some wines but so far they have not been very nice but I will keep trying.

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