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Clutter/Decluttering - where do you start?

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Posted by: LokiAura

7th Feb 2023 10:05am

I've been in my 2-bedroom flat for almost 20 years. I always swore that my 'spare' room was exactly that but over the years I got used to putting stuff that didn't fit anywhere else or I couldn't be bothered putting away tidily/properly in that room. The end result is the room is badly cluttered and untidy. I know I need to start somewhere but am so overwhelmed I'm stuck. When I think about it, I really need to sort everything in my home and put it where it belongs and in a tidy/neat manner. I also have an issue with getting rid of boxes that I've received orders in because I figure by reusing them, I won't have to buy any when it comes time to send birthday/Christmas gifts to family so in my head I'm saving money. I have a feeling I'm about due for an inspection in the next month or 2 so would like to get a head start on sorting this out before I'm left with limited time frame.

Any ideas/suggestions are very welcome :)

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  • 7th Mar 2023 10:26pm

Do one room at a time. Take everything out of the room, clean the entire room and then put things back in their place. Close the door to that room and move onto the next. Aim to do one room a day, but if it gets too much do one every 2 days. Only keep a few boxes for gifts and throw the rest out as you don't have space for them. Another good rule is if you haven't used the item for the last 5 years then throw it out.

  • 28th Feb 2023 05:02pm

Maybe start in one place in the spare room and set a goal of one day a week in the spare room. And also clean and vacuum as you go.
You can also put things you want to keep into the spare boxes so you end up keeping the box for the future.

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