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Beauty, Fashion & Style

Posted by: Vanessa 32284508

9th Aug 2023 11:28pm

What are your thoughts on the brand ‘SHEIN’?
It is very controversial atm and would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • 19th Feb 2024 04:37pm

Well I am wondering how actually opening stores is going to impact the online shopping. Big worry for some

  • 7th Sep 2023 02:47pm

I wouldn't purchase from them as they are a mass cheap clothing producer that only adds to the issue of overconsumption and clothes going to land fill. We need to move away from fast fashion, trends, synthetic materials and toward sustainable, classic and natural fabrics so they last longer and are higher quality.

  • 17th Aug 2023 07:42pm

Hi there! I like the concept of Shein but I wish that there was something similar (cheaper clothing etc) but not bad for the environment and animals and doesn't involve like child/human labour!

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