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Mineral based make-up

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Posted by: Traceyann

9th Mar 2010 07:57pm

I am interested in using a mineral based powder foundation. Does anyone know which is the best type to try?

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  • 16th Oct 2012 11:47pm

My 22 year old daughter likes Inkglot and Napoleon Perdis, expensive but lasts a long time, we get Thin Lizzies, also, all Mineral I really like that, we get it from selected pharmacies. Some of the Rimmel foundations are very light, although not mineral based, but very nice to use with a mineral base powder on top, it seals well, try baby powder on your lips to make your lipstick stay on longer.

  • 14th Oct 2012 01:16pm

I use Thin Lizzy and find it to be awesome!...I also use their concealer and bronzer and always get comments on how great my skin looks...yes they are a tad pricey but you only need a very small amount and they last for months...I purchase mine from Farmers but most chemists sell it and you can also buy it online :)

  • 14th Oct 2012 02:41am

i did Mary Kay for 7 months and their mineral powders are great and easy to use... and if you have sun damage or other skin inpurities it repairs the skin at the same time. They have a product called melacep whitening (primer) foundation that goes under the regular foundation that balances the skin tone and can used by those of us with whitest skin and the darkest shade skin- it does not descriminate.
Skin type will also factor in best choice. if you have dry skin- go for a cream to powder formular instead.
im new on here so just learning but believe that Mary Kay is worth a try- i havent read the discussion in full :)

  • 11th Oct 2012 12:30pm

you know, if your looking for the natural look use bb cream from garnier or missha. it gives that warm glow of youngness it emits sunblocking materials and overall the mineral based look of looking natural.

  • 9th Oct 2012 10:44pm

I use sheer cover mineral make up but I heard Nude is pretty good try and see what works best for you

  • 9th Oct 2012 07:33pm

Nude by nature is a good minieral foundation

  • 1st May 2012 10:49am

I have been using an AVON mineral foundation, which I totally love - and its not hugely over priced either...

  • 30th Apr 2012 11:04am

You could try the Bodyshop mineral foundation, cheaper than most if you would like to try something, I find it gives a good coverage

  • 15th Jan 2012 03:08pm

I've tried a couple, but they are usually very sheer (although you can 'build coverage', which never works well for me). If you're just lokking for something that will make your skin glow a bit (good for nights) than you could try Mirenesse - i use their airbrush foundation.

During the day i find a good tinted moisturiser, even a cheaper one like Garneir's BB cream, works well.

  • 10th Jan 2012 08:27am check it out flawless foundation :D

  • 8th Nov 2011 05:04pm

Nude by nature is wonderful! it's a bit pricey but the powder lasts for ages! It covers up pimples and scars quite well! Everyone says I have lovely skin even though it is just the powder (hehe). I think my skin actually looks better after I use this, it doesn't cause pimples either, I think it helps them heal quicker actually! This stuff makes you look radiant :)

  • 18th Apr 2011 07:32pm

Mineral based powder can be harmful to the skin. Some have mica in them - that could actually "cut" the skin. Always check the ingredients, just cos it says "made from natural products" does not mean they are safe. Neways International is truly safe - find a distrbutor and try it.

  • 18th Apr 2011 07:09pm

nude by nature

  • 18th Mar 2011 12:53pm

The Body Shop apparently has some really great mineral foundations. Maybe try them?

  • 22nd Feb 2011 10:41pm

I use Mirenesse too and LOVE it

Look for ones that have Bismith as a filler, these are ones to avoid. AND in this case the pricier ones do a much better job.

I find mineral make up with a light bronzer over the top (also mineral) makes a HUGE difference to my complexion. I have gobe from using concealer, foundation, powders and then allother make up to: Mineral foundation podwer, bronzer, eye shadow & blush

  • 20th Feb 2011 02:48pm

I have found Natio to be the best. It feels and looks natural.

  • 20th Feb 2011 09:49am

I use Avon mineral makeup. Nothing wrong with that. Also I don't get as many blemishes as I used to with other makeup. Mind you, I have makeup free days in the weekend, and I ALWAYS wash off my makeup at night. Not good to sleep in it.

  • 15th Feb 2011 10:43pm

Hi, I have to agree with MelissaD Mirennese is the best Mineral make-up on the market, You should try it!

  • 19th Jan 2011 12:08am

I use plain old Avon mineral makeup on special occasions, and find that to be really good.

  • 19th Dec 2010 09:28am

My wife don't put makeup only in special occassion because she has sensitive skin,so I think for best base of foundation is to know your skin type,then try it on your hand for awhile.Also you put it on clean face.The cheapest way is use rose water to clean your face.My wife always use Bobbi Brown foundation powder,and she has no skin problems with it.You can visit her website an get more information about her makeup products.Pricely but worth to give it a try.

  • 18th Dec 2010 12:00am

I suffer from skin conditions and sensitivities so Igenerally dont wear makeup as i'm either to dry / flakey or raw / weeping if not a mix of both. I get embarrassed as I get some pretty cruel comments. I am not an experienced person with makeup and avoid it generally as it enrages my skin more. I would like to try a brand of mineral makeup and dont know anything about what they are like. I really am interested in simple application as my technique is lacking, but something gentle to perhaps cover a bit so I can feel more confident and maybe enjoy going out and about as I tend to hermit myself..

  • 14th Oct 2012 02:49am

my son has sensitive skin and just suffered a bad bout of echsma- for three months nothing worked.
i have discovered a online American brand called Melaleuca, with a product categray called RENEW. it worked amazingly
. Make sure you dont use soap on your face instead invest in a good cleanser which targets your skin type.

  • 17th Dec 2010 10:21pm

Try Inika. I have blemished and uneven skin tone and i find using inika hides my flaws really well.All natural ingredients and excellent coverage. Also comes with a dvd that shows you how to apply.

  • 16th Dec 2010 12:19am

I use Avon Minerals foundation. It is the only one that doesn't give me pimples or clogs up my pores. It looks natural as well

  • 24th Nov 2010 11:33am

I use mineral powder and finds that it gives quite a good cover up over the foundation.
It gives colour to your face when you've not seen the sun for a while. It can be overdone though.

  • 16th Nov 2010 09:06pm

Use bare minerals or nude....they are very good

  • 6th Aug 2010 06:16am

Sure get I.D. :)

  • 12th Jul 2010 08:20pm

I have just begun to use Nude by Nature... can get it at Myer. I am 60, although I have pretty good skin, I hate the thick foundations that clog in my few wrinkles. This is fine and brushes on dileriously. May be a bit pricey, but often see free trials and specials etc... I bought it with a birthday gift voucher and even then discovered a pack at a reduced price in Myer.

I love it. Will never wipe a liquid foundation on my face again.
Best of luck!

  • 22nd Nov 2011 04:53pm
I have just begun to use Nude by Nature... can get it at Myer. I am 60, although I have pretty good skin, I hate the thick foundations that clog in my few wrinkles. This is fine and brushes on...

I am also in my 60's and have been using L'Oreal mineral powder for quite a few years. I am very happy with the light coverage. I will try Nude next time I make a purchase.

  • 6th Jul 2010 05:45am

I use inika and buy it online. I am allergic to most common brands of makeup and I don't react to their products. Natio is also good

  • 1st Jun 2010 11:00pm

I use Sheer Cover, from the infomercials, and it does trick for me. It's hard to say how much it costs because it all depends on how much you use and how you use it. You pay about $130 for two powders to mix to your desired colour, a concealer, cleanser, moisturiser and a mascara every three months. But I used to cancel every second order cause that would last me six months. In the introductory pack they also send you three make-up brushes and other goodies.

  • 16th May 2010 09:39pm

I use a mineral powder by Mirenesse. They are an online company. Make-up usually clogs my pores and makes me break out, but the Mirenesse "Skin Clone" Mineral Compact has been great on my skin. It recently won "Best Foundation" at the Glosscars.

  • 10th May 2010 06:07pm

I use i.d. bare minerals foundation - it's a bit pricey, but I find it works really well compared to cheaper mineral makeup from other brands.

  • 21st Apr 2010 09:22pm

The best one is natural beauty..
To be honest I must be one of these woman do not used any make up at all.
Found alot of them either dry up your skin, make them oily..or vice a versa.. depending your skin type..

  • 11th May 2010 01:12pm
The best one is natural beauty..
To be honest I must be one of these woman do not used any make up at all.
Found alot of them either dry up your skin, make them oily..or vice a versa.....

I totally agree with you.Whenever I wore eye makeup I,d develop an eye infection.Good old soap seems to do the trick for me and I don,t have dry or problem skin as doomsayers predict.Also don,t use the range of perfumes pushed by companies as I find they give me skin rashes.Again ordinary soap seems to be best with the fewer the foreign ingredients the better.

  • 20th Mar 2010 07:22pm

I wouldn't bother with them at all. I've tried a few brands and found that none of them do even close to what they promise. It's a huge expenditure and they, in my experience, don't deliver. If you are trying to cover birthmarks, etc go with stage makeup, it costs about the same and does a much better job though is more difficult to remove. If you are just after regular cosmetics, Pola is the best and provides great coverage.

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