Pet Lovers

Pet food.

Pet Lovers

Posted by: Marian

19th Feb 2024 02:49pm

Have you noticed how much pet food has gone up in price in local supermarkets?. I can no longer afford to buy there unless they're on special. I have two cats and one dog and it's costing me almost as much to feed them as it does me each week. I love my pets and always try and get them the best food I can afford. The price of the fancy Feast tins are literally going up in price each month. I resorted to shopping for my pets at Aldi, where price was more reasonable, but even they have gone up by $.30c a tin. I have shopped online with sites such as Pet circle or Petbarn. Where they were very reasonably priced. But now they have joined the rest and I can no longer afford the food there either. I guess it's just a sign of the times along with everything else. But! There are a couple of little gems that I have got onto. Every now and then the Reject shop brings in very cheap pet food of well-known brands. As has Bunnings. These are now my go to shops where I stock up. Thank goodness for them!

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  • 6th Jul 2024 10:54am

I have 2 big greedy dogs, so it is very necessary to shop for specials. Some of the cheaper brands are ok. But like humans our dogs can be choosey, so it is brands that they will eat and dont make for messy stools.

  • 24th Apr 2024 01:43pm

I found that the aldi dog food were really upsetting my dogs stomachs. I've since switched to more expensive foods to keep them happy but really struggling with the costs.

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