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Favourite concert you've been to?

Media, Entertainment & Music

Posted by: Aditya32380595

9th Jul 2023 10:48pm

All the excitement for the upcoming artists coming to Australia like Taylor Swift and Beyonce has got me wondering- what are some of your favourite concert experiences and why?

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  • 11th Jul 2023 08:13pm

It has to be the Louis Tomlinson concert for me. As soon as I stepped into the venue, the excitement was off the charts. The energy in the crowd was insane, and you could feel the anticipation building up. When Louis finally hit the stage, it was pure magic. His voice was even better in person, and the way he connected with the fans was unreal.

We sang, we danced, and we screamed our hearts out. It was like a big party, and everyone was so hyped up. The atmosphere was electric, and I couldn't help but get caught up in the moment. Louis's performance was outstanding, and I swear I've never had that much fun in my life.

What made it even more special was how down-to-earth Louis was. He took the time to talk to the crowd, share stories, and express his gratitude. It felt like he genuinely cared about his fans, and that made the experience even more memorable.

I can't even put into words how incredible that night was. The whole concert was a whirlwind of emotions and pure joy. I left with a smile plastered on my face and a heart filled with happiness.

  • 10th Jul 2023 11:36am

I prefer local bands and gigs of which many self-manage and self-fund which is a real struggle. They work a regular job to support their music pursuits. The multinationals you mention don't do it for me musically. By supporting local bands, listening to their music and buying tickets to their gigs and their merchandise I allow them to make more music and tour statewide and nationally, to get more fans and exposure. When they tour they lose money as they aren't paid enough for a gig to cover travel, accommodation, merchandise and extra luggage (that includes their music gear). The big artists have everything done for them through their label and everyone jumps on the bandwagon so they dont miss out. The state of the music industry locally is pretty sad and needs to support our artists.

  • 11th Jul 2023 07:48pm
I prefer local bands and gigs of which many self-manage and self-fund which is a real struggle. They work a regular job to support their music pursuits. The multinationals you mention don't do it...

Hey there,

I totally get where you're coming from! I have to admit, your perspective on supporting local bands and gigs is something I hadn't considered before, but it makes so much sense. It's truly amazing how these talented artists manage to self-manage and self-fund their music while juggling regular jobs. By showing love for their music, attending their gigs, and snagging some merch, you're making a huge impact. It's a real shame that the big names in the industry have everything handed to them while our local gems often face an uphill battle. But thanks to fans like you, the local music scene gets the boost it needs. Your dedication is inspiring, and it means the world to these artists who pour their hearts into their craft.

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