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Online safety-Who does what?

Technology & Online

Posted by: Jeeves01

3rd May 2023 08:54am

Just interested in who does what to stay safe online. Things like deleting history, password managers, trusting/using sites like TikTok etc.
Tips and tricks.

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  • 16th May 2023 02:21pm

I have antivirus on my computer and keep it updated. I don't use my mobile for anything to do with online or apps such as banking etc and I would never have data allowance to do any of this, instead I do everything on a computer. I do any transactions and payments in payguard. I have all different passwords for all accounts and I update them. I have two factor authentication for sites that allow it. I delete browsing history, delete location, clear my cache, block ads, have trusted sites saved to my favourites. I generally don't use social media or post. I never click links and never respond to an unknown email and will always go the the company website if it is a company I deal with.

  • 17th May 2023 11:09am
I have antivirus on my computer and keep it updated. I don't use my mobile for anything to do with online or apps such as banking etc and I would never have data allowance to do any of this,...

Not many phone plans around now that don't have enough data to do things like banking etc. They don't use enough to think about.
For me.....doing banking on my phone is really useful and convenient. In reality it is the same as using a computer because it is a computer. I have anti virus on my phone and use 2 layered security where possible.
I always use PayPal for online transactions and will not buy online with a company that does not use it.
I never use my credit card for online transactions direct on a site.
I clear my history etc regularly, use a password manager and update everything regularly.
I hate social media...particularly Facebook and trust none of them.
I deny permissions for location etc on most apps and never leave 'location' on on my phone.
I never use my real birthday on any site that doesn't need it...only banking etc where it has to be correct...instead I use what I call an 'internet birthday'.
I am not at all surprised that hackers and scammers love Australia. I saw on TV an interview with a hacker involved in the Medicare fiasco and he commented that, regarding Australians and their attitude to online safety, that he loved them because, and quote 'the stupidest people on earth'.
It never ceases to amaze me that people think they have to give mobs like Facebook, TikTok etc their real birthdays, then post up picture of their kids, their new car with the rego showing in front of their house. It's just madness.
You reap what you sow!!!

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