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Should media on streaming be released in physical formats?

Media, Entertainment & Music

Posted by: Aditya32380595

19th Apr 2023 11:39pm

Should film/tv created for streaming be released on physical formats too?

I'm firmly on the 'yes' side things - I think there are more benefits than you can count! 1 - you can keep the media as long as you want, no need to worry about it leaving the service due to licensing or any other reason. 2 - you can view it in the highest quality possible, no worries about buffering speeds (especially given Australia's poor internet!) 3 - you can play it whenever you want, without any kind of subscription needed.

The only downsides I can think of are an oversaturation of discs/increased costs, given how many titles are released on a weekly basis at this point. Would love to know everyone's thoughts on this!

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  • 16th May 2023 01:28pm

No, I think we have moved away from the world of physically buying your own entertainment. I have CD's and DVD's I haven't touched for years stored away. It is an old model that businesses have moved away from since there is cloud storage. I personally would never buy another physical media again as I won't use it and don't see the point or value in it moving forward.

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