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Popular breeds of cats and dogs in Australia

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Posted by: Prad

1st May 2023 12:10pm

What are some popular breeds of cats and dogs in Australia and what are some of the unique challenges that pet owners face when caring for their furry friends in this country?

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  • 13th Jun 2024 09:57am

We have a desexed Beagle who is an amazing dog. He’s very quiet, calm, and an integral part of our family.

  • 22nd Apr 2024 09:20am

I have a red cattle dog cross and his only real issue is he barks a bit but he is very cuddly with people loves life and other dogs. He will walk as far as you want to and sit around and do nothing if you want as well

  • 4th Apr 2024 05:40pm

I see lots of Cavoodles in my area. (Poodle/Cavalier king Charles cross) I live in the CBD so puppers here are mostly apartment dogs. Australia is so crazy urban that lots of people don't have backyards. The other MAIN thing I notice after coming here from America is how many people DO NOT WALK THEIR DOGS ON LEASHES! This is a MASSIVE problem for me because I have an assistance dog that CANNOT be distracted by other dogs that are outside of their owner's control (And often being ignored by them) Or who might be dog aggressive and attack my several hundred thousand dollar living heavy medical equipment. It's like letting their kids wander about playing with matches near someone's oxygen tank! I also know quite a few Covid dogs that are dog reactive and these morons just let their dogs wander up randomly. People really need to get their act together on this.

  • 20th Feb 2024 06:52pm

Popular dogs seem to be large and small bulldogs. I don’t like this breed as they can bite people. Bengal cats are popular but I prefer domestic cats. I think keeping wildlife safe from pets is important. Also many are irresponsible by not spaying or neutering cats or dogs.

  • 15th Jan 2024 10:37pm

I feel like their is heaps of different kinds. I personally haven't owned a animal in my adult-life. But as a child we had so many cats and dogs. All different kinds of breeds, not really sure what challengers pet owner's face.

  • 15th Jan 2024 11:55am

Definitely retrievers! I grew up with labradors, and have had labradors and golden retrievers living with my family as a grown up (all rescue dogs). They are so patient with my kids, who laugh and play with them. No pets at the moment - our chocolate lab passed away June last year. It is so hard to say goodbye - never gets easier. My kids are campaigning for another dog, but I'm kind of enjoying the downtime! I dogsit sometimes, so when our guest Ben the dog comes to stay, my kids think it's wonderful.

  • 17th Dec 2023 09:11am

I find here in Queensland Australia that the Labradors and German Shepherds are quiet popular, I myself grew up with shepherds and if there is 1 thing I learned is that both breads have a similar issue when it comes to there body make up, 99% of the time both bread end up having something wrong with their hips weather it be arthritis or hips dysplasia, which also can and most of the time does also make them incontinent. Thankfully this normally does not occur until they are in the older age. Both very beautiful and loyal breads though.

  • 5th Dec 2023 09:09pm

We have a Koolie and a big problem up in Brisbane, QLD are paralysis ticks.
Our last Koolie had to be put down in October 2022 due to a tick bite.
The cost of vet treatment is exorbitant. We left the vet with a $2,000 bill and no dog. And we got off lightly!

  • 4th Dec 2023 03:14pm

We own Norwegian Elkhounds and live in Queensland. We have had Elkhounds for around 40 years and we attract attention everywhere because they are such an unusual, beautiful dog. However I am sick of people questioning us about why we have themin such a hot climate or telling us they are Huskies, Akitas or Keeshonds. Our beautiful dogs are the closest DNA to a wolf and were the dogs of the Ancient Vikings. They are very independent and super intelligent, testing the owner to see who is boss and so not for everyone. However, they are the most beautiful, affectionate and loyal dogs who adore children if they are treated right. They have a double coat so shed but ours have always loved lying in the sun because their double coat protects their skin. They are the national dog of Norway and have an incredible tracking ability . Their very loud bark informs the hunter they have found a bear or Elk and now the hunter must find them. They will not kill the animal itself but keep it entertained till the hunter arrives.

  • 2nd Dec 2023 07:38pm

Cavaliers, golden retrievers, cavoodles and French bulldogs are the most popular dogs in Australia. I don’t think there’s a popular breed of cat that is the most popular.
I don’t own a cat but I don’t really face many challenges owning my dog. Probably the only two I can think of is the lack of dog friendly places to take my dog such as cafes and restaurants. My dog is small and well behaved and sometimes both of us don’t want to have to sit outside in the rain and cold.

  • 30th Nov 2023 08:45pm

Domestic short hair/long hair cats are definitely one of the most popular amongst the Sydney region. With the DLH’s I find they tend to get more hot in the climate we endure around summer time so it’s always best to get them trimmed for a haircut so they stay cooler!

  • 30th Nov 2023 02:43pm

Shih-tzu x although the Cavadoodles are definitely gaining in popularity.
It depends on what area of Australia you live in where you have to think about the challenges pet owners face - here on the Mid North Coast of NSW, it's hot, humid & quite a few thunderstorms at this time of the year. There are also a lot of ticks around, especially the paralysis tick, & snakes.

  • 29th Nov 2023 12:40pm

Boarder collie is the pup I have and I live in such a hot place I worry about him overheating while I’m not home

  • 27th Nov 2023 04:14pm

Labrador Dogs and Black & White British Shorthaired Cats, both due to their placid nature and intelligence.

  • 23rd Nov 2023 12:19am

Popular cat breeds in Australia include the Domestic Shorthair and Domestic Longhair, while common dog breeds include the Labrador Retriever, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and German Shepherd. Unique challenges for pet owners in Australia can include managing the impact of extreme weather conditions, such as heatwaves, and being vigilant about protecting pets from native wildlife like snakes and spiders. Additionally, ticks and fleas are common concerns due to the country’s diverse ecosystems.

  • 22nd Nov 2023 04:20pm

When the pets is having stress this challenge affects the pet owner for him or her to unstressed the pet

  • 21st Nov 2023 06:31pm

Bull cross mastif, chaua.
Owners face the reality of how expensive it is to own a pet

  • 20th Nov 2023 05:29pm

We have a female 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. They would have to be one of the best family breeds around! Patient, playful and quite happy sleeping!

We just got her desexed and how on this great earth do you keep the cone on!!

  • 20th Nov 2023 05:13pm

We have 3 Maltese-Shihtzus who keep us laughing a lot of the time, however given that they range in ages they sometimes don’t get along as the older female one wants to sleep but the two young boys are often playing and are a bit careless when knocking into her, but they all get along at the end of the day.

  • 18th Nov 2023 06:17pm

I have a Ragdoll cat. I agree with other commenters that the heat is a problem. As she is a long-haired cat, she gets quite hot, fatigued and grumpy in summer. She won’t want to play but just lay around and cool off.

  • 17th Nov 2023 04:20pm

The heat is definitely a challenge as we found after owing an alaskan malamute now a golden retriever. Which has to be popular, beautiful dogs. Just adopted a German wire haired pointer. Talk about energy lol love loyal protective active breed.

  • 17th Nov 2023 03:02pm

Pomeranian and maltese shitzhus. Heat in Australia is a massive killer. Feel sorry for those dogs that are meant for cold climates.

  • 17th Nov 2023 02:53pm

We recently adopted a 5 year old miniature schnauzer, as his previous (a friend of ours) is moving interstate into an apartment and can not take him with him unfortunately. Our new little boy as slotted into our household really well, he already knew us from before and in the last week he has very quickly learnt new tricks. He is no trouble at all apart from being a bit vocal around some strangers and other dogs because he has never been socialised. My partner and I have both had dogs previously (not together though) and we both agree that the mini schnauzer is definitely one of the smartest dogs either of us have had.

  • 16th Nov 2023 05:24pm

Labradors can be trained to be Guide Dogs; also as Therapy or Companion Dogs. I know of one that passed final tests as a Guide Dog but was a bit too energetic and playful. It became a beautiful Companion Dog that went to a Special School every day, helped the children settle in class better. The children "spoilt her rotten".
She lived with the teacher.

  • 16th Nov 2023 03:29pm

Kelpies are awesome. I don’t think we’re educated enough in how to care for senior dogs.

  • 16th Nov 2023 03:02pm

I have a very pretty tortoise shell cat named Cindy who is 12 y.o. Very smart cat who thinks she is a dog sometimes. Love her to bits.

  • 9th Nov 2023 12:27pm

Making sure all your pets are desexed on time & microchip is readable.

Taumoor Ababakar
  • 9th Nov 2023 10:33am

J love cats i dont know about pet food

  • 8th Nov 2023 05:04pm

I dont have any cats or dogs but I know others that do have them. Some say they like greyhounds that have been retired from racing. I have met 2 people who have them and they are very gentle dogs now. My friends have to put coats on them in winter as they feel the cold due to little fur.

  • 8th Nov 2023 03:54pm

I have a Tonkinese, Sakura. The biggest challenge is knowing when she is mot well and what she needs

  • 7th Nov 2023 07:52pm

We have a Tortoise Shell Bella who has turned 12 and Naryla is nearly 10 he's a Tuxedo cat black and white and really naughty to his big sister at times
We used to have a dog a Labrador when l was child.

  • 7th Nov 2023 06:16pm

A significant challenge is finding breeders who produce healthy animals. One sees too many animals with problems such as heretary hip problems. Breeders should be obliged to have a breeding licence issued by accredited vets before being allowed to breed commercially.

  • 3rd Nov 2023 01:34pm

Finding a rental that allows pets is hard...we live in a rental and we were not allowed to have a dog.

  • 1st Nov 2023 05:03pm

I love schnauzers or wire haired fox terriers. They have so much character. Very loyal. I don’t think they have much problems. Good medium size dogs. Playful.

  • 31st Oct 2023 11:30pm

I think the most popular cats are British Shorthair (i have one :)) and ragdolls. They are high maintenance, need grooming all the time, nutricious food if you want to keep that coat healthy plus high vet fees. Very costly to keep a cat, but we love our pets so much that forget how much they drain our budget.

  • 30th Oct 2023 10:58pm

Popular dog breed is golden retriever. A struggle of being a dog owner is not having a backyard e.g being in an apartment, the dogs require more walks and to be taken out to go to the math room ect.

  • 28th Oct 2023 11:48am

Cavoodles are becoming a more popular dog breed in Australia. I think caring for animals in Australia can be difficult due to our climate and our unique wildlife.

  • 22nd Oct 2023 09:28am

I think that the smaller breeds of dogs like Jack Russell's are becoming more popular, as they do not require as much exercise. A challenge for any pet owner is the cost of food, medications and vet care.

  • 18th Oct 2023 11:36pm

Cats - Tabby, Black, Ginger, Tortoiseshell, Burmese
Dogs - Terriers, German Shepherd, Rottweiller, Labrador, Kelpie, Border Collie
Challengers - Cost of Vet care, medications and food especially in Regional and Rural areas where there is only 1-2 Vets in town and do not work weekends for emergencies forcing you to travel to other locations for help, if you can get there in time

  • 18th Oct 2023 12:59pm

I know a lot of people who love Siamese cats, mostly because they are very independent and easy to look after. I've had a couple now and have found them to more intelligent than most people. Very smart and clever cats, very loving too.

  • 18th Oct 2023 12:21pm

A lot of people get Russian Blue cats,as their coats are good for people with alergies and don't molt like most cats do, as they have very short fir.

  • 18th Oct 2023 04:49am

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

  • 17th Oct 2023 10:41am

I love English Springer Spaniels. They are not often seen as pets, but are the most loveable dogs. Harry is the fourth ESS I have had. He was a show dog but wouldn't let the judge examine him. He was nervous/scared. So the breeder decided to sell Harry and I was lucky enough to purchase him. He is still a nervous dog but is so much better than he was 18 months ago when I got him. My previous ESS had epilepsy. This is a horrible condition and the medication Flynn was on made him extremely lethargic and confused. Flynn would have a fit about every 2 weeks and it was very difficult to get him through the fit and manage the confusion afterwards. Any condition that a dog or cat has makes it very difficult in caring for them. Vet expenses are very high. Vets care so much about the animals in their practice and they must have high stress levels from their work.
Even taking a dog on holiday is difficult in Australia. In England, dogs are allowed in restaurants and pubs. They usually sit under the table or beside their owner not causing any problem. They are also allowed in buses and trains. Not just assistance dogs. Pet dogs. But in Australia, people with assistance dogs have trouble taking their animal onto transport or into shopping places or eating places.
Owning a cat or dog is full of challenges, but the rewards make everything worthwhile.

  • 17th Oct 2023 10:25am

I think challenges are probably similar to human care in Australia- that mostly being heat, sun exposure and cost of living including healthcare… Vets are awesome people and they do their utmost to provide solutions to pet care problems that are cost effective, work well and encourage prevention of course. I have a dog, 2 cats and 2 turtles. All of our animals are given as many preventative measures to maintain their health as is possible, like proper diets mimicking their natural instincts when possible. My dog has sensitivities so he has Royal Canin hypoallergenic products poor guy, our kitties are very healthy so get wet and dry foods each day and a seasonal bath to help cleanse their skin and groom away the shedding hair, and our turts get weeds, treats like woodies, silkworms, crickets and low salt cooked prawns. Many of them I breed/make for them myself, as well as they have suitable real sun time for their bones/scutes as well as pellet food made in Melbourne based on Aust turtle requirements. They’re probably the most high maintence of all our animals tbh lol. They need proper lighting, changed regularly, water changes each week (a 1/4) and month (3/4) and proper filtration of course. Then we supervise them and play in the grass or on the trampoline while they’re sunning every few days- weather permitting. So compared to cuddles, feeding, brushing and exercising the furry pets it’s more time consuming and costs a little more, if you have a dog with out sensitivities of course… We love them all and even after evacuating twice during the floods on the northern rivers 2 years ago on my own with all of them and a child with extras, I wouldn’t change it!

Now as for what’s popular in Australia my answer would be almost everything is now days! Snakes, lizards, birds, rodents, dogs, cats, turtles, fish, spiders, scorpions, insects like pray mantis, I think almost every person I know has at least 1 pet of some sort or another!!

  • 12th Oct 2023 04:04pm

Labrador, golder retriver, frenchie, maltese

If you don't work from home, you have less time to spend with them. Is you live in a rent and is you have a big dog, owners might have hard time to get a place to stay.

  • 17th Oct 2023 10:08am
Labrador, golder retriver, frenchie, maltese

If you don't work from home, you have less time to spend with them. Is you live in a rent and is you have a big dog, owners might have hard...

This is my experience with any pet in this current rental environment unfortunately… I am lucky to be in a long term rental that allows my pets, but I cannot afford to move even if I find I have to because all other properties that allow any pets are so much more expensive 😔

  • 11th Oct 2023 08:43pm

Cavoodles! Australians love the cuddly dog, but this breed often have separation anxiety which can make it hard for owners to leave the house.

  • 5th Oct 2023 11:44pm

In Australia, popular breeds of dogs include the Labrador Retriever, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and German Shepherd. Popular cat breeds include the domestic short hair and the Ragdoll. However, mixed-breed animals are also quite common and make wonderful pets.

  • 4th Oct 2023 12:04am

Jack Russell's are very popular, great little family dog although summer allergies & irritated itchy skin can be a problem.

  • 16th Nov 2023 05:18pm
Jack Russell's are very popular, great little family dog although summer allergies & irritated itchy skin can be a problem.

They can be trained to be very loyal "watch dogs" not only for family but next to vehicles too. I guarantee no stranger could touch a vehicle of a friend of mine unless the owner is there and tells his dog it is ok. The dog will "circle" a stranger.

  • 3rd Oct 2023 12:00am

Popular cats are persian, ragdoll. siamese. Persians need regular grooming.

Popular dogs are staffy, french bulldog, pug, border collie. Staffy prone to cancer lumps in later years. Frenchies and pugs prone to having breathing issues.

  • 28th Sep 2023 01:09pm

I’m not a fan of dogs at the moment because a neighbours dog constantly barks throughout the day.

  • 27th Sep 2023 10:38pm


  • 21st Sep 2023 01:30pm

In warm weather make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water preferably in buckets or other deep containers If they are outside animals or the odd one that refuses to stay inside in hot weather make sure you have water in several places out of the sun if possible. To keep it cold put ice in it. You can also partially fill well washed milk containers with water and freeze if your pet isn't keen on ordinary ice.

  • 19th Sep 2023 08:18pm

I reckon kelpies are pretty common and popular

  • 18th Sep 2023 08:20pm

Bad reputation of certain breads

  • 13th Sep 2023 04:35pm

Staffys are very popular. I have one who is very naughty and cheeky

  • 12th Sep 2023 06:13pm

I think a very popular dog breed in Australia is a cavoodle (cavalier cross with a poodle).

  • 11th Sep 2023 10:24pm

Unique challenges for Aussie pet owners:

Hot Summers: The scorching Aussie sun can be tough on pets. Owners must provide shade and water and limit outdoor play during peak heat.
Wildlife Woes: Australia's wildlife, like snakes and spiders, can be risky for pets. Owners need to protect their furry friends from these critters.
Pesky Parasites: Aussie pets face specific parasites and diseases. Regular vet visits and tick/flea control are a must.
Rabies Rules: Australia is rabies-free, so pet imports have strict quarantine rules. Be ready if you plan to bring your pet Down Under.
Bushfire Alert: Bushfires are a danger. Have a plan to keep your pets safe during fire seasons.
Remote Living: Some Aussies live far from vet care or pet supplies, making pet care trickier.
Legalities: Follow local pet rules, from microchips to leash laws, which can vary.
Australia's a pet paradise, but it has its quirks!

  • 13th Sep 2023 04:38pm
Unique challenges for Aussie pet owners:

Hot Summers: The scorching Aussie sun can be tough on pets. Owners must provide shade and water and limit outdoor play during peak...

Not to mention cane toads, I have had several episodes where my dogs have picked them up in their mouths and been sprayed

dicky a
  • 11th Sep 2023 06:09pm

Daughter # 1 has a 2 year cavoodle is m=now part of our family despite the fact sh mvd out yars ago. Love the dog. Highly enthuiastic ..but a handful. Males need to be neutered asap !

  • 10th Sep 2023 07:28pm

At the moment it is the sausage dog.

  • 16th Nov 2023 05:14pm
At the moment it is the sausage dog.

They may be a nice dog. The problem breeders have introduced them with very long backs which causes severe back problems. Look at their tiny legs that have to support them

  • 8th Sep 2023 05:36pm

Caring for pets can be very costly in Australia. Sadly, the honeymoon period, after acquiring a pet, can soon be replaced with nonchalance bordering on neglect as the novelty begins to wear off. The mismatch between owner and pet can be startling to see as pet seekers satisfy a misguided notion that a particular animal or breed would be right for them!!! Unfortunately many people go into pet ownership with very little idea of the commitment required, and necessary, to the care of the animal.

  • 6th Sep 2023 09:16am

Ragdoll X British Shorthair = Fun loving chilled cats.
Great family cats. Very patience with young kids but also love to play. We have been fortunate to have healthy cats. So far, we have only had to take our two cats to the Vet once a year but that is still quite expensive.

  • 6th Sep 2023 08:03am

Stop buying a lie. Oodle breeds are cross breeds marketed to people by puppy farmers. Go pure breed via a registered and ethical breeder or buy your cross breed from the pound or ŕescue group.

  • 5th Sep 2023 10:24am

We had our Labrador Ollie for 15 years, he gave us loyalty and lots of good memories. Labs are amazing dogs, but always hungry. In later life they get a lot of hip troubles.....

  • 4th Sep 2023 03:36pm

Here is the list of popular dog breeds in QLD:

I assume that the list would be similar across all of Australia.

I see so many owners neglect their cats. I see half a dozen feral cats just in my street. Because cats aren't registered, people just let them breed like crazy and abandon them.

  • 31st Aug 2023 10:25am

I am unsure as to popular breeds of cats but I know that border collies are becoming increasingly popular. I believe a challenge with this is that new owners are not aware of their energy and mental stimulations and hence they don't get the care they need to thrive.

  • 30th Aug 2023 08:53pm

Challenges may be keeping them safe. It’s important to have a secure yard or large enclosure.

  • 30th Aug 2023 11:30am

Bullmastiff is my favorite breed however I would only get a rescue dog from a shelter.

  • 30th Aug 2023 11:07am

The most popular dogs for Guide Dogs and Service Dogs are Labradors or Golden Retrievers. Being a Puppy Educator is very rewarding know that the dog is going to "care" for a special person. A reminder to people if it is wearing a special coat or harness please do not touch it. If it has its special gear on it is working and must not be distracted.

  • 24th Aug 2023 06:20pm

I think Daschunds have become super popular, however they can be difficult to care for in their old age as the breed is prone to developing back problems. Hence why you see so many of them with the little wheelchair attached to them in their old age. Something to consider when purchasing a Daschund as they can become expensive to care for in their old age.

  • 23rd Aug 2023 10:57pm

We have a very small breeding stock in Australia, and especially in more isolated states like WA. This leads to poor genetics and unfortunately many of our breeds are susceptible to health problems.

Even with popular breeds like Golden Retrievers the high cost isn’t an indication of good quality or health.

If looking for a specific breed, research the origins and seek out breeders who import regularly from interstate or better yet, overseas.

  • 23rd Aug 2023 02:27pm

People need to be more mindful of what they feed their pets.
Supermarkets have a mix of horrifically bad (eg. Baxters) and actually quite decent (eg. Applaws).
Don’t go blindly picking something up from the shelf, DYOR.
A great place to start is .
I currently feed my two Lifewise dry food in the mornings and Prime100 rolls for dinner.
Cannot speak highly enough of these brands.

  • 22nd Aug 2023 05:45pm

I can't believe how much puppy's are to buy these days, even x breeds.
And the cost of vet bills, makes it hard for some people to welcome a dog into the family.

  • 21st Aug 2023 11:30am

quality is one of the biggest challenges when choosing type of food for pet

  • 20th Aug 2023 09:39am

I have a Tenterfield Terrier who is now a senior and the biggest challenge, being an older person on a pension, is affording vet bills. His name is Connor and he has his nails trimmed every couple of months (I can't do it myself) and then he has regular visits for checkups and innoculations as well as worming tablets and heartworm tablets. I love him dearly and wouldn't skimp on his care but I must say that when he crosses the Rainbow Bridge (I will miss him terribly) I will have to think twice about getting another pet. I simply can't afford it.

  • 18th Aug 2023 09:36am

Beagle’s. Great temperament, great with the kids and a loyal part of the family pack 👍

  • 17th Aug 2023 09:11pm

Either cats or dogs!

  • 17th Aug 2023 05:04pm

I think that loneliness is a big problem because owners are often out all day and their dogs are left alone for too long.

  • 15th Aug 2023 09:27pm

Cats not so much but A dog , Groodle is very popular and easy to train.

  • 15th Aug 2023 12:48pm

We have always been cat lovers and our two most recent fur babies have been a beautiful Brown Burmese and a Silver Blue Abyssinian. Unfortunately we lost are darling Burmese Bogart last year at the age of 15 to a number of issues including kidney disease and heart failure. As we have always had Pet Insurance which I feel is very necessary, we were able to give him the best possible treatment and care right to the end. Our Abby boy Magee was coincidentally born on the same day as Bogart and he has just celebrated his 16th birthday, We almost lost him late last year to a bile duct blockage but are every so grateful to some wonderful specialists who researched his rare condition and he is now on daily medication which allows him a pretty normal life. Once again, thanks to pet insurance we were able to give him this specialist care without any hesitation and to date have spent over $14k on his care but have manged to receive around $9k back from pet insurance. I cannot ever see us not having a cat in the house and we also often look after our daughter's two cats and our son's one cat when they go away. My husband has built the most amazing cat run in our backyard with a tunnel from the house so that cats are always safe from predators but still enjoy being outside.

  • 15th Aug 2023 11:44am

Love dogs although we dont have one we regularly look after family and friends dogs as required. Firstly my favourite was Beagle but now a British Cocker Spaniel has also won my heart. Would be better if he didnt like chasing my chooks though

  • 15th Aug 2023 10:54am

I think they can be great company, especially for children to grow up with and for older people as companions. Although it can be tough when the dogs are pups as they can get into mischief, kittens are cute, cuddly and playful. So it does depend on where you live, if you live in a safe environment to keep dogs and cats. There are so many abandoned pets these days, people don't realise the expense and time you need to have one. So think very carefully before you get one, and if you do decide, think about adopting one.

  • 29th Jul 2023 03:26am

Pets are an extension of our inner self and allows us to relax. Iam a dog person and a lot of joy from there companionship !

  • 25th Jul 2023 06:04pm

Japanese Spitz and Ragdoll cats.
High vet fees

angry mum
  • 25th Jul 2023 01:43pm

Cavoodles are such a cute friendly little dog. Some people buy them not realising they are very high maintenance.

Sil sil
  • 20th Jul 2023 02:19pm

I've seen loads of cavoodles and mixed breeds. For some reason the higher the cost the more popular. I think a lot of dogs are living indoors and I've heard so many on anxiety medication. Sounds like they struggle being alone, hence increased popularity and costs on dog care and walks etc. Huge investment with vet bills, special foods, allergies and medication...poor dogs.

angry mum
  • 25th Jul 2023 01:52pm
I've seen loads of cavoodles and mixed breeds. For some reason the higher the cost the more popular. I think a lot of dogs are living indoors and I've heard so many on anxiety medication. Sounds...

I think the price of cavoodles skyrocketed when Covid arrived. They are great companion little dogs and plenty of people started working from home. They don't all suffer from anxiety. Depends on how they are trained really. I have a Cavoodle and he follows me around everywhere at home. I do have the luxury of being home with him most of the time. He is mainly an indoor dog but has a great sized back yard to go crazy in too. If I'm outside, he is outside. If I'm inside he follows. He's my little shadow. If I leave the house for a couple of hours, he is fine inside and sleeps. I would never leave him outside if I'm not home, especially with all the pets being stolen lately. Also there is always the risk of snake bites, wasps etc. He doesn't suffer anxiety as he knows I'll be back. They can be very time consuming. The prices of these little ones are starting to slow down now but I do know of a couple of people who purchased 2 cavoodles last year and paid $8,000 for each dog. Best little cross breed around but very high maintenance dogs for grooming etc.

  • 20th Jul 2023 10:40am

cavoodle, labradoodle, kelpy, labrador, staffy

  • 18th Jul 2023 08:09pm

Since I was a little girl my family have always had Boxers dogs.Boxer dogs are very good with children and very loyal to families.

  • 18th Jul 2023 04:32pm

My cat died recently and I want to get a new cat. I’d like one that is more hypoallergenic but I’ve been told some breeds have health problems. Does anyone recommend a Russian Blue?

  • 9th Aug 2023 10:50am
My cat died recently and I want to get a new cat. I’d like one that is more hypoallergenic but I’ve been told some breeds have health problems. Does anyone recommend a Russian Blue?

If you are looking for a low allergy cat I would recommend a Devon or Cornish Rex, or if you have the time and commitment for care& grooming, a Sphynx.

  • 18th Jul 2023 02:24pm

We have a Broder Collie and a Ragdoll and my biggest challenge is coat care and roaming hair balls

  • 16th Jul 2023 10:38am

19 years ago i found a tiny pure white kitten at our factory and he is still with us,i dont know his breed but has a thick pure white coat and is large in size,every one in our area loves him as he sits out on the footpath and talks to everyone even their dogs,anyone knoe what breed he may be,

  • 9th Aug 2023 10:51am
19 years ago i found a tiny pure white kitten at our factory and he is still with us,i dont know his breed but has a thick pure white coat and is large in size,every one in our area loves him as he...

Hi Wezo, He would be a domestic shorthair. Without knowing his parentage you really can't say what breed he may have in him.

  • 11th Jul 2023 10:34pm

In Australia, there are several popular breeds of cats and dogs.

Popular Cat Breeds in Australia include
1. Domestic Shorthair: This is the most common cat breed in Australia, often known as a mixed-breed or moggie.
2. Ragdoll: Known for their docile temperament and striking blue eyes, Ragdolls are popular pets in Australia.
3. Siamese: These cats are renowned for their striking blue eyes, colorpoint coat patterns, and vocal nature.

Popular Dog Breeds in Australia include
1. Labrador Retriever: Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in Australia due to their friendly nature and versatility.
2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier: These strong and muscular dogs are popular pets in Australia, known for their loyalty and affectionate nature.
3. Border Collie: Known for their intelligence and herding abilities, Border Collies are popular working dogs as well as family pets.

When it comes to caring for pets in Australia, there are a few unique challenges that pet owners may face like
- Pest Control: Australia is known for its unique wildlife, including venomous snakes, spiders, and ticks. Pet owners must be vigilant about protecting their pets from these pests through regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventative treatments.
- Wildlife Encounters: Australia has a diverse range of native wildlife, some of which can pose a threat to pets. It is important for pet owners to supervise their animals and keep them away from potentially dangerous encounters with snakes, kangaroos, or other wildlife.
- Exercise and Sun Protection: Australia's outdoor lifestyle encourages pet owners to engage in regular exercise with their pets. However, owners need to ensure that their pets have access to shade, fresh water, and sun protection to prevent heatstroke and sunburn.

It's important for pet owners in Australia to stay informed about these challenges and provide appropriate care to ensure the health and well-being of their furry friends.

  • 11th Jul 2023 08:53pm

I love my ragdoll cat

  • 11th Jul 2023 05:47pm

My family are in the the process of adopting a retired Greyhound, to give them a forever home and loving family environment.

  • 10th Jul 2023 10:47pm

Cavoodles seem to be the most popular dog in the past few years. I think the biggest challenge is the cost of unplanned vet care.

angry mum
  • 25th Jul 2023 01:41pm
Cavoodles seem to be the most popular dog in the past few years. I think the biggest challenge is the cost of unplanned vet care.

Agree. Vet care is way overpriced as is any form of pet insurance.

Harshanie 30779333
  • 10th Jul 2023 03:34pm

Popular cat breed is Rag Doll and unique challenge is Veterinary charges

  • 9th Jul 2023 08:24pm

I know toy poodles are becoming very popular

  • 6th Jul 2023 04:34pm

In process of moving interstate.Had an old cat at my current home. Difficult to decide what to do with it.Will leave it with others close to the family but am considering transport on a plane. Need a fit to travel certificate.Unsure if the cat will adjust and may be better leaving it with close family here.

  • 6th Jul 2023 11:13am

We have two wonderful Labradoodles.
One works as a therapy dog. Beautiful animals and great companions.

  • 5th Jul 2023 12:12pm

Current have two ginger British Shorthair X Ragdolls = wonderful companions

  • 27th Jun 2023 07:51pm

Tabby cat is very popular, Maine coon, Sphynx, Tonkinese, Persian etc. For dogs shitzu, Kelpie, Pomeranian, poodle, Begal, Alsatian, sausage dog, Australian cattle dog, etc

  • 22nd Jun 2023 02:34pm

Labrador, Chiwauwau, kelpie,terriers.
Grooming, bathing , insects and pest. Good nutrition.

  • 20th Jun 2023 01:39pm

We have border collies which I have seen become quite popular.
A challenge is definitely the physical and mental exercise they require.

  • 20th Jun 2023 09:23pm
We have border collies which I have seen become quite popular.
A challenge is definitely the physical and mental exercise they require.


  • 19th Jun 2023 03:43pm

I enjoy my cats and dogs and being a pet owner, they have a lot of health benefits for me.
Being a pet owner makes me active and makes my life more balanced, this in turn keeps me grounded and helps me not to sweat the small stuff.
So overall, owning a pet brings joy into my life, the emotions and benefits that pet-ownership offers me personally is that life is more spontaneous by having a pet.
All in all, emotionally, pets make us better humans . . . and as better humans we want to make sure we’re doing the right thing by our pets.

  • 18th Jun 2023 04:53pm

If I lived on my own I would buy a cat. I want a docile and affectionate breed. I enjoy to stroke them and have them curl up to sleep on my lap. I remember my childhood kitten was a Tabby. She was white with black socks and some black pigmentation around the eyes. I loved my pussy.

  • 18th Jun 2023 12:17pm

I think with cats if it meows and purrs it's popular. Vet costs and lately food costs are a huge problem.
I think French Bull dogs are popular. Issues are the price even for one surrendered (I call secondhand)
I wanted a small dog 8 years ago and looked at pounds/dog rescue places. They wanted between $600- $2,000 for them upto 6 years old. I couldn't afford it. I ended up with 2 kitties

  • 17th Jun 2023 09:32pm

I love the mix breeds like Border Collie x Kelpie as they are so intelligent and easy to train to do things for you for a reward and are great companions. They love to have a big yard to run in and ours also loves his toys, stuffed animals which he loves to put holes in so they need to be sewn up all the time.

  • 17th Jun 2023 11:36am

Cat owner chiming in. Every breed of cat has its special charm, but for me, I'm a lover of Bengals. They're a unique and rare breed, only recently created, that look more like the wild Leopard Cat their original domestic ancestor was mated with than a regular breed. They are roughly twice the size of a domestic cat, and are quite a handle to raise. Not for the faint-hearted! And ideally, they need a good brisk trot around the block each day to keep them in shape.

Cat owners too have hassles over renting places, and I've yet to find a place to go on holidays with them. The worst though is that here in Australia the feral cat problem has prejudiced people against all cats, and they are not safe from the neighbours in regional areas.

  • 16th Jun 2023 08:00pm

Clipping there toe nails is always a challenge, chihuahua a are gorgeous breed

  • 16th Jun 2023 05:45pm

Staffy is the most popular dog breed we’re I live , challenges are trying to rent with a dog, paying for vet bills,

  • 16th Jun 2023 03:40pm


  • 16th Jun 2023 07:40am

Border collies, they have lots of energy so it’s hard so they need to be taken out a lot to expend it

  • 17th Jun 2023 11:38am
Border collies, they have lots of energy so it’s hard so they need to be taken out a lot to expend it

I grew up with Border Collies. They are super good with kids!

Harshanie 30779333
  • 15th Jun 2023 06:45pm

Popular breed of cats are Ragdolls and major challenge is veterinary fees

  • 8th Jun 2023 06:12pm

A challenge with cats is keeping them indoors so they don't eat wildlife. Most people have a caged off area for their cats these days. For dogs grass seeds are a real issue when they get in their skin and cause infection. Many dogs get them in their feet and start limping. Other than that you must keep your cat and dog out of the sun and ensure they have enough water so they don't dehydrate in summer.
Cat breeds are generally tabby and people seem to like burmese and siamese cats. For dogs there are many varieties depending on people's living quarters, yard and activities from small to large and then you have working farm dogs like kelpies and blue heelers.

  • 9th Jul 2023 06:17pm
Good point on Grass Seeds, they cause our German Shepherd no end of skin issues and can be deadly when causing infection.

Yeah, we had Burnes Mountain dogs which had problems with grass seeds. We currently have a Cavoodle that hasn't experienced these same issues. I wonder if it might be more of an issue for larger breeds?

  • 26th Jun 2023 10:25am
A challenge with cats is keeping them indoors so they don't eat wildlife. Most people have a caged off area for their cats these days. For dogs grass seeds are a real issue when they get in their...

Good point on Grass Seeds, they cause our German Shepherd no end of skin issues and can be deadly when causing infection.

  • 7th Jun 2023 08:56pm

I don't anything about cats.
But must people I know have rescue mutts. We've all got very faithful friendly rescues.
The few people we know with breeds seem to be dachshunds or oodles

  • 7th Jun 2023 08:16pm

Shorthair domestic cat.

I'd say the main challenge is keeping them safe and protecting them from themselves. Some animals are fairly intelligent, but others aren't, and they don't have any kind of road sense the way humans do.

  • 7th Jun 2023 08:13pm

we own a boxer dog.Great with kids and really good dogs to have

  • 7th Jun 2023 01:51pm

Poodle mixes are popular as they don't tend to shed as much.
Groodles, ladradoodles etc.
Staffies are a main stay in Aussie life. Border Collies are always popular as are rescue mixes of all types.
As for cats, ragdolls and Maine coons are the popular cat breeds.
Moggies and rescues are the usual choice for most people due to costs of pure breeds.
As for challenges.
The initial cost of a pet is too much for many people.
Back yard breeders who charge similar costs to pure bred registered breeders without the confidence and extras you get from a registered breeders.
If you buy from a breeder you tend to get a pet that has had all its needles, worming, vet check, cost of desexing included or discounted, return to breeder clause if medical issues show up that are hereditary etc.
A back yard breeder will often not include these things yet charge similar prices. This drives up the registered pet price and the cycle continues.
Cost of feed, cost for vets, training etc has also all raised.
This can cause pet owners to put off getting vet care etc for their pets due to cost.
The rental crisis has meant that many pets are being sent to rescues as the owners can't find anywhere to live with their pets.
I would personally be homeless rather than give up my pets, but I don't have kids and would imagine I would think differently if I did.
As always the risk of cats roaming and killing natural wildlife is ongoing.
Many owners don't want to curb their cats natural urge to roam and let their pets fo as they like.
My cats have always been inside cats with outdoor enclosures. If we choose to own them, we must do our best to protect wildlife

  • 7th Jun 2023 08:04am

Cat food has more doubled in price for some items.

  • 6th Jun 2023 09:45am

Agree with below. Any sort of oodle mix is en vogue at the moment

  • 2nd Jun 2023 01:11pm

I see lots of people with staffies, personally not my type of dog but I feel that they are pretty popular. The trouble with most pets is that they shed all over the house!

  • 2nd Jun 2023 01:04pm

Everyone seems to have some kind of poodle these days. Including us! We love our labradoodle - such a great family dog and doesn't shed so no mess in the house. So I don't think you can beat a poodle of some sort. As for cats not sure but I love cat videos of all the crazy stuff they do.

  • 1st Jun 2023 02:43pm

ragdoll cats are very popular. people prefer dogs that have been crossed with a poodle.

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