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Do you prefer personal cars or public transport?

Cars & Transportation

Posted by: Aditya32380595

12th Sep 2023 10:34am

I'm personally on the fence. I think that while personal transport is great, public transport also has its benefits, for the environment and in terms of cost.

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  • 19th Feb 2024 03:50pm

I do love public transport when I have to travel into the city. I live 60 km away from there, and catching a train there is such a pleasure. I sit there and read my newspaper. Or I can look out the window down into people's backyards or the backs of shops as the train passes by. And before I know it, I'm there. There is no way I'd drive a car there. I'd never find anywhere to park. And I'm not paying $50 an hour in one of those big multi car park places.

  • 12th Oct 2023 08:26pm

I prefer my own personal vehicle. I enjoy the convenience of going where I what when I want.

  • 16th Sep 2023 12:55pm

I like my privacy, to do things in my own time, have the space to transport items in my car. I don't have a reliable transport system near me and I have a elbow and knee issue so walking and carrying things as well as balance with my tinnitus are all issues on a bus.

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