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Posted by: Marian

21st Oct 2023 05:00pm

What's going on with the price of pet food? It's just continually rising. Every few weeks. I used to buy it from Aldi, but now their's has gone up, too. Considerably. The Dine cat food trays have now a gap inside them because the food doesn't fill up the space anymore. Cheeky manufacturers. They think we don't notice! I know everything is on the rise, but it's really hit the petfood industry harder than others. Pet Barn and Pet Stock stores have unbelievable prices. Very over-priced. Go check it out if you have a pet. You'll see what I mean. I stay away from them. We all want the best for our much loved pets, but it's getting harder.

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  • 14th Jan 2024 01:25pm

Pet food prices have risen incredibly. I have 4 cats and occasionally foster as well plus a medium sized dog. I buy my dry food online, and the price for a 15kg bag of BlackHawk has gone from a little over a $100 to in some places $150, and this is the most affordable out of the better brands of dry food. It's ridiculous!

  • 4th Dec 2023 10:29pm

So true

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