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New Years Eve Fireworks

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Posted by: pammam

2nd Jan 2024 04:25am

Are the fireworks on New Years Eve worth all that money?

They are over so fast and don't really provide a significant lasting benefit apart from a momentary sense of awe and pleasure.

With the cost of living crisis and so many families struggling, should the money be used to help people instead? I was impressed to read about mobile laundries for example where people can do their laundry, save money and have a sense of dignity with this valuable aid.

There are also other implications with the fireworks such as the noise pollution and physical waste. Was your dog terrified? Do they negatively impact you in other ways?

What would you spend the money saved from a fireworks display instead?

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  • 1st Jul 2024 07:12pm

Fireworks cause distress to animals and are bad for the environment. They should be banned. In NYC we watch a giant crystal ball drop while counting down to midnight.

  • 1st Jul 2024 07:12pm

Fireworks cause distress to animals and are bad for the environment. They should be banned. In NYC we watch a giant crystal ball drop while counting down to midnight.

  • 25th Apr 2024 12:45am

How depressing it would be not to have fireworks on NYE. Celebrations and customs are valuable to everyone, both as a community and as individuals. The actual fireworks may be over quickly but it’s a whole evening of entertainment and celebrations. It unites the community and is worth every cent.

  • 27th Feb 2024 04:38pm

Yes, I would like to see fireworks become obsolete for the reasons you state. The money could be spent on community services.
I've never understood the marking of the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, like nothing has changed and time/calendars are a human construct. I'd prefer we didn't have a year calendar but just one day after another to infinity. People seem to cling to hope for the better too much. If they want something better to happen it can occur anytime of the year and involves making some sort of change in their life.

  • 15th Jan 2024 11:11pm

People celebrate New Year as a way to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another. It's a time for reflection, setting goals, and spending time with loved ones. Fireworks are often used as a way to create a festive atmosphere and to symbolize the start of a new year with a bang. While some people may see fireworks as a waste of money, others view them as a way to bring joy and excitement to the occasion. It's important to remember that different cultures and individuals have their own traditions and ways of celebrating important events..

  • 10th Jan 2024 11:06pm

According to, The City of Sydney estimates $6.2m will be spent on the fireworks display. This is a phenomenal amount. To put this into perspective, the Sydney New Years Eve (NYE) fireworks display lasted approximately 12 minutes. That means per minute we spent approximately $516,000. That is more than the average person earns a year. If I work 38hours per week for the full year and was paid minimum wage, I'd earn before tax approximately $45,905. So the fact that we spend $6.2m on a 12 minute display is insane.

Furthermore, as the NYE firework display is partially funded by the government, this means us as a taxpayer are paying towards the display. As the economy is going down the drain, healthcare is failing, people are homeless and Australia relying on everything being imported... this 6.2million could go a long way to fixing the economy/Australia rather than wasting it on a 12 minute display that no-one will remember in a couple of months.

Don't get me wrong though, I think there should be some celebration for NYE. Does it need to be $6.2million worth and include tax payer money? No. I personally think, it should be funded solely by sponsorship and could be. Like, as NYE fireworks are one of the biggest events of the year, allowing people to sponsor them and have advertising if they pay towards it would be more beneficial. I'm sure big companies would chip in where possible.

However, overall, there is far more important issues in Australia that urgently could do with $6.2million thrown at it. If we want to have NYE Fireworks at all in the future, Australia needs to fix it's major problems first and then think about throwing away tax payers money on fancy fireworks displays.

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