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Approval for fracking Beetaloo Basin NT

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Posted by: Caperteewaratah

4th May 2023 07:00am

The NT government has approved a fracking project in the Beetaloo Basin. Environmental groups have said this will destroy the fragile eco system. This approval is also contrary to the Federal Governments pledge not to approve of any further projects other than sustainable energy projects.
Australia has a large supply of gas 3/4 of which is sold overseas as a much reduced price compared to the retail price we pay in Australia. Ridiculous situation which should be reversed. And would also negate the need for any more damaging projects such as fracking.
It has also been quoted that to mitigate the damage caused by burning gas, this project relies on the unproven, and extremely expensive "carbon capture" for which the Federal Govt spend millions on in an attempt to keep burning coal. This will never mitigate the burning of fossil fuels. Common sense tells us the burning something once it is burnt, it is there and cannot be gotten rid of unless it was taken to outer space. Misleading science indeed.
What do you think of this approval of the Beetaloo Basin project?

Comments 3

  • 9th Apr 2024 10:34am

It's a disgrace

  • 7th Jun 2023 06:56pm

this is terrible. Fracking puts essential water tables and aquifers at risk. I wish that Australian governmental authorities would think in terms of the long term health of the Australian environment and ecosystems, of food supply security and also primary producers and rural industries. We are putting the long term future of people, ecosystems and the land at risk for short term profit. We need to divorce all sides of Australian politics from being in the pockets of the fossil fuel lobby

  • 16th May 2023 11:19am

I heard this advertised on our radio in Perth yesterday. It related to significant people who may be impacted/have a say in it getting in touch with them by the 22nd of May, so not long now. I don't like any fracking or anything related to mining and energy. I find they are profit driven organisations, very short sighted and don't care about long term consequences to people and the environment.

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