Pet Lovers

Where do you keep your cat?

Pet Lovers

Posted by: Casey32082646

18th Jul 2023 01:52pm

Cats are predators and will eat other animals. Cats also fight each other and wonder into neighbours yards. Where do you keep your cats? In an enclosure & inside? Do you let them roam the streets? And does your local council have laws against your pet leaving your property unsupervised?

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  • 24th Apr 2024 01:59pm

They definitely should be kept in an enclosure or inside. No-one can stop them from what their natural instincts are. I don't let my dogs into other people's yards, left unsupervised to roam publicly or in harm's way of other animals. So many irresponsible pet owners.

  • 23rd Oct 2023 01:16pm

Inside and in a cat enclosure.
Even the calmest cat will instinctual attack a bird or small animal.
It's their nature.
They are predators.
It's up to owners to protect wildlife and their own pets.

  • 15th Aug 2023 09:22am

I dont keep cats, am allergic to them

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