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Concerns about AI

The latest news from Cafestudy

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7th May 2024 02:31pm

Whilst the benefits of AI across numerous fields is well noted, our Cafestudy members have also expressed public concern over its imminent rise.

As AI capabilities grow more powerful, there are heightened fears it could become fundamentally disruptive and detrimental if not properly constrained through regulation and governance. Many are wary about ceding too much autonomy to AI systems lacking human qualities such as emotional intelligence and ethical reasoning.

A major concern is AI's inability to fully comprehend human contexts and make ethically-sound decisions.

"I think we need to be careful as AI becomes more intertwined in our daily lives."

"AI is another nail in the coffin of human society...while people rely more and more on it for their everyday life."

Additionally, members also highlighted their fears that humans may start to become ‘robotic’, unable to think critically due to over-reliance on AI.

"People have become lazy, sedentary and addicted to these is not like it used to be."

"We will stop thinking for ourselves, which could prevent creativity."

Members also voiced concerns about AI being misused for nefarious purposes such as fraud and discrimination, with law enforcement struggling to regulate criminal activity. A recent Federal Government Study has noted that these strong regulations are “very important” for 66% of Australians surveyed.

While some noted AI's potential benefits, the overarching sentiment is that strong governance through ethical guidelines and timely regulation is becoming ever so critical as AI advances. However, doubts were expressed that effective AI regulation would actually be implemented proactively before problems emerge.

"Responsible regulation is crucial to mitigate risks...while minimising misuse."

Ultimately, our members revealed widespread wariness that AI poses major risks if not carefully controlled and regulated throughout its development and deployment, with heightened fears of an AI-driven dystopia if governance fails to keep pace.


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Comments 8

  • 19th Jul 2024 05:55pm

I have used AI for creating digital art images but nothing else.It is going to advance and we are already seeing this but definitely needs complete regulation and authority otherwise we are in trouble.Cyber crime will get worse,jobs will be lost,our own creative mind will diminish,human contact will eventually be non-existent with a business and all for making our lives easier? I don't think so,if anything it's making it harder with the added stress!

  • 13th Jun 2024 10:52am

I often use AI for work, and it's been incredibly helpful! It has significantly improved my writing and reading skills.

  • 3rd Jun 2024 09:30pm

I am worried they gonna steel our jobs in future

  • 29th May 2024 12:17pm

It worries me that people will become too reliant on AI & not realise if it has been hacked by someone in the world who intends to cause you - or your country - harm. I'm in my early 80s so it won't affect me for too long, but I hate to think how it could turn for my children & grandchildren.

  • 27th May 2024 10:03pm

Not real keen on AI it depends on how it is used and programmed I guess. We are being forced to adopt it and am getting sick of not being able to speak to a human. Sometimes those AI generated answering calls thing gets it all wrong, you cannot get passed the menu. Shoule always give you a human option.

  • 19th Jul 2024 05:56pm
Not real keen on AI it depends on how it is used and programmed I guess. We are being forced to adopt it and am getting sick of not being able to speak to a human. Sometimes those AI generated...

Absolutely agree

  • 27th May 2024 11:17am

We need to stop AI in some fields of our lives altogether. We need human inteligence, the best and the most trusted, the highest valued, inventing amazing things (well except AI 😅)

  • 27th May 2024 10:04am

I don't trust at all. I think it is dangerous.