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Posted by: Elizabeth 31231703

14th Mar 2024 09:11pm

I am using Optus Long Expiry for my back up phone ($30 for 6 months). Now they transferred my prepaid plan to Optus Flex plus casual ($35 for 3 months) by force as they discontinued the old plan. There are technical problems during the migration process and I could not send / receive text messages. After spoken to the customer service officer for at least an hour, my problem has not been resolved. By the way, the call centre is based in India and not Australia. Anyone having similar problems?

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  • 14th Jul 2024 11:46am

Hi Elizabeth, you've probably already resolved your problem.

It's funny (not funny haha; funny concidental) to read your post. I was poised to make a move from Vodafone to Optus, just a few days ago. Spoke to a Optus rep who made me a very attractive offer, but I've never been one to make a rushed decision. After doing more research I compared their 5G network coverage and found Vodafone's 5G cover was far superior. So I decided to stay with Vodafone, albeit more expensive.
My suggestion to you, if you haven't already done so, look at how much data you typically use, what speed you need/want then make a few calls to Telstra, Vodafone, Aussie Broadband. Give yourself some wiggle room on the data and be sure to ask what happens if you exceed that data limit. Is it a case of they charge you extra or they just throttle you speed back, until the next month.

Just make sure you compare apples to apples. Same data/speed etc with each on the network cover at your home.

All the best.

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