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Posted by: site77

4th May 2023 03:44am

The car of the future will be electric, autonomous, connected and capable of interacting with smart cities. This revolution in mobility will inevitably generate changes in car design. Do you find futuristic design more attractive?

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  • 19th Feb 2024 03:56pm

It's incredible the way that cars are developing with engines and technology. I think this is not really a good thing. It's just making cars much more complicated to run and very much more expensive for repairs. I'm from an older generation. When cars were so much more simple with no computerised complications. Mechanical repairs were fast and easy. Parts readily available. These days parts have to be especially ordered in with long waiting times. Also, disappearing are the smaller cars and being taken over by huge four-wheel-drive vehicles. Everything seems to be happening not for the better.

  • 13th Oct 2023 09:55pm

all those means will eventually become the norm, but only when they are perfected and cater to ALL people and not forced upon the population.

  • 16th May 2023 11:34am

With design being the look of the car, I think they will only become more streamlined and yet again less boxy. Of course, this means being made with material that is lighter in weight. If they aren't flying I don't see that much change as they are already aerodynamic for ground use and can only head toward more of a race car look, which I really have no opinion of.
A lower car would mean less space and be harder for people to get in and out of as is evident with the F1 cars.

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