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Screen time - is it really that bad ?

Technology & Online

Posted by: Vanessa 32284508

8th Aug 2023 10:28am

My 3 old has his own iPad and watches you tube kids
He learns so much and is always sharing his knowledge and showing me where he learnt it on the iPad

I feel like iPads/screen time have such a bad rap but really technology has changed so much it can be more of a learning tool then mindless watching of tv ( that most of us watched growing up)

- I do think there should be a limit of how much time spent on it though -

What are your thoughts !

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  • 8th Feb 2024 01:36am

Screen time should be limited but educational wise it can be a good thing. Also it's good to connect with family and friends who life far away.

  • 15th Jan 2024 10:44pm

I think educational wise is good. But kids spending all day and night is a big no. Espeically for their eyes and brains. Too much screen time. I have a 12yr old boy who is obsessed with PlayStation that's all he wants to do. It is a struggle to get him to understand about too much screen time. Some kids don't know how to enjoy being kids.

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