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Why, what and when did people become so unkind ?

Society & Culture

Posted by: di

15th Aug 2023 07:58am

No doubt we are all aware that there is a societal shift in peoples behaviour . People are in general unkind , rude , self entitled to others around them . It’s routine now when you make a phone call to a bank or big business for example that you hear a recording asking you to treat staff with respect and kindness , ie don’t abuse them .
We didn’t need this sort of reminder 5 years ago . This change isn’t even anything to do with the pandemic . This happened before the pandemic and now it’s worse .
What’s your take on why this has happened ? There is a disconnect with our humanity but why ?

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  • 7th Sep 2023 03:51pm

Everyone expects things to be resolved quick and easily, companies to get things right first time. It comes down to people being less tolerant and more impatient.

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