Posted by: Tina1947

28th May 2023 10:10am

The thrill of booking and anticipating the upcoming holiday never ever fades and I am so very happy to be back on that "train". Since the borders opened I have been overseas twice and this year will again see me holidaying in Thailand with one of my best friends. I take the normal precautions but not to the level of "paranoid" however saying that I am still a little cautious about cruising.
What do you think?

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  • 13th Jan 2024 07:57am

I have cruised twice since the end of the COLD. I did not have any problems. I have also traveled extensively, usually about 4 trips a year. Am off to Thailand in Feb. I did Borneo, Vietnam, Japan and Samoa last year

  • 7th Jun 2023 10:28pm

I also love the thrill of anticipation of the trip, but the realization is usually better, and to arrive better than the travelling. I have never been cruising, and I know covid is still around so won't be going for a while. My friend was told she could fly with covid, so it's a good idea to wear a mask and be fully covered up when you fly.

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